MS Weather v2 with Mango and Live Tile support now available for Windows Phone

MS Weather

Microsoft has updated their free Weather app for Windows Phone, finally bringing Mango support in version 2.0. We first reported on this looming refresh a few weeks ago and now the app upgrade is available in the Marketplace.

MS Weather

New in version 2.0 is the ability for fast app switching, multiple city support and the ability to pin each city to your Start screen with (get this) Live Tiles. Yes, now each city will display the current temperature and icon for current weather conditions right on your Start screen. While it lacks anything more advanced e.g. written forecast, radar maps, cams, etc. for many such a simple, minimalist weather program is all they want and need. In that regard, this app is pretty great for its "too the point" brevity.

Weather Live TIle

So if you want simple, free and no ads, this is your app. Pick up Microsoft's Weather right here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Joseph K., for the tip!

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bono5112 says:

Weathermaster is the best app in the MP

ThaRebeliouZ says:

I second that^. WeatherMaster is a beautiful looking weather app

WeatherMaster is pretty good, but it's details screen is way to cramped and small. 

Plus, for Metro-heads, WeatherMaster veers too far from those principles, looks really out of place.

machina says:

Totally agree!
MS Weather is simple = beautiful
I hope MS develop the other missing basic apps (with the same look/feel of WP):
like sound recorder / timer / stopwatch..

Dorknight says:

You know there is the Metro look option. But either way my favorite weather app. Wish it had detailed report and weather alerts

JPDVM2014 says:

I love WeatherMaster, but wish it had written forecasts. Other than that it's great.

jmerrey says:

Very happy for this update. Exactly what I want, a quick loading, simple app with a nice, metro style live tile.

davepermen says:

I love the useless blurring in the screenshot. As if that a) doesn't hide anything and b) does have anything to hide anyways..
But yeah, dropped my weather apps instantly for this one. In the end, that's what I want windows phone for: Simple to the point apps. Nothing that has any form of additional fancy to it.
And I like to know that this weather app is called weather (wetter here, as it actually gets translated to the region) so i know where to find it in the app list.
and it's FAST.

...err, I did that "useless blurring", thanks.

The reason I did was to bring focus to the weather tile. It was originally part of a larger screenshot from a previous story, cropped for this one.

I appreciated the blurring :D very nice

PhilR8 says:

I think everyone else understood that the blurring was for emphasis.

CJ Thunder says:

I thought it was odd too.

It is a pity that the Live Tiles will not work for mobile phones with 256 MB of memory.

Tafkas373 says:

Love that update. Uninstalled all other weather apps. The start screen was really missing this one. :) Best way to briefly show people why Metro is so great. Finally!

astroXP says:

Too bad the tile doesn't flip like WeatherMaster for more forecast updates :-(

I had been using WeatherLive but it did seem over the top and a little slow to load. MS Weather is just nice and simple. So glad its got a live tile now :)

ajua says:

Great! Live Tile was missing from the very beggining. Now they should add back tile support with perhaps a bigger temp display or forecast info.
I was using Storm Glass. A great app for Live Tiles with weather information (it doesn't display other info in-app).
I will keep it at hand while I try the updated Weather app with a location Tile and see how it works. So far, so good...

buggyglint says:

I will use this once they update it with a secondary live tile showing a forecast and "feels like" temperatures. Overall though, great metro simple look.

Brian3 says:

This looks great. I will have to try it.
On a separate note: How did you get the grey accent color? Is it exclusive to a phone maker or carrier? My Samsung Focus S doesn't have it.

ahuczek says:

I was wondering that too. So help me Jesus if Apollo doesn't bring more theme choices. Why there isn't just a Photoshop like color selector I'll never know...

Arancia says:

Some devices have exclusive accents, such as "Nokia Blue". If I remember correctly, the owner of the device in the screenshot mentioned it was from a European carrier, and so it was most likely a carrier-exclusive accent.

Agent-P says:

I think grey is exclusive to the Nokia Windows Phones (but I'm not positive on this). For example, on my Radar I have a "HTC" colour which is another shade of green (which looks really nice btw).

RustyU says:

Nokia Blue is what the Nokia's have.

That's not an EU phone though, T-Mo US has the grey accent.

goldenpipes says:

I like stormglass and this :D

Kadcidxa says:

Weather Channel app was the best after using ton of other weather apps. I will try this one out.

TheDarKnight says:

Finally, but it doesn't look like it can show current location on the tile.

allibone says:

To get the Live Tile to appear as it does in the screenshot above with location, you need to go into the app, select your location then pin to start. It would be good if it did it automatically tho.

CJ Thunder says:

Current location, not just one city. Biggest gripe, if I pin a city, click city from start, no way to get back to whole app.

allibone says:

The Weather app is nice and simple but completely unusable for me as it doesn't give an option to change from fahrenheit to celsius.

gerrymad says:

The option to change from fahrenheit to celsius is in the settings menue which can be found at th ebottom of the main page.

prjkthack says:

The option to change it from F to C are in the settings menu.

gerrymad says:

Just noticed that in the about section it shows version Did I get an old version or did they forget to update the page? I even installed it twice just to see if I would get a different version and it is still showing version 1.

sHAYM4N says:

Same here, guess they forgot? Can see maybe another quick update coming soon anyway, noticed live tile doesn't change accent when you change theme.

Sentinel7 says:

Weird. It shows version 1.0 in the about section of the app itself. Plus my live tile only seems to update when I launch the app.

Bacchus1976 says:

Mine too, except my live tile never works.

sp3ci4lk says:

One step forward, two steps back. Now, when I pin my current location to my Start screen, I get a live tile; however, tapping the live tile takes me to that city's weather ONLY, with no means of viewing the weather in any of the other cities I've added. This is a bad design decision. To do that, I now have to back out, swipe over to my apps, scroll down, and open the full app. With the previous app, tapping the Start screen's tile, while not a live tile, took the user to the full app.


Also, when I tap a pinned city on my Start screen, the "pin" icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen. If any icon is displayed in this view, shouldn't it be an "unpin" icon?

markiz says:

I hope it's reliable. Every other weather app i tired has some issues with live tile updating.

RustyU says:

Is it sad that I've been waiting for this since I got my Lumia? AccuWeather has tired me over well, though.

Nakazul says:

I love this!!!! A Weather app that can spell my location AND show correct temp. That's all I need on a tile. How often does the tile update thou?

saket87 says:

I don't think it updates the live tile with location weather like how weather master does, which I need

Winterfang says:

I like Accuweather too much sorry :P.

The only thing I'm gonna miss when I ditch my HD7 for a 800/900 is the HTC Hub. IMO it's the best weather app out there.

hwangeruk says:

MARKETPLACE shows the App as 2.0
I did an uninstall. Then re-install. Odd.
I'll stick with Weathermaster, as it works ;)

Awesome, I have WeatherMaster (it is the best), but my father didn't like it much found it too cluttered, bet he'll like this on his 710.

Venelar says:

everything works great, my biggest gripe is it only shows in blue..ignoring your current theme.

jeffwilcox says:

I look much better blurred out! :-)

eriqc says:

Forgive me but where in the world is the app??? I searched the WP7 marketplace (from phone) high and low and only the v1 weather app kept showing up in results. Not v2. Is there something I'm missing in finding???