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MTV Video features Windows Phone

Yet another cameo by a Windows Phone has surfaced. This time in a MTV Video Premiere from the music video "We Are Young" by the group fun.

Around the 0:29 mark you'll see a bar patron texting on her Windows Phone (an HTC Titan I believe). Then in a fit of rage she hurls the phone into the air and a slow motion bar fight/food fight ensues.  We're not sure if a stunt double was used in shooting this video.

If I'm not mistaken, there's also a Fruit Ninja reference around the 1:50 mark.

Thanks, Will, for the tip!



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Wait. What?!

MTV has music videos??

Jackhans says:

Can you tell the model of some mobile phones which has windows mobile operating system and have audio-video output. It would be great to connect the phone to a tv and watch the videos stored in it on a big tv screen.Also we can connect a 3g phone to a LCD monitor and watch tv on it on the move. Audio-Video output should be provisioned with every phone as it is not very costly. Cheap digital cameras also have this feature. Sommerfeld

thats what she gets for throwing a Windows phones hit her with two cups

Rob41664 says:

I have also noticed that WP7 phones are featured every week in Leverage on TV. Not a super high rated show but more exposure to Wp7 none the less.

jabtano says:

Alos WP devices are used in NCISLA.

1jaxstate1 says:

WTH, did MS pay for that product placement! And, if you want to use a phone as a weapon, she sure used the right device!

dynomite16 says:

Talented band, good song. When I watched this first thing I did was come here. I was laughing watching that thing fly through the air.

chrome14 says:

I know the Titan's big but damn, it looks huge in her hands. She must have really small hands.

rtotheich says:

I love it when WP is featured, but why does Microsoft have to do the most obvious shameless self promotion, i.e. slow motion texting and that long shot of the start screen as it flies through the air. It's not quite subtle enough.

what a ridiculous comment! Why the héll does it matter if MS promotes themselves or not? Isn't that what you have to do to sell a product? Stop bein so ### picky about how MS advertises. Every article there's a stupid comment like this. ¡¡¡MALDITOS MALAGRADECIDOS!!!!

TonyDedrick says:

Wow.....I've noticed any little criticism on MS and WP, you bare your fangs. Its just technology. Nothing personal or a matter of life and death

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Cara bieber says:

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John Mcclane says:

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Keely Smith says:

Yet another cameo by a Windows Phone has surfaced. This time in a MTV Video Premiere from the music video “We Are Young” by the group fun. Around the 0:29 mark you'll see a bar patron texting on her Windows Phone (an HTC Titan I believe). Then in a fit of rage she hurls the phone into the air and a slow motion bar fight/food fight ensues. ipad

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