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Get this app now to keep up to date with all of your music on your Windows Phone

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Music Scene for Windows Phone helps you find out more about music artists

Music Scene

There are numerous ways to enjoy music while on the go with your Windows Phone. Xbox Music and Nokia Music to name but a few. But what about finding out more about an individual artist? Microsoft's music service provides a biography for major artists, but consumers may wish to read more into the background of the individual (or group). Cue Music Scene.

The app combines Nokia's Music and HERE APIs to deliver information and music in a unique way. It's not just for playback as Music Scene also tells you about different artists, overlaying them on to an interactive map. The idea is to show music on the map, enabling users to select each artist and be fired into the Nokia Music app for mixes they're currently in.

Music Scene

Yes, we mentioned Nokia Music. Since the app utilises Nokia's APIs it's worth noting that the full experience is limited to Lumia hardware. If you attempt to select artists on a Windows Phone from a different manufacturer, you'll be taken to the Nokia website where information will be accessible. It's really neat though. The ability to move around your current location and see which artists were located nearby is nifty.

These locations show users where bands were formed, artists were born and more. Nokia Music also suggests similar artists to the ones the user has just learnt about to aid discovery. By hitting the "mix scene" button at the bottom of the app, users will be able to tune into bands or artists that are currently displayed on the map (through Nokia Music).

You can download Music Scene from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8). While it can be downloaded on any Windows Phone, we strongly recommend Lumia hardware to enjoy the full experience with Nokia Music integration.

Source: Nokia; thanks, Giovanni, for the tip!

QR: Music Scene



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WPUser111 says:

I didnt like this app.. Useless

dalydose says:

How does this compare with the Sleeve beta?

Also, I'm wondering if these features will eventually get rolled into Nokia Music. Probably not since they seem to like the separate app approach as evidenced by HERE.

OK, off to download this.

mlfj4901 says:

Getting harder and harder to wait until the EOS is avail to upgrade

how1ard says:

A toy app the like of which can be found clogging up the Apple store. Total. Rubbish.