my Speed Test does an admirable job for those concerned about bandwidth on Windows Phone

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Network speed test apps are always finicky and hard to judge for accuracy but we like what we see with the new app called Speed Test (or my Speed Test).

The app is free and has a companion site (http://www.myspeedtest.mobi) which is very useful for checking on your stats, seeing geolocaiton information and what others are getting for speeds. There’s no way to create an account but the Sign In area near the top suggests that this feature may be coming down the road.

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The companion Speed Test website

Speed Test is quite basic—you launch it and start the test, measuring your latency, download and upload speeds. You can either do a “complete” test or “fast” with the latter using smaller file-sizes, resulting in slightly less accurate results. You can then scroll over for “network” info including seeing your location and once more for test history. There are no options for changing between kb/s and Mbps with the former being used in this app.

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For free we can’t complain too much about Speed Test and the developer looks to have expansion plans for the app as a service. That’s a big deal since many network test apps often get abandoned by their developers.  In comparison tests with our favorite speed test app, Bandwidth (which is sadly no longer available) we found the results to be comparable to Speed Test’s which is a good sign.

Pick up Speed Test here in the Marketplace for free. You can also try Microsoft’s TestMyNet too.

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I like quick bandwidth test.

Liver13 says:

I travel for my job as a PM for IT projects. We're always competing on who can get a better signal and download speeds (iPhone 4s vs. Lumia 900 on ATT). Unless we hit LTE I've NEVER won. Maybe a new app will help my stats OR confirm that the "pileOS" device is actually better at something.

LordGreylock says:

Similar situation here, I was actually just recently looking for a good and reliable app to test network speeds on the networks I set up.

cdbstl76 says:

Anyone else have LTE, and the test shows its being done on 3G network, but phone shows LTE?!

cdbstl76 says:

Plus I am getting 9Up and 8 Down....??????

"3G" is just done to differentiate from WLAN/WiFi. It can't change the radio on the phone.

cdbstl76 says:

And that's why you are the expert. Thank you, as usual, Daniel

sicnus says:

Waiting for the flood of locker room whip it out comparisons of bandwidth results...

longshark says:

Is the Microsoft speedtest better?

chsoriano says:

My download/upload results always return n/a. Tried it in both a 3G and LTE area today.

CJ Thunder says:

Testmynet by MS is basic but works nice. That is my fav.

darquehelmet says:

I personally think the Microsoft testmynet is more useful because you can test WiFi and cellular.

cdbstl76 says:

This one does too

KustomAU says:

It appears Microsoft Testmynet is region specific..

WPSteve says:

mobilespeedtest.com has always been my go-to.

JD Miles says:

what would "good" speeds be ? my focus came in at latency 192 ms   down 3426 kb/s   and upload 649 kb/s  this is on my ten year old AT&T 2 wire wireless network.  thanks

cdbstl76 says:

Good for that network. Get cable internet my friend ;-)

croceamors says:

My score was:

Latency: 57 ms
DL: 15186 kb/s
UL: 7554 kb/s
I think this is quite good for a phone since no one in our and some neighboring countries has a better one.
But on a wired computer (not phone) my fastest DL was around 90 mb/s.

U realize what Daniel just said... They pulled bandwidth from the marketplace a while ago. Have u been under a rock for a few months? Lol.

Jazmac says:

Yo giggles. Click the link. I just installed it. Actually reinstalled it. I had it on my other Lumia and though it gone forever. Its there.

If u downloaded it before they pulled it off, u can get it anytime. But since I never installed it, I can never get it.

manmeetvirdi says:

Speed test result
Latency 433ms
Download 2.93 Mb/s
Upload 1.02 Mb/s
Network Airtel 3G.
Place India, Mumbai
Is this good result compared to any other 3G network world over?