MyAppFree kicks off 2014 with NinjaCat Bombay as the next free deal

NinjaCat Bombay

Since 2013 is coming to an end (we trust you all have your parties to attend to?), myAppFree has thrown yet another deal together for you all to grab NinjaCat Bombay for free over the next 24 hours. The deal has already kicked off, so head past the break to learn more about the title and to grab the game from the store.

So what exactly is NinjaCat Bombay? It's a platformer and ninja action game with some physics. There are light RPG elements to the title in the form of skill and weapon upgrades. It's a neat game that will surely absorb hours when you're sat there pondering what to do on your Windows Phone.

NinjaCat Bombay is also currently in development, which means you have the ability to shape the game's future through feedback and suggestions. From the cool, funky music to the enjoyable combat system and gameplay, you're sure to have some fun battling through the levels.

NinjaCat Bombay

Download NinjaCat Bombay from the Windows Phone Store for free before the deal ends (usually $1.99) by hitting the link or scanning the QR code below. Who's picking up a copy?

QR: NinjaCat Bombay



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sholokov says:

Good, but this is WPC. Why is it that instead of reviews of hardware, new tools/apps, we are looking at every little app that comes out. I'ld rather see some tips and tricks, or how-to's, tethering, new technology being added to WP devices, etc etc.

This is still good (game already installed), but seems like there has been big shift in topics WPC is choosing for publishing.

venetasoft says:

I don't agree, WPC covers ALL news about wp, simply there are more new interesting apps then hw news/tips :)

pauleyKills says:

If there are news about new technology for WP, im sure WPC will know and share it with us. And this is Windows Phone Central as in Central for everything windows phone. Not just Windows Phone Tricks and Tips.

VNamah says:

Well..once a phone is released as well as all standard accompanying equipment (Qi, Cases, Software etc)..and all is reviewed and done, there's not much left to talk about.

Once in a while, a new "add-on" equipment like maybe a new NFC stereo or something is released and it is reviewed and discussed for a while..and that's it again. Furthermore it is not likely for a new piece of Windows Phone hardware/tech to be released everyday.

Apps, on the other hand, are released everyday. Updated. Modified. Upgraded. Little brother apps added to a series of apps: AwesomeGame. AwesomeGame Returns. AwesomeGame Revived. AwesomeGame Wars of Awesomeness - which keeps them alive on the headlines. That's why you see them more. I hope I was explicit enough.
Happy New Year :)

QilleRz says:

Nah, I didn't agree when you said WPC has made a big shift in topic, cause you know, the name central simply tell everything. I see WPC did cover all the topics and even they do make a tag for each article they post, example like this one is filed under game, another one is filed under apps, rumors, windows, windows phone, review, so on and so forth. So I didn't see and I don't get the point when you said WPC has gone far from what it should be. So yeah, if you didn't like one article, so don't read it, go for the others one. And yeah, another thing is, it's good to have an article like this since people will discover new and awesome app more easily. Say like new app coming or there's some app in WP marketplace that didn't have much attention even though it is a good app, and they review it at WPC, it's a lot easier to get people to discover this app than relying solely on people to search for that app right? Still, happy new year then. (:

Nimdock says:

You don't care about the article but you installed the game, hehe, OK.

jibreezy1982 says:

Most of us find out about new apps,games,deals etc from these articles, we don't spend hrs browsing every app in the store..seems like your the only person who has a problem with it, sucks to be you..Happy New Year :)

Aruns5 says:


             Another fresh new year is here . . . Another year to live! To banish worry, doubt, and fear, To love and laugh and give!

walter1832 says:

I understand your eagerness to delve into WP technology, but some days are a bit slow (news wise).  So today, we get to talk about NinjaCat.  No big deal.  Tomorrow, we'll talk about how your WP will control your dishwasher with new Bluetooth tech.

sym1a1a says:

Damnit now I gotta upgrade my dishwasher, thanks walter1832 ;)

sholokov says:

There is a vacuum seal food container available that work with NFC and RFID. That's news! Since NFC is getting more and more common. I think its called vita something.

Micah Dawson says:

Exactly. Slow news days are better than no new days.

issu ismail says:

Happy new year guys! Love this community. Hoping more success for wp. Cheers from India :)

Oxymoron428 says:

Downloaded this game. The combat system alone sells me. If the game wasn't free, that is ;)

Downloaded and played :P but only 3 stages we can play :) mind nlowing game :)

Its a damn big game i think but we can only play 3 satages :(

so sad 

baron1996 says:

How did u cross lvl 1-2 where we have to take the jump of the rock(sort of)

White Wizard says:

Just jump and double tap the right arrow :) Happy New Year!

schlubadub says:

Coming to an end? It ended over 3 hours ago :P Happy New Year! :)

DreadVenom says:

Omfg. That's all i can say about this game. Why omfg, coz the game surprised me how good it is. The combat is superb. Cant wait for final version of this very promising debut.