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Mystery "Nokia" Windows Phone in yellow gets photographed [Edit: It's a knockoff]

Nokia Lumia 950

We’re still unsure about the supposed “Lumia 950”, a successor of the 920 with some upped specs including 2GB of RAM, better battery life, Xenon flash and a higher megapixel camera which we reported on last week. But now, a new image of a supposed Lumia 950 in yellow has showed up.

Update: Turns out it's a knockoff device, called the "Lamia". Nothing to see here, folks.


The image is odd for a few reasons, which make us question if it’s the same device. For one, the front-facing camera is not in the same spot and two, this appears to have a curved screen as opposed to the more flat one we saw in the earlier image.

Indeed, it looks a lot like a Lumia 920 in yellow.

But if you look closely, the bezel is evenly spaced between the top and bottom, giving the buttons a bit less room. It appears that Nokia is switching up their design a bit, making the bezel more evenly proportional than the current line of Lumias where it’s 1/3 black at top and 2/3 black below the display. In addition, the “Nokia” logo at top is clearly a sticker but as we’ve previously mentioned, it is not uncommon to see stickers for buttons and logos on pre-production development devices.

A similar re-alignment of the bezel appears on the new Nokia Lumia 928, destined for Verizon.

Nokia Lumia 950
Not the same device?

Because of that we’re not sure what we’re looking at. The material appears to be the same polycarbonate plastic used on current Lumias, though perhaps it is thinner. But with only one angle and no other details, there’s not much else we can discern at this point.

Do you have a theory? Let us know in comments.

Source: Twitter (@KzudenO); via



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inteller says:

nothing to see here folks, this is one of those shit clone digitizers from China installed on a 920.

Actually, it's an Indian knockoff called the Lamia R920.

The ZennyBoy says:

Your name gave it away.

Quin 2013 says:

Exactly what I thought.

MadSci2 says:

The Silence of the Lamias?
Honestly, as long as the Indian Gov encourages this sort of thing its hard to take them seriously.

nachikethas says:

we have our own brand called noklia lol. i have seen it few

JamesDax3 says:

Could that yellow device be Verizon's 928?

xconomicron says:

No that already been leaked.  Looks are not the same.  Plus I don't see Verizon's horrible branding on it. /s

Delin95 says:

All these numbers.

Nokia logo looks strange.

rcballa12 says:

Nokia sticker :)

Jerry_K says:

Hm. The Display of it is too bright.. It would look better with a ClearBlack Display! I think it's fake.

Whodaboss says:

Looks nice. I like it.

amrut_m says:

its a fake mock up....
Wheres the so famous "Clear Black Technology" from Nokia!
So Fake and a Wanna be...

Jerry_K says:

True, it looks exactly like this... except the color, of course!

pipe7 says:

good call.  here are some bigger pics.  definitely the lamia.
same colour and sticker.

Eddie_Lomax says:

Got to love the multiple colour tiles, I guess they decided to make things a bit more colourful.
I was going to go with a Lumia 920 prototype device myself since it looked slightly rough (the extra space at the top which would have been nicer added to the bottom instead), but I think this rumour has been nailed.  I'm surprised that they can get away with producing rip offs like that, a factory capable of building it must still be fairly significant money.

Eddie_Lomax says:

Love the specs though
"The knock-off, called the Lamia R920 (or the Lumia R9, or the Lamia R9, or the Lumia R920; they can't quite make up their mind), packs an impressive 4.5-inch display, a whopping 2-megapixel rear camera, a whole 200 kB of in-built memory plus an included 4 GB microSD card, and dual-SIM capabilities as one would expect from a knock-off such as this."
So Lamia owners have bragging rights for a microsim SD card ;)
It does show the sort of enviroment in China when this sort of stuff can be made up and shipped out, while it is a heap of tack it still took a fair amount of money to put it all together, it would be unthinkable to try and produce it in Europe or the US with all the legal problems.

vijax21 says:

It said - among the features which puts Lamia ahead of Lumia is Polyphonic ringtones OMG... That was like 8-10 years ago?

Sharpmango says:

I hope 920 successor doesn't get called 950, theyll run out of 9xxs very fast at that rate.. Consistent branding is important, as HTC have repeatedly failed to discover..

Bleedorang3 says:

Good. I HATED that fat chin on the 920.

Lundon44 says:

I feel like the successor to the 920 would vary a bit more in design personally... Hoping for a bump up in screen size too!
But wouldn't the next model be the 940?

DJCBS says:

This looks pretty fake. The "changes" noted seem a lot like those between the iPhone 4S and 5.

Super awesome, btw first comment after an big absense

maybe that is Nokia 920 variant for another USA carrier?

poddie says:

I really like the extra room at the bottom for the buttons... just feels right. I hope the real successors don't lose it.

ahabenezer says:

I've got my fingers crossed that it is Yellow for Sprint! ;)

Nice, I always wondered why they left quite a bit of unused screen space at the bottom.

Luke Morris says:

Looks like a clone

Luke... I am your father..

Jarocookies says:

Baby calls himself father? Or is Baby your family-name?

If true, glad I go in before this narrow width body.

Just like others wrote, this is a cheap copy, just look at the horrible screen

helloyello says:

Rubino! Stop writing these gossip pieces and finish your PhD! :)

xconomicron says:

Yes, I want to start calling Dan, Dr. Dan!

Jarocookies says:

These colored devices are for dames, it took me an extra 8days to get a black Lumia 920 you h'sexuals!

xconomicron says:


I know there are plenty of phones that have knockoffs in other countries, but doens't it seem like it's getting worse or let me say...a bit excessive with the copying of WP/Nokia?

I mean really, how do these companies get away with this?  Isn't there a legal bound they have to hold in order to produce a product such as this?


lafn says:

How do you prononce that?

Jarocookies says:

Lame for sure

Jarocookies says:

That Nokia "Lumia 950" text would be diagonally placed (check it's not horizontally placed, only looks like that but is not straight horizontal.

walter1832 says:

It's about as real as the promise of Instagraph!

I hope its not real! Because, if Nokia keeps on releasing flagship models everyday, then we can as well call my backup nokia 1100 a flagship. At least, the battery "lifts a ship" also. I stand correctable and learnable; doesn't this frequent release of Lumia series have a pitfall on Nokia?

Jarocookies says:

Proof of photoshopping though

WPuser8 says:

you should not trust r @KzudenO, because he is a jerk!

Rndomuser says:

Yea, it's a knock-off... You guys should really stop writing all these sensationalist "rumors" about "allegedly upcoming devices", or at least do some fact checking before rushing to post this stuff...

lubbalots says:

Rumors are interesting. Gives us something to look forward too plus gives us the chance to dig deeper for the truth.

lubbalots says:

Lol. That's a Nokia sticker.

StevesBalls says:

So what was the rum'o'meter score before? :)

chokiyumi says:

I went to Microsoft Store yesterday afternoon (Sunday) and all Nokia Lumias 920 where free with contract. This seems to be a big clue. A new Nokia is about to come out. The free price is to get rid of the 920s before new one comes out :)

Invaderhim says:

You know your a popular phone when they start making knock offs.

reissy says:

I want better battery life. This new att update is killing it


Supposed "softkey" buttons are a dead giveaway, since they aren't the usual sharp icons that WP8 phones have.

ihavewp8 says:

Fricken looks long phone