National Australian Bank (NAB) app lands in the Marketplace

NAB App for Windows Phone

If you bank in Australia and have a Windows Phone, the National Australian Bank (NAB) has released their Windows Phone app to help you keep track of your banking needs. The NAB App allows you to access services on the go such as:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Transaction History
  • Transfer funds to linked accounts
  • Pay bills
  • View your NAB online trading portfolio

Your access to the National Australian Bank is secured by a four digit passcode and data is protected with 128 bit encryption.

National Australian Bank (NAB) App

Along with access to banking features, the NAB app also has a branch and ATM finder that will map out the nearest locations. You can keep up with the @NAB Twitter feed and YouTube channel and the app has a helpful currency exchange rate calculator.

The NAB app is laid out nicely in the Windows Phone Modern UI fashion (see... I didn't say Metro) and I wouldn't mind seeing my bank come out with something similar. Unfortunately the closest NAB branch is over 14,000 kilometers away. However if you are a NAB banking customer the app does look useful. The NAB app is a free app that you can grab here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, Dean, for the tip!




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xmarklive says:

wheres that chase app already........im happy for nab users

phamhlam says:

Didn't Microsoft demo a Chase app when they were showing Windows Phone 8? They said something about it being available once the WP8 comes out.

jaysandal says:

Where wells Fargo bank app???
I m wating for that .........

alifarhatt says:

This is actually quite a big deal because even though other banks in Australia have had apps since early 2011 they've all just been links to the mobile banking web site. Nokia's Lumia range has caused WP to reach some relevant critical mass here, enough to justify development of an actual app.
This is definitely a boost in confidence for WP in Australia. I'm with CBA not NAB.

rastanac says:

Thanks to NAB, been waiting for this!
Westpac, where are you?

suman152 says:

Where HSBC app waiting...

gerbir21 says:

Good on the NAB for making this available to Australians. Hopefully the big Canadian banks will start moving forward with releasing banking apps for Windows Phone.

deansmilk says:

Now if only Chase would release their app (with check deposits).

XboxOmac says:

Glad Bank of America made an app since the very beginning.

Still waiting on anz, the last bank holding out and the one that's mobile internet site looks shit on wp

simmomelb says:

I am with Citibank in Australia, this is enough to make me want to switch, such a well built app, come on Citibank.

mp-asia says:

It's National Australia Bank

WPCrook says:

How long is it going to take Lloyds TSB to release one? Sick of iPhone and Android getting the top, most popular and beneficial apps.

WPCrook says:

Oh, and might I add... Lloyds TSB DON'T even have a mobile version of their website.

smoledman says:

But I thought WP was just a bunch of wallpapers:-D:-D

drg says:

If you want me to send some photo's of Aussie dollars you can photo shop into your pictures let me know. I had to laugh at the pic about an app for an Aussie bank which had US dollars and coins in it :)