Native Calendar app for Windows Phone 8.1 updated


The native Calendar app for Windows Phone 8.1 has just been updated. One of the bigger changes in Windows Phone 8.1 is the ability for some of the 'native' apps to be updated independently of the operating system. This allows for apps, like Calendar, to get updated as Microsoft sees fit and without any interference from carriers of OEMs. What's new in today's update?

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find version 1.0.14127.246 of Calendar. This is the second update for the Calendar app in Windows Phone 8.1. Like last time, Microsoft has withheld the changelog. So we'll need your help finding out what's new or improved in this update.

After updating, the app seems to crash on our Lumia 1520 when we try to add a calendar event. Overall, it does seem to be a snappier experience with this update.

Find anything? Sound off below.

Thanks for the tip SuGaRDaD, Fahad, David and others!

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gonza1520 says:

Not gonna update than I don't want it crashing on my 1520

hafenbrack says:

Broken on my 920 with WP8.1.....

asylumxl says:

Didn't crash on my 1520. Works just fine atm.

neo158 says:

Have you tried adding and appointment?

Can u please tell me how this calendar aap works on windows phone, how it got everyone birthday on the calendar(some of which are wrong) and why it showing the birthday 2 times in some cases plz help me

fueledbygin says:

I've noticed any all day event spreads over two days, from 2 pm day 1 to 2 pm day 2. Presumably the calendar on WP can't figure out your correct timezone correctly? It appears to be set to 0 GMT. Or, rather, it knows your timezone, but since it is stuck in the 0 GMT timezone, your all day events are offset by your timezone, and thus spread out over two days. 

It's the only explanation I have, and this doubling up every single all day event in my calendar makes the calendar on WP essentially useless for me, as the sheer amount of spam from it is just too much. 

Changing your timezone on your phone does nothing, other than changing the offset for your all day events, so instead of say... 2 pm on day  1 to 2 pm on day 2, it'll change to 3 pm on day 1 to 3 pm on day 2. 

Of course, the infuriating part is that any event you make with a specific time...that shows up correctly, at the correct time, so it appears the calendar operates on the correct time zone for those events, but on the 0 GMT timezone for all day events. It's so schizophrenic!

The weird thing is how much fawning I've read over the calendar since 8.1. Either people simply don't use all day events...or was the calendar just that horrible pre 8.1 that people ignore all the doubling up of all day events?  Or, does everyone just live in the 0 GMT time zone. :D

Also, this "bug" appears to be beyond just the default calendar app. I've tried other calendar apps, like simplecalendar, and the same thing happens in all of them. It's really annoying. :/

Thanx for the info mate, doubling of birthday now resolve using ur method by removing the hotmail calendar from setting and just keeping the birthday on, one more thing I want to know is how can I sideload the app using windows 7 ultmate 32bit pc

It counts all day as 24 hours.

I'm suffering the same problem, but only for a Google account calendar. In addition to the two day spread of all day events, I'm also seeing old/deleted calendar items that were repeating events at one time, but were either deleted or edited to move them to another date.

This update did nothing to fix this. I removed the Google account from my phone, did a soft reset, then updated the calendar app and nothing changed. Using a Google calendar account is impossible on Windows Phone.

fueledbygin says:

I've figured out a temporary workaround.

The calendar app has no issues with the Live calendar (Microsoft's free online calendar that's hooked into outlook webmail, etc, and tied to your Microsoft account). That's what it syncs if you've choosen to sync your Microsoft Account to the calendar.

So, you can go on the web, login in to calendar.live.com and subscribe to your google calendar(s). This puts all your google calendar info into the Microsoft calendar. And, unlike the WP calendar app, the Microsoft calendar at calendar.live.com imports your Google calendar info correctly. Now, go back to your phone, force sync your Microsoft account, and all your google calendar info will show up correctly on the calendar app.

It's an imperfect workaround,  as you won't be able to edit the Google calendar events (not to be confused with the inability to edit any calendar events due to the last update). Just view them. 

PaulKinslow1 says:

Add an event by tapping on a time slot in "day" view and add it that way. To avoid the crash, avoid hitting the + symbol until they get this fixed.

sachamo says:

Thanks for theinfo. I have tried hitting the + sign.  Will stick to adding an entry by tapping on the time slot in the day view as well as using the online outlook calendar as well til they resolve the bug

Scott Moxham says:

Crashes on my 920 if you try to edit a calendar entry as well :-(

Hope they fix this soon.

martircz says:

the same problem :/

sdclams1 says:

Thanks for the suggesiton, works great until they get a fix in place.

It crashes on my 925!! Damn

Fleon says:

Crashes on my 1020. 


shriyanshk says:

It crashes on my Lumia 1520 too :/

Aditya Sinha says:

Don't! App crashing on my 1520 upon creating a new event.

Budniu says:

Same here - L1520

rath79 says:

Can add via Cortana on 1520, but as soon as try to manually add it closes back to start screen. Hope Microsoft are rapid on a fix here else I'm gonna here some bitching from the wife after auto update as she uses the calendar all the time but refuses to use Cortana

iosub says:

Same thing on my L920

brayvefart says:

Crashing on my 520 as I tap on + to add an event!

Amthonie says:

And crashes on 8x

wphashan says:

Well, your 1520 calendar should updated now, because native apps update themselves. :P

barbessio says:

Crashes on 920

andynew89 says:

It crashes on my 1020 too :(

Ivan Tzilev says:

Crashing on 720

Ajy Verma says:

Can Confirm. 720. Should have listened to my friend and not update stuff immidiately.

Scottie P says:

Damnit, this makes me want to turn off auto-update!

Can't easily create OR edit appointments now...

Cupidokidz says:

Work just fine on my Lumia 720, even i've tried add an event.

pdch says:

Seems faster

dalydose says:

Hahahahahahaha...so funny and clever and original. I can't stop laughing. Hahahaha

daniswag says:

Seems crappier

Tiny death star just updated too. Some darker backgrounds, the number has moved in the speech bubble when the bitizen gets in the lift and, even though it still lags, it does, honestly, seem faster!!!

pazces84 says:

Seems like you just don't get it.

wpguy says:

-925. Doesn't just seem faster, it is faster. Faster at crashing when adding an appointment, that is. WTH, Microsoft? I know, it's technically beta, but oy.

wphashan says:

Seems fucked.

gixer01 says:

I have to agree that it feels quicker. Also, tried creating an appointment and the app crashed on my L920

ortizang says:

Does it crash through Cortana?

teaMJPx says:

It did add the appointment when I used Cortana. But crashes when adding things the regular way. L925

osars ehi says:

It only works with Cortana 4 me

mcheiron says:

It does not crash with Cortana on my 920 but crashes when manually adding something

sunnybyday says:

Crashed on my Lumia 925

+925 Redmond, we have a problem.

dazorange says:

Also on my 928. It's insane to think that they would push an update that seems to crash such a wide variety of devices.

QilleRz says:

Don't wanna update it on my L920 :(
Also I hope OneNote and Office is separated from the OS that can be updated independently. It lack a lot of features :(

Fritzly says:

They do for me... Try to create a new Notebook in OneNote or change the formatting in an Excel spreadsheet...

jimv2000 says:

Crashing on my Icon, too.  I can't add or edit events. Dammit Microsoft.

Nik Rolls says:

Same on my 925.

Eroneko says:

Crashed on L820

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

rastanac says:

Crashed upon trying to create/add a new appointment
Lumia 920 here

codynunes says:

Crashed on 1020

addicusbrown says:

Crashes when trying to add appointment unless using Cortana

GoodGuyTX says:

Crashing on my 920 when adding adding a new event. Boo.

Well I hope it syncs appointments now -.-

VenumX says:

crashes on my 1520 as well with dev prev 8.1

ChrisXP says:

crashes everytime? or just at first start?

teaMJPx says:

Every time. L925

mixtnet says:

Why does it seem like recently updated apps have been crashing a lot on the 1520. From foursquare to the native calendar people have been reporting issues on 1520 and Icon actually. Does anyone else notice this trend?

Lipe13 says:

It took a minute or so to sync my calendar after the update. I'll see if it can replace my lovely Cal app :)

Won't replace my beloved Chronos Calender

No way. Chronos is pretty much perfection.

Agreed. I just wish that I could edit appointments and things but I know that that is a restriction of windows phone and not the fault of chronos. Webcal would be good too

Jazmac says:

I've tried other calendars and some are pretty dang good but Chronos got that WOW factor. And if MS ever gets around to opening up that API, I believe Chronos devs got some stuff cooking.

AngryNil says:

This MS Calendar app is built using the third party API in 8.1, no?

Jazmac says:

No. MS restricted thrid party apps from aspects of what a calander can and can't do in it.

mijacs says:

WeekView8 has allowed you to create, update, and delete calendar entries for some time. Now it uses the native dialog in wp8.1.

Also crashes when creating a new event on my lumia 820

aXross says:

Restarting didn't fix the problem? Looks like I have to pass... :(

Restart did not fix the issue

rastanac says:

Crashes as well in Lumia 920, and no, restarting not fixing it :(

nizzon says:

Same on my 920. God damnit I should not have updated. Not being able to add appointments is a big problem. >.

RJ Priest says:

Has agenda view been brought back yet? I love agenda view on wp8.

wsantosf says:

It's disappointing how MS lately thinks they need to remove something from their apps in order to improve something. Give us the option to use it or not, but don't just drop it. (Zune pc connecting to windows phone 8, hubs, calendar's agenda view, etc).

lippidp says:

All I ever use is Agenda view. It's gone in WP8.1? Geez...

Time to move to Chronos Calendar. It has a way better implementation of Agenda view.

miloadams says:

yes yes. bring back agenda view immediately: Microsoft, please rsvp asap.

idg10 says:

You could always try my app - like you I really miss the old agenda view, so I decided to do something about that. I wrote this: http://windows-phone-agenda.com/ so I could continue using my calendar on WP8.1 in the way I was happy with on WP8.0

areserhat says:

I think its time for roll out to 8.1 :/

michail71 says:

I added and no crash. Must take a few things to reproduce.

wpguy says:

A few things, like tap Start button, tap app, tap the add appointment button... Presto! Instant crash.

santos1974 says:

Crashes on my Lumia 1520 too

datisdesign says:

Crashed on 920 when tried to add new event !

swinn says:

Crashes my 920 as well

Gatlyn says:

Me five. Don't these updates get any testing before release?

nizzon says:

With this high % in crashes you start to wonder.

Fritzly says:

Same here; very disappointed.

rider2040 says:

It crashes when you try to edit an event, too. Someone should be fired for publishing this update - was there no quality control?

Can't add new events on my 1520 :(

teaMJPx says:

Use Cortana to add appointments. Worked on my L925.

Freespacer says:

There is no Cortana on my HTC 8X - how nice.
But please explain: Did nobody test the app at M$??? That is a VERY basic function....

mcheiron says:

I wonder the same thing. How did they not test this?

Snappier as in the app snaps shut when opened?

Also crashes on l720... Seems like Microsoft loves breaking his apps

jswanitz says:

Crashes on 928 when trying to add to the calendar.

Anelf3 says:

Same, 928. Also when I try to edit an existing appointment.

Shane says:

Crashing on my 1520 as well. Would love to know why these crashes seem to be specific to the 1520.

Munkeyphyst says:

They're not specific to 1520. Read the several posts above

Shane says:

Must have missed the first one, my bad. Thanks for the important correction!

Munkeyphyst says:

I turned off my auto update to avoid any possible issues. I'm on a 1020

xankazo says:

I didn't know it was a separate app now. Boy I like WP8.1!

Neyney10 says:

I didn't know either :D

Wojciech Maj says:

Seems faster. No joke.

eugie says:

I don't know it's separated

Neyney10 says:

I'm nervous about updating cause of all of those crashes on few models and for god sake its a SIMPLE CALENDER APP, how can they make it crash?


felickz says:

Summer intern

AvatarEW says:

That's actually not too far from the truth. However, if that intern project succeeds, he/she will get an offer.

jimv2000 says:

I don't think this intern will be getting an offer.

PaulKinslow1 says:

...that was planted by a competitor apparently.

Wojciech Maj says:

Crashes on my Lumia 820 as well.

mylumia928 says:

Lumia 928. Crashes when making an appointment, too.

WRider says:

Did calendar have Facebook birthday and meetings before? Just noticed

coolraoul says:

Still no usable live tile, as no possibility to have more than one appointment displayed...

Kreblon says:

Exactly. I use Chronos for the live tile, but use the native calendar whenever I want to actually use the app. It's inefficient. I wish they'd just make the live tile better.

CombatRock says:

Updated and crashes when attempting to create an appointment.
Win Phone 8.1 Lumia 822

crash on my 520 when I add new event.

CoachLinton says:

Faster right up until it crashed adding appt on Samsung Neo

Crashing on my 1520, 1020 and 625... All are on the 8.1dp...

Why this app is so slow to open (Like Xbox Music, Video, Games ...)?

osars ehi says:

Separating the native apps from the OS had lead to poor performance of those very apps. If you compare the apps like the new music app, Calender app to their previous version you will notice that the old version opens really fast, it doesn't even need to show banners or startup background (see the built in phone app for speed reference).

Oh, o know that. But my point is that have apps from store that is really fast to open, like MyTube, Fantasia Painter and others.... 

osars ehi says:

Yea those apps u mentioned opens fast but not as fast as apps coupled with the OS. Microsoft should go back to recoupling these vital apps to the OS and do what apple do, create a quality app without annoying bugs and couple them with the OS then update the apps if necessary only with new versions of OS are available.
The only reason y we think we constantly need to update our apps is because Microsoft is unable to produce a perfectly working app without any bugs. That's y dey made everyone believe that separating the apps is the way to go. But in reality it leads to a decline in performance.

In Windows 8 almost apps are separated. Same with Android. 
But this is no excuse for them being slow, buggy, and (VERY) lengthy to open. 

I know a native app will always be more faster...

Richard_Indy says:

Crashes on my L1520 as well

RayWP7 says:

Well, I know a few tests on a lumia 1520 handset running a developer preview is probably not helpful, but mine is updated and has not crashed while adding (successfully) calendar events.

Draganta says:

Still worthless because of the tile. Does MS even listen?

dalydose says:

Worthless? It has no worth, whatsoever because the tile isn't as you like?

Draganta says:

Yes, for me it is unusable, I have three calendars with multiple appointments on many days.

felickz says:

This. Just update the dang tile!!! Seriously it is probably ten minutes of code

tonybessette says:

Agreed!!! A double wide tile showing only one event is EPICALLY absurd. I use a third party app (which I'd rather not....I favor native apps) just to get three events on my double wide calendar tile. Most all third party calendar apps have the capability of THREE calendar events on a double wide tile, how on God's green earth can't Microsoft achieve this?!?

Rob Toro says:

Crashes on 1020 when using the "+" to add a new appointment. But, adding an appointment using the "Day View" and tapping on timeslot works...until you try to edit the appointment. Then it crashes.

Hate to sound harsh, but doesn't anyone test this stuff before pushing it to the store?

CJ Thunder says:

Crashes on my 1020 too...
F'n MS. You're right to complain. Calendar is huge on a smartphone and now mine is unusable.

QuentinJ says:

crashes on HTC 8X WP 8.1 dev preview when trying to create a new appointment :(

Ultimateone says:

Lol at whomever tests these apps

I'm not LOLing; I use the calendar about as much as I triage email. Will wait to upgrade new 928 until these are fixed.

mcheiron says:

Too late for me. Saw these posts after the calendar app was crashing. This is crazy. Need to use Cortana now, which I cannot do in meetings or other situations where I cannot talk. Great.

F3rzz says:

You can write to Cortana tho.

PS: Crashing on my yellow Lumia 920 too... SMFH

murtagh360 says:

Just turned off auto updates in the store after seeing all these crashes. Hopefully they fix it ASAP. Calendar kinda needs the ability to create new appts.

ebradley says:

It seems snappier. But crashes.

dgantz says:

Crashes on my Icon when trying to add a new appointment.

paramsingh says:

Omg that's exactly what I was hoping for an update which is buggy and crashes, I mean I'm a massive fan of xbox music on wp 8.1 especially when it was slow and unusable. Thank you Microsoft.

lippidp says:

My calendar on WP8 works as it always has. When you're a beta tester you should expect problems. If you wanna complain to someone go look in the mirror.

myfyp2 says:

Beta tester? What beta tester? 630 and 635 are already out in market. Beta testing should be over a long time ago.

lippidp says:

Are you using one of those?

Fritzly says:

The OS is not different and Calendar did not crashed before this "update"...
The OS is not a Beta, is RTM but not at GA... yet.

lippidp says:

Well, there's no two ways about it. This does suck and should be hugely embarrassing for Microsoft. If they would only implement System Restore on WP (feature in Windows since 2000) stuff like this wouldn't be so painful.

myfyp2 says:

Does it matter whether I'm using 630 or 635?

lippidp says:

I was curious to see if the bug impacted those devices also. I searched the comments and it looks like they are impacted also. This is really bad. Software development has really gone to shit now that everything is free or near free.

paramsingh says:

Calendar app was not broken before this, it worked flawlessly; and with this update they have not added any features nor is there a drastic performance boost just an unnecessary bug. By the way, I wasn't complaining I was merely adding humour to the situation.

F3rzz says:

And i laughed

SZero says:

Downloaded. Performance has been improved.
PS: Not crashing on my Lumia 820 WP 8.1 DP.

neo158 says:

Try adding a new appointment!!

Bagsy says:

Crashes when adding an appointment on my 925 as well.

kornik1982 says:

It's just a little crash ;)

kornik1982 says:

And also impossible to edit existing events

jevans911 says:

Crashes on 822 when trying to add event...

cactuz911 says:

Crashes like described on Lumia 1520...

DarrinRich says:

Can't add or edit events on my 1520. This sucks

knuckles245 says:

Not updating, last thing I need is for my calendar to crash, I put EVERYTHING into my calendar and right now it is working just fine, I'll wait until the next update.

Crashing on 1020 too. I'm sure they'll be updating again soon.

arze317 says:

Crashed on HTC 8X

pr0phecy says:

Love MS, but they need to learn to add release notes with every update.

lippidp says:

LOL, yeah... "Added a bug that causes the app to crash when creating a new calendar entry."