Watch the Sochi Olympics on your Surface with NBC’s Sports Live Extra

nbc sports live extra windows 8

It was two days ago that NBC finally put out their Sports Live Extra app for Windows Phone. It’s an awesome app that provides streaming coverage to a ton of sporting events around the world. The app is also out just in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Wishing you could watch on your Surface 2 and not your Windows Phone? Then you’re in luck because there’s also a Windows 8 version of the app.

Head to the Windows Store and you’ll see an app identical in features as the Windows Phone version, just made for larger screens! Here’s what you get with the app:

  • Live Events: watch marquee NBC Olympics events LIVE!
  • Video on Demand: access short-form video clips to preview upcoming events and check out highlights from past events
  • Full Event Replays: relive all the great moments with full event replays
  • Online coverage schedule: browse the online listings schedule and set event reminders

NBC Sports Live Extra Windows 8

Like the Windows Phone version, the Olympics are available for free to users. However, you’ll need to be a satellite, cable, or telco customer to enjoy other sporting events like Major League Soccer, NHL regular season games, the Stanley Cup playoffs, Formula One, IndyCar, Premier League games, and much more.

Want to check out NBC Sports Live Extra for Windows 8? It’s free and available in the Windows Store.

Thanks for the tip Artie!



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PeadarWagon says:

Can you pause or record?

You can pause and rewind but I don't think you can record. You don't really need to record since replays are available.

Any update on VLC for windows 8?

LaNiQuE says:

Thank you NBC ... Team USA!!!

sd173 says:

Is it just live videos or previous events also?

wozburger says:

Does actually play non-olympics sports videos? The WP version doesn't :(

I live In USA but I want Germany to win the gold

920Walker says:

For what event, or all? I want Slovakia to win gold in hockey. Chara is a beast.

The Courier says:

Is there an app that will allow a total media blackout across all media devices (TV, Radio, Internet) of the Olympics'? Please God let there be an app for that LMFAO ;)

rgb says:

Heard this app has limitations, ones that the CBC app from Canada's broadcaster doesn't have.  Search for CBC sochi -- there are versions for winphone, android and {shudder} the fruit version.

drozdpatrick says:

Does anyone know what map soche is on here?

nizzon says:

No app link?

joe aruba says:




1. Join http://sochix.com

2. on any device 

3. all events