NCAA March Madness Live for Windows 8 now available for download

NCAA March Madness

March Madness is coming soon to college basketball in the United States. For those of us who aren't familiar with the season, it involves 68 college basketball teams coming together to compete for the number one spot in the US. Late last month we learned that there would be an official app coming to Windows Phone and Windows 8 to allow you to watch every game this tournament. The Windows Phone app went live only last week and today we've finally got the Windows 8 counterpart.

Here are some highlighted features of the app:

  • Live streaming of all the NCAA March Madness 2014 games!
  • Real time scores, team and player stats
  • Latest news and video highlights throughout the tournament
  • Access to Capital One NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge, the official bracket game of the NCAA
  • Real time game alerts for your favorite teams and for upsets, overtimes, and close games

NCAA March Madness

It's worth noting that this app is specific to the United States and you’ll need to log in with your TV provider credentials to get the live streaming video access. You can download NCAA March Madness Live from the Windows Store. Be sure to grab the Windows Phone version while browsing the stores (QR code below).

QR: NCAA March Madness



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Pratik Mehta says:

Hi Rich,off topic:
I have found this "subway surfers" for 512 mb. Is this official?

No, is not. It already asked to be removed (again).

Pratik Mehta says:

Its working though

you have forums to discus the same in off topic lounge ;)

regarding the games , It's fake , reported to Microsoft , official game is by kiloo, I wonder why this game requires access to phone dialer,phone identity,web browser component , umm something fishy in the game

wpguy says:

By that criteria, most apps are fishy. Take a look at the ones installed on your phone. How many apps really need access to contacts, music library, etc.?

whatsapp does need access to contacts , library.

edit :- just checked for the official game and it too requires access to phone dialer 0.o

caliborn says:

Got it. Was able to sign in with my FB account but couldn't on the WP app.

I tried several times, but couldn't get through. Then I re-opened the app the next day, and I was already signed in. Definitely some kind of bug.

caliborn says:

Good to know it does work. I'll try again later today.

eserrano250 says:

I never understood why we have to sign in with our service provider.

Its a fairly standard thing for watching TV content, and many of these games will be on cable channels like TNT, TruTV and TBS.

wpguy says:

Presumably so that only people who are already paying via their cable fees can view the content.

k0de says:

Awesome! Thanks

In the WP app, the bracket picks just kick you out to the browser and the site doesn't work with IE10 apparently.

lindarra says:

First I thought NCAA is some new kind of anti-aliasing method. :D

bono5112 says:

The WP8 version is a confusing hot mess, when you try to make picks it sends you online and then it doesn't work on ie10 for some reason. Should I have expected more though?

Shawn Magm says:

I just downloaded it and will try it out and compare to CamScanner.  CamScanner has OCR, if that's important to anyone.  It can also save files to OneDrive.