Need a Nokia accessory for your Lumia? There’s now an app for that

Nokia Accessory Shop App

Nokia has pushed out a new app a few weeks ago, which evidently received an update today that is simply called Accessory Shop. The app helps you find Nokia Lumia accessories for your Windows Phone right from your device plus it can alert you to deals.

The app is really just a front-end for the Amazon.com store, but it is wrapped up in a nice little user interface.

Nokia Accessory Shop App

Launching the app will ask you for some information and you can even select your phone model and color scheme to really hone down your selection. From there you have numerous sub-sections, which you can browse including music, talk, cases, travel, essentials, phones, Xbox preorder and audio promo. Tapping on any of the items brings up a nicely formatted page with product information, reviews and a gallery.

For purchasing, the app does launch into mobile Internet Explorer, so that you can sign in to your Amazon.com account, but all in all, it’s a pretty nifty solution to what can be a vexing problem: finding that right case or Purity Pro headset.

Like we said, the reviews indicate that this has been around for a while already but it’s new to us and maybe a few of you too. It looks to be available in the US (which may be new) but not the UK we're told and we're unsure of other region restrictions.

Pick up Nokia Accessory Shop here in the Nokia Collection.

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CheekyTaurus says:

Until it shows the CR-200, it is dead to me.

Until Nokia actually releases the yellow Purity in-ear headphones, it's dead to me.

You're all dead to me

radde says:

Why? Did they touched a cactus which you told them not to?

Jeebus137 says:

Expansys and Clove have them. Mine is on its way to the US right now.

polychromenz says:

I got one from the UK. Is good but not perfect. I assumed the NFC would connect when I put my phone in the cradle but you have to switch ignition, tap NFC accept the application...too many steps I want set and forget.

DAZTK says:

Not available on my device? Lumia 920?

US only, it seems. God... I hate geofencing.

Jazmac says:

It breaks a lot for network coverage and date/time issues. I'm balls deep in corporate WiFi so I don't get why its force closing.

urseus says:

Seriously, where the hell is the car charger.

polychromenz says:

just get it from Clove in the UK - worked for me her in lil ole NZ

CJ Thunder says:

Can't apps open other apps? Why not go to amazon app directly?

That would be awesome. I know wpcentral use to take me directly to the YouTube app

Reading that last line... why not just use the Amazon app, and reduce the clutter? 

Because this can supposedly give you deal alerts specific to your device.

Voxophone says:

Yay.... Us HTC guys are left out in the cold. I'm buying a Nokia...

DJCBS says:

US only, as usual.
Nothing to see here non-US people.

cjallan417 says:

Downloaded it out of curiosity of that pic of the JBL Powerup speaker for $129. App had internal server error on fetching results and it takes up the space in my app list where I expect Alarms...so it's getting the boot.
Not all a loss though. The Amazon mention had me poke around there and found the 920 OEM cases are on there. Before, I bought my case from the store WPC mentioned in an article.

Dancsi31 says:

70$ for the wireless charging shell? :-o
I bought the red one from Expansys US at 23$ + tax and shipping (32$ in total)

runwave87 says:

Nokia is selling the Xbox One via this app???

wetworker says:

Not available for my device. 920 Rogers. Toronto - Canada

bilzkh says:

Not available in Canada, but I'd say it's for the better since Amazon.com is the linked store (i.e. we can't order from the US store).

Yeah we can. I have.

bilzkh says:


annthonny says:

I bought the purity on ear for my 920 and it works for a while then the volume got crazy so I had to return them

sundawg#WP says:

Please don't use the phrase "there's an app for that". It grates on me like when I hear someone say "wazzup" in the style of the old Budweiser commercials.

So you want me to use the expression more on this site, got it.

sundawg#WP says:

Two days in a row. Rich used it yesterday.

erzhik says:

Purity Pro for $139? What?

cjallan417 says:

That whole screenshot is suspect. The JBL Powerup isn't gonna be found for $129 either. (Although, WPC had an article that it's $149 at AT&T.)

kingkoopa09 says:

Where are puritry pro that much

Locochat25 says:

Really bad for customers from Australia, the last app you had posted in news feeds isn't available here, should post more apps for the rest of the world or mention the availability. I just say it

failed1234 says:

Odd that it isn't a Nokia exclusive...

thaman04 says:

FYI - This app is NOT made by Nokia... It's published by some company named "Mobile Cart".
So either this app is unofficial or Nokia outsourced it and forgot to put their name there.

okkio says:

Just a quick word to say (if allowed of course) that all accessories for Nokia Lumia are available at Okkio.co.uk. We are probably the only online store 100% Nokia Lumia!
We offer delivery in most of the countries. Just have a look and let us know what you think about us! We are in the UK.