New Crackdown announced for Xbox One


One of the most acclaimed games for the Xbox 360, Crackdown, is getting a new installment on Microsoft's Xbox One console. The company used its E3 2014 press event to announce the new open world game, which will apparently also be called Crackdown.

The announcement trailer doesn't show any real gameplay footage, but it looks like it does continue the over-the-top superhero action from the previous installments, combined with a cel-shaded comic book art style. Players will be taking control of agents in a futuristic city once again and this time it looks like they will be able to destroy entire building in this open gameplay world.

The announcement didn't reveal a release date for the new game, but it will have David Jones, who helped to create the original 2007 Crackdown Xbox 360 game at the now defunct Realtime Worlds, back in charge of the new title working with his new company Cloudgine.

Source: Microsoft



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Ushae says:

Yeeaaaaaahhhhhhh ! OG Crackdown was soo damn good.

Donny James says:


immyperez says:

Shame about the second one though :/

Mystictrust says:

What second one? Any "alleged" and so-called sequel to this game is dead to me ;)

I like how it was even acknowledged at the post show that not enough time was given to Crackdown 2... In other words, they know it was garbage compared to the first

WPmunkey says:

This thread was all I needed to read. You guys hit the nail on the head!

stevemind says:

Cool....lost many hours on both games.

No gears news though!

DaveGx says:

Pretty tame conference overall. Not a whole lot that was new or not multiplatform. A lot of time filler boring gameplay

I guess u didn't read what this Microsoft conference was all about. Games games games. And its called GAME ON. So far u are the only one with that opinion.

I hope this iteration doesn't have zombies.

TonyDedrick says:

This was one I was excited about. Funny because watching Sunset Overdrive footage had me thinking of Crackdown and how a new one would be cool. So I was pleasantly surprised

andrewb65 says:

Any chance of a bit more Windows Phone news on MS Central today? I know it's E3 and all that, but isn't there a more appropriate channel for these stories? If not, time for another one?

NIST says:

You get what you get and you won't throw a fit.

Ticomfreak says:

*don't throw a fit

Stop acting like a kid, I'd you don't like it, ignore it, no one is forcing you to read it.
The only MS products I own are a windowsphone and a Windows 8.1 laptop.E3 had almost nothing to do with both of these products but do you se the majority complaining? No ,because majority of us are enjoying the news and I suggest that if you can't do that, go offline for a while. -_-
I really hope Daniel quickly renames the site, getting tired of reading "MS central" comments. They are actually more irritating than "seems faster" -_-

andrewb65 says:

Yes, a rename might do it, but I'd prefer a separate channel. Surprisingly, many grown adults are not creaming in their underwear to read about the latest computer games; they are completely disinterested and it makes it difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff some days.

DVELOPinc says:

It is tagged Xbox and since WP has a large user base that are also Xbox owners, it is relevant to WPcentral. If you haven't noticed, there are also Xbox apps\games on WP.

BTW: You can't really complain too much when you yourself is calling WPcentral, MS Central. :)

andrewb65 says:

I think you missed the point why I'm being flamed here.

BlazeBlue says:

Why don't you just shut up

This game was awesome on 360, cant wait for xb1 version!

herbertsnow says:


Yup, had a heads up report from about this game before E3, this morning. I wanted to scream, but I didn't want to alert the IGN crew next to me.

icthusman1 says:

Video was awesome. Looking forward to this!

Game over IndieStation 4!

Juraj Padych says:

Forza Horizon 2 in 1080p and also Halo Master Chief Special I don't know what it's name collection in 1080p, game on SplashStation 4

sumothong01 says:

With cloudgine being involved it must use cloud computing. Interested to see how it turns out.

reloaded17 says:

They did state in an interview after the presentation that Crackdown will utilize cloud computing to provide "never been done before" graphics and destruction on cosoles and the teaser sas an ab example of what to expect. This cloud computing is exciting for the future of the Xbox. Is this related with dx12?

sumothong01 says:

Good to know. I didn't get to watch so I really didn't know. I'm really interested in the cloud computing for games. "IF" they pull it off it should make the X1 much more powerful.

swizzlerz says:

I'm going to look into this one some more.

DaWn o WaR says:

Omg I'm so excited - the first Crackdown was soo addictive!!