New customers to get free minutes with EE on PAYG this Christmas

Windows Phone

With Christmas 2013 just around the corner, the UK's biggest mobile network is getting festive and offering new customers some extra incentives to choose them over the competition. If you are in the market for a new Windows Phone, you'll see below in the full description that new EE Pay As You Go customers will get an extra 168 minutes each month when they top up just £10.00. This is on top of the normal minutes you would get for your money. Why 168? - I have no idea, but who’s going to complain about free stuff! 

As EE is the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile you can take advantage of the offer on any of the three networks which is great news, as between them they have a wide selection of Windows Phones - ranging from the low cost Nokia Lumia 520 up to the top end where you can pick up the Lumia 1020

Remember - if you want to have super fast data speeds (and in a covered area) you'll need a 4G SIM which means you will have to sign up with EE and not Orange or T-Mobile who only offer 3G. This will limit your device options as they currently only sell the Lumia 1020 and it isn't cheap - at £549.99, but you get what you pay for. 

If interested simply: 

  • Join pay as you go or upgrade your phone by 31 January 2014
  • Each month you top up £10, we’ll give you 168 free minutes
  • Use them to call any UK network or landline or voicemail any time from the UK
  • These free minutes are in addition to what you get from your standard plan, such as T-Mobile Smart Packs or the new Dolphin plan on Orange

For more information head on over to EE



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I bet James has quite a disciplined life posting at this time:) any way thx it was soo boorin

henry.gray says:

You say who's going to complain about free stuff? I bet at least one person does.

majic1 says:

Well they seem to be forgetting all the loyal customers already with them from the days before the Motorola micro-tac

Hav u listened to wake me up by avicii it awesome

sejgiul says:

2014 free minutes for the whole of 2014. thats where the 168 comes from....

pookyjoralyn says:

In my country (Cambodia), 168 is considered a lucky number

conair346 says:

Its 168 minutes a month for 12 months, apparently cause it adds up to 2014 minutes (actually 2016). Its a promo to drive sales leading upto the new year, soon to be 2014.
They need to hand things out for free because they are so horrendously bad at everything. My Vodafone 4G beats them in Greater Manchester yet the network went live a year later, coverage in the region is also more comprehensive. Avoid EE at all costs (coming from a previously happy customer of over 9 years)

Sean Burns1 says:

Who the hell wants free minutes when it's all about data these days

j_jabbar says:

Trying to claw back customers with gimmicks.....won't need to do this if they didn't cockup their network

ttarbuck says:

This offer is also avaliable for current customers. All you have to do is text 2014 MINS to 450 and they put the offer on to your account just as long as your on PAYG on orange , tmobile or EE.

Cyrax.NET says:

My annoyance with EE is their roll outs for updates has and I suspect will always be lacking. I'd prefer an unbranded 920 where I could update as soon as MS releases. Bored of waiting for EE's team to do their thing.