New device names hint at upcoming Windows Phones

Elbert Perez, game creator for Windows Phone (who's finishing up his latest, Air Dagger), has once again posted a screen shot of some new devices ID'd running his games.

The big two are the Acer M310 and the Nokia 800, which is for all intents and purposes probably the Sea Ray. As to what the Acer M310 is, we don't have any idea.

Of course we've seen this before, namely devices like the Samsung GT-I8703, the Dell Advist and the HTC-MWP6885 which seemingly never came to fruition. Hopefully that's not the case here, but either way it's nice to get teased a bit.

Source: Elbert Perez (Twitter)



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albertom says:

there is a video on youtube by locker gnome were Brandon shows a new samsung with a huge screen, and nice back in a colored glossy panel.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pqkhLsqzI8really looks nice

MaulerX says:

Isn't that the Samsung Focus? It looks just like it but with a skin at the back.

thenet says:

Can wait get the samsung galaxy S2 for windows phone 7. just hope skype video chat will be inplemented.