New HTC Attentive Phone that integrates into Settings available [Mango]

We noticed the other day on the HTC Radar and Titan that HTC moved their Attentive Phone from an app to within Settings--something that Samsung recently did with their GPS enhancer.

Now that same Attentive Phone is available for current HTC users as well (Mango only) by simply heading to the Marketplace. Interestingly, HTC now has two versions of Attentive Phone--the app and the settings version. The settings are the exact same as the app--so in that sense all this buys you is one less thing to clutter up your programs. We like the idea, so why not? Pick it up here in the Marketplace--but only for Mango HTC devices.

Thanks, @ogracia, for the tip!



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gh8421 says:

Works like a charm, adds to the bottom of the settings page.

falconx#WP says:

All these Mango apps would be great, if Mango were available :(

nizzon says:

Mango could only be a week or two away.If its months away all these Mango app submits will be like a damn joke taunting us straight to the face.

NeoCracer says:

Hope Samsung releases something similar !

alukard says:

I do hope this doesn't add another reason to delay updates cos the OEMs want to integrate the settings/features.

Ronny Gydar says:

Attentive Phone seems to not be available when I use a Norwegian LiveID? I had it earlier when I used my US-based LiveID, but now that I have switched over to using a Norwegian LiveID, and the it is not available in marketplace or my phone, and no "Attentive Phone" in settings either.A bit annoying that so many features is unavailable even now that Marketplace is launched here in Norway.And since I am already ranting...Amazon...why not publish Kindle app to Norway and the other new markets...the large companies are the laziest when it comes to such things.You Americans don't know how good you have it :)

Neil Katz says:

Has anyone tried this with a non HTC mango phone?