New Hub Tile Control for Windows Phone released by Telerik [Developers]

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Telerik, the company behind the RadControls suite for Windows Phone Developers, has released an interesting update to their software. The introduced RadHubTile will enable developers to create live tiles within their application (just like the home screen) to further increase the good looks meter.

There are a number of hub tile classes available, which include: RadHubTile, RadMosaicHubTile, RadSlideHubTile, RadPictureRotatorHubTile and RadCustomHubTile. More information about each class is available in the Telerik blog article, do check out some of these supported tile effects in the below video demo. 

RadControls for Windows Phone is a suite for developers that will set you back by about $99 ($1,200 for the full bulk - .NET controls, analysis & data tools, etc.), although there is a free trial available. While it's pretty expensive for the odd garage developer, the results can be absolutely stunning (just look at Tasks - a free todo app by Telerik).

Source: Telerik Blog



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simplescheme says:

Actually the WP Controls cost 99$ (http://www.telerik.com/purchase/configure-purchase?skuId=482) on the right. 1200 is for the complete .Net suite incl. Asp.Net, Silverlight...

Rich Edmonds says:

I believe I corrected it just before you published your comment. Thanks for pointing it out :-)

Telerik makes some great stuff.

venetasoft says:

Telerik develops SLOOOOOOOOW components...We tried both asp.net and Silverlight (grid) suite...No comment...

dmaxwe22 says:

I think they are very helpful and their documentation is nice and thorough. I am a loyal fan of Telerik's.