New images of ZTE's Mango device destined for China

During WPC11, we saw the first glimpse of ZTE's entry into the Windows Phone field. Now a few more images have come forth, posted by ZTE's Dr. Luo Zhongsheng, who evidently is their head of smartphone development.

The phone can be seen sporting some art on the start screen as well as localized Chinese language support. In addition, it looks to have Weibo built in instead of Twitter, which is blocked in China. Weibo is described as "a Chinese microblogging site akin to a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook...". The device itself looks like a prototype as opposed to the more polished version demonstrated at WPC, though as NanaPho suggests perhaps different color schemes will be offered. No other device spces are currently known.

This coincides nicely with the leak about the Toshiba-Fujitsu phone release in August, suggesting that indeed these phones are coming earlier than expected an the Asian market is gearing up for release.

Update: Evidently it's not Weibos that's built, but rather a standalone app running the service.

Source: digi.it.sohu; via NanaPho



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jc0196 says:

ahh, that's how you dominate the mainland chinese market lol

Winterfang says:

This phone looks so cheap. I hope is a cheap as it is, so they can sell a bunch of them =)

fable#WP says:

"In addition, it looks to have Weibo built in instead of Twitter, which is blocked in China."Ah, the lovely smell of censorship in the morning. What wouldn't big corporations do to sell their products? I thought only Apple did those kind of things.

futurix says:

No, they all do that (same for Android, Bada, Blackberry, etc). Chinese seem to be OK with the censorship, so why would any company take a stance?

Nataku4ca says:

not really, they just can't do much about it other than "jumping over the wall"

getdisquis says:

The WIndows Phone at the top needs to go! Put it on the back of the phone, it really kills the designs of phones.