New leak details upcoming Microsoft Gift Cards for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox Stores

Windows Store Card tweet

A new leak has been published on Twitter by the account @Nawzil8. The tweet shows an image detailing what we can expect to see with the upcoming Windows Store gift cards. Said cards have been covered previously, so while we recommend you take this with a grain of salt, it's certainly plausible. Microsoft has added the option in Windows Phone Wallet, signalling to the ability to load said cards onto a Microsoft account, which will then be reflected in the Windows Phone hub.

Rum: 7

According to the image above, the Windows Store gift cards will launch alongside Windows 8.1, the major OS update that will be sent out to Windows 8 consumers. These cards will be used for apps, games and other content. Redeemed on a Microsoft Account, you'll be able to spend the credit on the Windows Store, Windows Phone Store and the Xbox Store. Essentially it's a multi-platform gift card covering the major systems. The cards will be available as physical products in-store.

Finally, you'll be able to grab $10, $25 and $50 editions.

Source: Twitter (@Nawzil8); thanks, Dan, for the tip!



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juanitoriv says:

Cross platform gift card. Loving it!!

Oh yeah!!


Nawzil says:

@Nawzil8 not @Nawzil ;)

Nawzil says:

I really need to get the @Nawzil handle, and that guy is asking me $500 for it. :(

hopmedic says:

Offer him $5.00.  ;)

Nawzil says:

I even asked for $100, he refused. He doesn't even use Twitter much, check his account.

hopmedic says:

Wow. That's ridiculous. I'd jump on the $100 if it didn't look like I was going to get the asking price. I'll give you RichH67 for $100. ;D

Nawzil says:

I want @Nawzil, what will I do with RichH67? :P
My name is Nawzil.

hopmedic says:

Hey, it was with a shot! ;-)

bitfarm says:

Fixed only at one place (source). Another one needs to be fixed :)

luk3ja says:

Yeah needs fixing in the first paragraph too :P

rupanidm says:

Not yet fixed, the last line of the article has been fixed, but the first one still says @Nawzil ;)

Kwanton81 says:

#NoLove to Win7.8 lol

Why do you still have a wp7 .. Wp8 devices start at $90 off contract.. Lol

rjmlive says:

Can't speak for them, but for me I'm in Canada.. we just got the 1020 on Telus and Rogers.. but I'm eyeing up the 929 if I can somehow get it up here.  We never got the 925, 928 but the 929 sounds like the device I'd actually prefer.  Bought the L900 outright when I could from Rogers so I've been itching for some time to get on WP8. (let alone GRD3 or even 8.1 when they come)

Kwanton81 says:

@shizz0matic23 L925 user here. I just feel poor for those people who still want to stand up with their WP7.8 even tho it's not worth fighting for.

carlosrdd says:

This is nice and all but how about Microsoft makes an effort to get windows phone on par with IOS and Android in terms of new apps....

Tafsern says:

MS is really working hard to make that happen, but in the end it's all up to the developers. Blame them.

Kwanton81 says:

Rome wasn't built in a day. It will take some time for WP to be on par with iOS and Android.

Racxie says:

Microsoft should fix the bug on Lumia 920 that prevents the wallet from working correctly without having to do a hard reset.

cjallan417 says:

Agreed. I made the mistake of mucking with my Paypal account in the MS Commerce site. Now Wallet explodes if trying to open or be used in a transaction. Hard reset is not as bad with WP8, but still not desired. I'm holding out hope the GDR2, GDR3, or 8.1 updates will either address or kick it back into working. Not holding my breath though.

houtex2380 says:

My 920 has to reset alot I have a bad battery drainage problem even with all background tasks diabled :/......... Anyways gift card perfect for fam ⌒.⌒

OMG55 says:

A buddy of mine had a similar issue, contacted the carrier and they shipped him a new in two days. He hasn't had an issue since and is happ.

Gohar428 says:

Hy sorry..couldnt open the forums..but i am in a problem...my Facebook and twitter notification tile has been deleted accidently...is there any option of recovering it...

cjallan417 says:

If you're referring to the Me tile, it can be pinned by going to the People Hub and clicking on your profile pic/last status update. You'll see "Me" in the top left corner and the pin icon at the bottom.

addz77 says:

Need them in UK. My Birthday, Fathers day, valentines, anniversary, Xmas will be sorted for the rest of my life

luk3ja says:

Haha, Microsoft told me the xbox one gift cards are the exact same gift card and just look different. So I've ordered one of those from Amazon UK

Sarang68 says:

So does this mean that those w/o credit card or carrier billing can now purchase apps on both OS's? Albeit as per local currency?

luk3ja says:

I spoke to Microsoft via online chat a couple of days ago and they told me all of this

Laura Knotek says:

Will these cards be available at retailers? I like picking up iTunes cards at Walmart or the local grocery store to give to friends for birthday or Christmas. It would be nice and convenient if Microsoft cards were available alongside the iTunes cards.

WixosTrix says:

Yes. Replacing MS point cards for Xbox most-likely.

Laura Knotek says:

That would be nice.

Will those be available worldwide or only in US? Need them in Italy :(

Tjalsma says:

AT&T will find a way to delay it.

I'm confused. My Microsoft account is already synchronized across Xbox and Windows Phone. Is it just Windows 8 that's missing the synchronization?

Tjalsma says:

It actually isn't.  The MS payment account situation is a scattered mess.  You can't use your MS credit you have on your Xbox on your Surface.

marcwagz says:

nozzle is a pretty awesome name
im glad i hate using credit cards on my xbox

shishirdbhat says:

As always, it will never come to countries like India. I must grudgingly admit that the Google services - Location, Search, etc. are far superior to what MSFT has to offer. But we still hold on...

jiayit says:

I hope it's launched in SG. Not a single gift card has been launched in Singapore (App Store, Amazon, Play Store).