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New look and features rolling out for the Windows Phone website and Marketplace

The old Windows Phone Marketplace

Windows Phone Marketplace is now the Windows Phone Store

We've heard rumblings that the Windows Phone website and Marketplace had been redesigned to give things a more friendlier approach. Microsoft has now made it official that they are rolling out these changes, globally, beginning with Australia and New Zealand.

Windows Phone and Windows Store logos

The changes cover everything from how the Marketplace looks to a new name for our app store. For starters, say goodbye to the Windows Phone Marketplace and hello to the Windows Phone Store.  This will bring our store in line with the upcoming Windows 8 Store, the Windows Store.  You will also see the menu option on the website will shift from Marketplace to Apps+Games.

Speaking of menu options, you will have a new category on the Windows Phone site, News. The News category will provide a summary of what is being written about Windows Phones from breaking news to reviews.

New Categories

New Windows Phone Store Categories and the Old

As far as the Marketplace...err...Windows Phone Store is concerned users will find a new search option that will rely on the Bing search engine to find your apps and games. It will take into account spelling mistakes, find similar apps/games, and app/games in the same genre.

Windows Phone Store Spotlight

Windows Phone Store Spotlight

Other changes include:

  • New browsing/sorting option to include New and Rising, and Best Rated categories.
  • Spotlight option that presents a mosiac of recently published apps chosen by the Windows Store's in-house experts.
  • A mechanism to report inappropriate apps to the Windows Store has been added.

Microsoft hints that the changes rolling out to the various markets is only a start. We are looking forward to seeing the new changes and it'll be interesting to see what else Microsoft has up its sleeves.

Source: windowsteamblog; Thanks, everyone, for the tip!



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AwesomeAndy says:

So what. The new iPhone 5 can now DISPLAY 5 ROWS OF APPS. Nothing matters now anymore.

themopar says:

Haha! Omg that's classic +1

sholokov says:

Do you guys know Apple invented the 5th row? Android beware!

KQ17 says:


mangoose says:

This changes everything.

pr0phecy says:

Why is everybody laughing? 5 Rows of apps is groundbreaking magical sh*t! They most likely put a patent on it! :P
oh and that new connector will surely satisfy all the billions of people using all their current accesories.

aderud says:

I bet it will be looking far better than the new iTunes :) And it was bad from the start!

daveiops says:

Lets not forget, it will still take light years to load up even on an i7 :)

xmarklive says:


WinFan1 says:

Calm down we hear u lol

ejlee072006 says:

U you should be lucky ur different

TechsUK says:

That is so funny. I know how U feel.

mangoose says:

I actually love that feeling 

Mattyh95 says:

So is this changing the icon on our phones?

Ticomfreak says:

Probably with 7.8

Mattyh95 says:

Ah right, well im in NZ and nothing has changed on the app yet for me no new layout or whatever is it just the web app thn?

Mattyh95 says:

I lie, I just looked haha it has now been changed into apps and games :) changed in about 3hrs since I last checked

WPSteve says:

Am I the only one who wishes they would actually SEPARATE the "Apps+Games" section into their own respective sections. Sometimes I wanna know what the top actual apps are, not what games are popular.

Kreblon says:

You are not alone.

Kadcidxa says:

Also Bing "search history" page is now tiles.

vieya says:

I prefer the old names. Marketplace is much better then store. Just like Marketplace is better than google play. What is up with the new names being more boring than the original names. Google play is confusing as a name, I guess at least store might be generic but at least we know what it is. But I really prefer marketplace.

jerrynomenon says:

Now all three of mobile OSs use term "store" for their Application Hubs? Yeah, Windows Marketplace and WP Marketplace sound way better than "store"

issieman says:

Would I be able to install to my phone by clicking on the app in the windows store .. Similar to google play?

Kadcidxa says:

We can already do that. Well with my phone.

You cam do that from your PC and it downloads automatically to your phone, you did not know that?

mangoose says:

There are barely any apps i install by searching on phone (other than QR codes here). Just search on web, select, install.

I hope the new online Windows store is similar or better then the Google Play store! I really hate the current store how clunky it is maneuvering back and forth... Would like apps I purchased to be separate from the free apps I downloaded. They should also let us set up a load in and load out setup maybe offer app groups...

DaveGx says:

I hope they make the search function for Marketplace better. Its absolutely horrible. You type something in, and itll return a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with what you searched for.

webby7 says:

Anyone else want them to clearly mark all the apps that you have already installed, rather than having to click on them to see if you have them? This applies to the Windows 8 store too.

lucasb1 says:

I am seeing the new Store online. Nothing on the phone yet.

Kadcidxa says:

New website is live for me. I don't like the color of the stars. Red was easier to read.

dalydose says:

Why would they not just flip the new design switch globally at once?