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Lumia Cyan update rolls out on Canadian Lumia 625

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Lumia 625 on Telcel in Mexico receiving Lumia Cyan

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Swing by the forums if your Lumia 925 or Lumia 625 grabbed the Lumia Cyan update

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Nokia Lumia 625 available at Carphone Warehouse for just £79.95


Win a Lumia 1020 for listing your favorite apps with AdDuplex

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Nokia Lumia 625 goes on sale in Ireland on Three

Windows Phone News

Nokia Lumia 625 heading to Three in Ireland later this month


Asus Vivo Tab Smart, Microsoft Office 365 and Nokia Lumia 625 in O2 business deal

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Nokia kicks off #LumiaBizTrial, offering free Windows Phones for UK businesses to trial

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‘Black update for Nokia Lumia 625 brings double-tap to wake feature

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Phones 4u slashes Lumia 625 price, makes Lumia 1020 more affordable this Christmas

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Nokia Lumia 625 available from just £10 a month at Carphone Warehouse UK

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Unannounced Nokia Lumia 525 struts its stuff in latest render leak


New Nokia Lumia 1520 press render shows the device in red

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Nokia Lumia 625 heading to TELUS on October 3rd; will be priced at $300


Nokia’s Bluetooth accessory ‘Treasure Tag’ render gets leaked

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Nokia Lumia 625 now available in Brazil, let the festivals begin!

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Telstra touts the “sensational” looking Nokia Lumia 625 in series of new videos

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Nokia Lumia 625 coming soon to Vodafone Australia

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Nokia launching the Lumia 625 in Singapore later this week

Nokia Lumia 625 colors

New render of tomorrow’s Nokia Lumia 625 shows rainbow of colors, curved glass

Now that we know Nokia is going to be revealing their latest entry-level challenger, the Lumia 625, tomorrow in London and we know the specs, we just need to see it more in all of its bright glory.

The Twitter leaker @evleaks has just posted this press render of the soon-to-be announced Lumia 625, showing it off in its various colors including red, yellow, white, black and a super bright green.

Nokia Lumia 625 colors

The 4.7” WVGA device brings some premium features to the otherwise low-end hardware, including a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, Gorilla Glass 2, 2.25 D curved glass (same as on the Lumia 920) and 8GB of internal memory (with expandable storage).

The phone is meant for prepaid plans and emerging markets, who want a smartphone that looks great, has a large display but also maintains a low price point.

Nokia Lumia 625 in all colors

Stay tuned to Windows Phone Central as we’ll have more on the Lumia 625 early tomorrow during the press event.

Update: a 2nd render has now been published, which is the lead image in this post.

Update 2: A third image has also been added. It's the very last one in the post. 

Source: @evleaks



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rmichael75 says:

Looks amazing..

rx74ray says:

this phone looks alot like my HTC Titan. Can anyone see that?

rebel_yell says:

No, I can't. I'm a short sighted American (who happens to own a Titan and also can't wait to ditch it).

rebel_yell says:

Can I trade my Titan for yours?

joanzen says:

I still love my Titan. I've been off contract for 9 months now; just waiting for the right hardware. I don't think the 625 is it, but the larger screen size is a step in the right direction.

rmichael75 says:

This wil lbe a hit.. All Nokia needs to release is now Dual Sim and they can take India by strom

v4nandu says:

What is RAM size

erfanullah says:

This is bad. There are few VERY important apps and games which require 1gb ram.

inteller says:


Halo Spartan Assault

ergattonero says:

If you're an hardcore gamer - Halo Spartan Assault - you won't buy a low end phone, dont' you think?
GoPro -> Just installed on my Lumia 720 (512MB)

I am most definitely a hardcore gamer and I have the Lumia 521. Why? Because I could afford it.

ergattonero says:

Of course. And did you expect, by paying the price you were going to pay, to have high-end specs?

DennisvdG says:

Halo will be compatible with 512 gb ram devices soon, and it's not a mid-ranged device for no reason remember :)

Ticomfreak says:

512 GB ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! O.O

Dreyer Smit says:

Lumia devices are like Tesla, buy a voucher and upgrade the battery life and RAM with a single code.

Jimmy Jangle says:

Spartan Assault will be out next month for 512MB devices.

Thanks for trying though.... :)

erfanullah says:

Fresh Paint, Modern Combat 4

rebel_yell says:

I think I recall reading an article somewhere about some company that did a study (somewhere) that said that 90% (maybe more) of all windows phone 8 apps ( including games) will run on 512 MB of memory. Oh, now I remember where I read it, it was WP Central.

xconomicron says:

...and that 90% turned out to be a whopping 8 APPS!!!!!!!!!  zOMG!!!!!!  lol


Then if you want to game, don't get this phone. Simple.

Cellus13 says:

Microsoft will just make them compatible. Remember our ecosystem is improving now so 512 RAM devices aren't such a bad thing like the plague.

TechnoTim says:

Wasn't there just a post saying 99% of apps can run on 512mb RAM?

Yeah. Doesn't mean it all runs well.

Dreyer Smit says:

Agreed. Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja shows some lag at heavy intensive moments.

Iain_S says:

99% of apps that are in the store right now will run on this phone.

greg2k says:

Does Temple Run now support 512MB devices?

txDrum says:

I don't understand this 512 is unacceptable in nokia's second cheapest phone logic. Do people expect to be playing Metro: Last Light on a $300 PC?

xconomicron says:

no, Crysis 3! ZING!

Tips_y says:

LOL good point!

Rug says:

Is there that much savings in only putting 512mb RAM? Seems like a silly number at this point.

kaynachtsman says:

Looks like a kid from a 820 that was raped by an Asha device ;)

pranav rai says:

Man :|
There were better ways of putting that idea across :|

charlyc311 says:

Putting a bigger screen with 512mb ram and 1.2 GHz... not really I attractive to me.
I think the lower hand should have a smaller screen. Helps on battery too.

Did you not read the post? The phone is targeted at those who want a larger display, but are not loaded with money. It's a beat of both worlds. My friend for example wants a large sized device, but cannot afford it right now, so he's looking to get the Lumia 520. With this though, he may be able to get what he wants without the premium of a high end device.

KQ17 says:

There's already plenty of options with smaller screens, genius.

aerosmillie says:

Im definitely ready for something new from Nokia/Lumia in the design front. The next chapter...

mr toes says:

Something with smaller bezels such as this will bring the lumia look forward i think

ZX9 says:

Definitely see that.

Kram Sacul says:

Yeah because bezel size is the most important part of a device.

mr toes says:

You are an idiot if you think bezel size isnt important, if nokia had smaller bezels they could have fit a 5 inch screen into the body of my lumia 920, just like the gs4.

Kram Sacul says:

Take it easy there. Didn't say it wasn't important, just don't think it's as important as screen quality, overall feel of device, etc. Not everyone wants a giant 5" screen btw. 4.5 feels right to me on the 920.

mr toes says:

Why would anyone want a 4.5 inch screen when they could fit a 5 inch screen into the SAME body. The usual tradeoff of a big screen is a big phone, but samsung have cleverly reduced the bezels to virtually nothing and nokia have traditionally done the opposite. Putting a 5 inch screen into the 920 without making the body larger shouldnt affect your handling much, it just enhances videos and gaming on the bigger screen.

Kram Sacul says:

Well, you see people have these things called hands and one handed use is valued by many. Fortunately Nokia is not Samsung and knows this. I can see them bumping up the next flagship Lumia to 4.7 inches but 5 and above will require a different kind of device.

mr toes says:

Well mr sacul, people also have these things called brains which allow them to process information. If you used yours you would realize that nokia can fit a 5 inch screen on the lumia 920 because a phone of equal size has a 5 inch screen (gs4). If you continued to use that brain you would then realize that one handed use would not be compromised because the size of the phone would be THE SAME. Judging by the nonsense comment above, it seems your brain is merely a lump of complicated porridge.

Kram Sacul says:

So instead of having an actual discussion you go straight to childish insults. Well done.
Wasn't talking about the size of the device. SCREEN size. Not everyone has giant hands that can reach the upper right or left corners of the screen with one handed use. 4.5" is already pushing it for a lot of people. Got it? Have a nice day.

uopjo6 says:

mr toes if you had something called eyes and a bit of knowledge, you will know it is not possible to fit a bigger screen with the 920 due to its design.
The polycarbonate + round sides limit the space you can use for components.
The S4 is flat on the top from edge to edge, giving it more space for a bigger screen, and also the reason why its so damn ugly with one of the shittiest camera on market for its class.
The curved glass is also another 0.5mm thickness Nokia sacrificed for better design and feel on hand. That screen is as big as it gets on this design in ratio (N9-920).
Talk about brains. Get your facts straight before you unnecessarily step on others like a clown.

mr toes says:

I would gladly sacrifice a curved screen for an extra .5 inch screen. Also the n9/ lumia 920 combo you mentioned are both nokias, who seem to love bezels. And while the s4 is indeed ugly, it does not at all have a shitty camera, beating the 920 in all but low light, i will also add that the s4 is also made of polycarbonate (lower quality obviously). If the rounded shape is such a problem, how can htc fit a bigger screen into a similar chassis while also having a rounded back (which is only 9mm at its thickest point). I do indeed have my facts straight, that is why i am so confident about this. I wouldnt have been so rude to mr sacul if i hadnt already stated everything that he asked about.

rebel_yell says:

Don't mean to step on you, Mr. Toes but I think your sarcasm, though well intended, misses the mark. Samsung didn't become number 1 by selling one size and/or style.

mr toes says:

Might want to check your sarcasm meter, i wasnt being even slightly sarcastic. I was giving samsung credit for fitting a 5 inch screen into a phone the size of my 920

rebel_yell says:

My bad, Mr. Toes. So, how do you like your Samsung?

mr toes says:

I dont have a samsung, i have repeatedly stated that i have a 920, you might want to check your reading skills while you're at it.

manwe says:

absolutely! this has the best screen-to-bezel ratio out of all lumias. that is the one hold-back of the otherwise brilliant design of the other phones in the lineup, now that they're getting thickness under control.

dbam987 says:

I still think the event is for something more than just the 625. Hoping for a phablet release by Nokia, dual running Windows RT / Win 8 alongside WP8.

Keep hoping! Won't happen to next Q.

ZX9 says:

Won't happen til next quarter? Or it isn't happening in next quarter?

dbam987 says:

Its Monday, I didn't get a full nights rest, and I've been looking into Ubuntu's (hopefully) upcoming smartphone of their own which does dual booting between Android and Ubuntu's OS (when docked). Me thinks Microsoft / Nokia can achieve this easily with Win-Phone + WinRT (or Win8).

Cellus13 says:

I don't think Nokia should make a phablet until they have double market share everywhere.

I think a phablet would help Nokia build that market share, so I feel it would be better for Nokia to release one as soon as GDR3 is available.

Same here, this phone just doesn't seem to meet the "big" hype.

ninny1176 says:

Thinking the same thing.. another Lumia variant is not worth the big hype

kasitechead says:

It's not an event (at least I hope and assume it not), it will be annnounced like the 620, with a blog post on Conversations By Nokia (likely with an interview) and a promo video on their YouTube. If it was a tablet, I hope they would go to a bit moretrouble to announce it, but this phone doesn't need, and will not get a big, live, online streamed 1 hour press conference

Nokia is in a roll.,

aerosmillie says:

...a ham roll? Or cheese roll?

OMG55 says:

A cinnamon roll, because it's Sweet!!!

sunnybyday says:

This is just 0.2" larger than lumia 920. Why is Nokia shouting about it from rooftop as the BIG thing? I would expect at least 6 inches - or 4.99" at least to call it big like Galaxy Grande. Can't understand why they would skimp on that.

ZX9 says:

It makes more of a difference than you think. the biggest Lumia yet,'s the BIG thing :)

Just 0.2" larger? The difference between the Lumua 920 & the ATIV S is 0.3", and its significant imo.
A lot of WP apps are poorly designed (they don't make optimum use of the screen) so every ." helps.

Jealous about size bro? U got a small one bro? U mad bro?

lol, just upset that Microsoft would release a "half baked" OS that does not support notification, 1080p resolution or larger screens. Its friggin 2013 not the dark ages and that's why I bought the Kindle Fire 4G instead of that overpriced Surface. So I'll sit semi quietly in a corner until either Samsung, Nokia, LG or HTC releases a 1st class "Phablet" 1st one WINS :)

Jimmy Jangle says:

And will you be sat in the corner because you can't move away from your charger with all that OMGWFTPowerzzzz...?

rebel_yell says:

When phones carrying Win 7.5 hit the shelves, the main players were Nokia 910, Samsung (something something), and HTC Titan. The main selling point for the Titan was it's 4.7" display, the largest of its kind to date for a Win phone. That one selling point was the only reason why I bought it. Of course, buyers remorse came soon after since Nokia was still an unknown to me. The point of this is that there are a SHIT load of people who want a 4.7" display no matter who sells it. Those who buy and discover Nokia for the first time are sure to become life long customers. Does anyone here really think that Nokia does NOT know what they are doing?

nukeypearce says:

Wasn't it the HTC Titan II? The HTC Titan was out way before Windows Phone 7.5. I think it was actually a WP7 original... Correct me if I'm wrong :)

OMG55 says:

Because it bigger and cheaper for the low-end crowd! Most people I see with low-end device screen are 3.5-4", not 4.5-up

poddie says:

Bingo.  The BIG news is the combination of big screen + low price.  People are so dense.

cannon#WP says:

You'd have to see my Titan II screen or an ATIV S screen next to the 920 to realize that 0.2" definitely makes a difference.

Cellus13 says:

Thin bezels. I like. Looking forward to the announcement tomorrow.

jordandrako says:

Will it get H+ or 4G on T-Mobile?

pantou says:

Curved Glass made the smartphone  become Ugly

poddie says:

Couldn't disagree more.

harkaran 77 says:

why named under 6** series?

gerrymad says:

That's where it belongs. It has the style and specs of that series. It has a larger screen, but the rest of it fits right in the 6xx series and target market.

nikoduque says:

because its low end but not that much! thats my best explanation

pwaikon says:

Reminds me a little bit of Asha 501. I'm curious to see how the orange color will look like in real life :)

sunnybyday says:

This phone might be very thin? From the way the camera nipple protrudes , they might have tried to shave off some bulk.

aerosmillie says:

First time I've heard it being referred to as the nipple!

And when he drops his phone and damages his camera, he complains that he scratched his nipple. On another note, he plugs his power cord into the va-jay-jay

rebel_yell says:

I rike you. You make me raff.

rodneyej says:

Lol❕.. That was perfect❗❗

That's a pretty good idea heaps of consumers want a big screen for a small price, but will the screen look any good on this I'd be keen to buy this

Arun3 says:

Does it have a slightly raised camera like the lumia 925? Or is it just me?

sticitodaman says:

Am I the only one that just doesn't get the point of this phone? I don't see how this fits in between the 620 and 720. All it is is a big screen hiding low end hardware, how will they price it? I'm all for new phones but this one just seems awkward.

sunnybyday says:

This is for the Asian markets, where they are looking for big screen phones that will not break the bank! The Samsung Galaxy Grande, with similar specs is doing very well. Samsung copied the specs from an indian phone called Micromax Canvas which started the trend. They will probably sell a lot.

hans 8x says:

In this case the asians have awkard preferences or just very large hands and terrible eyes..^^

luiscamino says:

how will they price it? oh i don't know, how about between the 620 and 720? the 620 is the least successful of the current lineup, mostly because of its small screen. this will be a hit in asia and will do just fine in europe.

Kram Sacul says:

There is no point. Bigger screen with the same resolution can only benefit people with poor eyesight.

16stone says:

Pretty sure, Lumia 520 is their best selling phone yet.

pankaj981 says:

How expensive is it to add an additional 512MB RAM to this device when manufacturing in mass? (May be $10)? This itself takes it to the next level (low to mid) and keep its buyers happy (not missing on apps/games)

Firenze89 says:

10$/unit on a phone produced in millions is enormous.

pankaj981 says:

Well $10 is just a hypothetical price, it may be less. Also if it increases the production cost it also increases the sale price and profit

cannon#WP says:

You're also talking about reorganizing the board in the phone to make room where you may not have the room. It changes the whole make up of the internals so moving from 512 to 1024 can prove a bigger change engineering wise AND financially than you'd expect.

pankaj981 says:

Trust me adding an additional 512MB wont need much space, it eventually comes down to only the cost of adding the RAM

Gunbust3r says:

The RAM is about segmenting the market, not about component cost. Doubling the RAM on the 521 would not suddenly make it a $500 92X. A double density chip most likely drives up the BOM by $15 max. The high end phones have a ton of profit built in.
They have to balance cutting down the competition with phones priced in reality while not cannibalizing their own high profit models.

HillBillJr says:

What is the incentive for anyone to buy higher priced phones if lower cost phones have all the bells and whistles?

damien-tt says:

You know, in terms of innovation and cost effectiveness (consumer wise),Nokia has certainly been leading the pack this year. I'm happy with my 620 and can hold onto it without being forced to buy a new handset just to get the latest OS (mind you, not hardware, but software offering) as I used to with Android. Some day I may revisit Android, but for now Windows Phone 8 does the job and does it pretty well.

Again, as I predicted, only the 92x and 82x will receive truly "sucessors" this year. A cheaper 920 coming from the 8xx family and a phablet coming from the 9xx family.
And maybe when Blue comes out we will see the 520, 620 and 720 sucessors. And I like this way. :)

I've seen no evidence of this being true yet. In fact, I was just thinking this weekend that it wouldn't surprise me if we don't see an 800/900 refresh until 8.1 in spring. I'm entitled to be wrong, but if Nokia does 1020 as exclusive to AT&T now and just released 928/925... Waiting to spring will mean no exclusives for the next gen... Something that will be very good.

Iain_S says:

oh holiday season you will see a whole bunch of new device, not just from Nokia. A lot have been waiting for 1080 screens and quad core. Christmas 2013 will be good for buying WP Phones.

Credo93 says:

I hope they make a 5.5" FHD Lumia Flagship ... please with build in wireless charging and a very sexy look and feel!
Best regards!

sasukeluffy says:

I hope they would name this 630.. :( 625 is bad..

rodneyej says:

Ya know.. This happened last time with the 1020, and I'm beginning to realize that WPCentral is basically ruining my life by spoiling all of the surprises for me.. I hate WPC, and I'm deleting my account PERMANENTLY❕❗❕❗

rodneyej says:

Bye, bye, Daniel Radcliffe.. I mean Rubino..

Jf.Vigor says:

WPCENTRAL will forever change their ways based upon this comment by rodneyej

rodneyej says:

Shhhhh.. Don't tell anyone.. It's called.. Sarcasm.......

Fndlumia says:

Hahaha, see u commenting in an article or two, what's your beef with Daniel? U need to relax wpc provides an invaluable source for us windows users.... Sounds personal to me, did he embarrass u?

rodneyej says:

Lol❕.. Are you crazy❔.... I love Daniel,, well, sometimes,, and not like that... But, yes he has embarrassed me plenty of times, so what's your point❔... Don't worry, me and Daniel are going to be alright my little snow pee... Are you new here❔

Fndlumia says:

No I'm not new, was in regards to you saying u r deleting this app permanently ra ra.... All good mate

rebel_yell says:

Only the steely eyed reader can see through your ruse. That's Neutrino, not Rubino.

rodneyej says:

Ha!! Daniel loves us❕❕

Jf.Vigor says:

I feel like with Nokia's design department, they have a bunch of playing cards and just randomly throw them on the table for their next phones:
Curved Screen or flat screen
GLOSSY polycarbonate or matte
dual polycarbonate or aluminum
shit camera or good
There doesn't seem to be no rhyme or reason for the choices made. Like I get why this has the dual color type polycarbonate being the 6xx series and why it has a shit camera. But how did they choose curved screen. What's their rationale? And you would think ttheir first >4.5" phone would be high end, not low. I have faith they use stats and have specifics for their choosings, but it seems so random lol

ergattonero says:

How many low end >4,5'' do you recall, in the market? The market is crowded of high-end big-phones, there's no room - as for now - for another player.
Meanwhile, in the low end market, there's plenty of space :)

Fndlumia says:

Their think tank is smarter than u think.... You are a topend power user no doubt they are targeting a different demographic and also testing the waters with a large screen as they like others forecast screen sizes to reduce in future or stay around 4.5, they spend millions on r&d, maybe seems random but I don't think so imo

This is an awesome design by Nokia. Only problem is, increasing the size doesn't help the screen if u don't increase the resolution to at least be that of the 920.

HTC Titan was a good offering with same screen.

nVi says:

Then the device wouldn't be able to target the pricing bracket this targets. Here in India there is a growing demand for lower priced big screen phones, this is Nokia's surgical strike at that market segment.

rubenbest says:

-_- wanted instagram officially

sumton says:

its feels like 520 and 720 from the back anyway nice phone
looking forward for hands-on video

irvin792 says:

Like the green

gtc69 says:

Green looks awesome, would love my 920 in green!

Fndlumia says:

This will be a success in the Asian and Indian markets

rebel_yell says:

No, I can't. I'm a short sighted American (who happens to own a Titan and also can't wait to ditch it).

igorbear says:

I love the design, especially the red-orange combination. It is stunning. 
Also, I do not believe that PPI of 200 is low for a low-end device. Most of its buyers will be upgrading from something inferior to it, so they will, without doubt, appreciate it.

ricbon says:

oh c'mon the nokia smart camera app on that but not L920

Sam Sabri says:

... it's coming to the Lumia 920...and basically every Windows Phone 8 Lumia device except the 520. 

ricbon says:

i know but still the wait kills me


sumton says:

smart camera available because of amber update they already said smart camera app will be available to all lumia's later

jabtano says:

It's a low end device. it isn't bad at all Just because some folks don't have a tone of cash to burn on high end devices yet they still may enjoy the large screen instead of always getting a smaller one that is on almost all of the low end devices. this gives them an option with being able to go with a large screen and a low end price. if all I did was make calls send some text's and scanned the net I would buy this device hell if it comes to T-MO US....I could go for it myself if it felt right to me in my hand.

The world wants a full HD screen Windows Phone and Nokia responds by going at an all time low of 201PP. Nice.

Tell me how they can force MS to make that happen, or go into the future and bring it back?

So pretty! If it's cheap and available for AT&T, I might pick one up just to show off.

Cellus13 says:

So thin! If it comes to America then the 520 has a nice partner. Hopefully Verizon gets this. Nokia, tomorrow the USA opens up wider to Lumia.

Cellus13 says:

I just noticed no one else has said anything. NO CYAN????

16stone says:

Please give a Dual Sim to Canada.

Nejcooo says:

heavier 620 with bigger screen and some better specs. my 620 should be good enough for a year or two :)

ajaykc says:

As per various WPC readers Nokia should have never released Lumia 520/521 in the US market because it is low end (no flash, no NFC, no global GPS license, no high resolution screen, only 5 MP camera and boring design).  Guess what, Lumia 521 has done reasonably well in the US even though it has not been widely available through various sales channels and poor t-Mobile marketing/advertising (do I need to say anything?).  T-Mobile doesn't even have a category for Windows Phones anymore and you need to search to find this phone on their website.  So, what really made this phone popular? My guess is: PRICE. People simply think that everyone in the US has tons of cash to buy whatever they want.  Guess what? They don't.
Lumia 625 will be equally successful in the US and around the globe if Nokia/Microsoft target right customer base. Pre-paid market is growing and it has quite bright future. The features that will attract buyers are: offline GPS, free Nokia music, expandable storage, exchangeable battery.  Everyone doesn't buy a smartphone to play video games or shoot great pictures.  For most people a decent camera does the job. Most tech media doesn't get mid-low end market and I don't get media.  That's my two cents.

I love my Lumia 521, it enabled me to get onboard with WP after years of waiting. Which is partially why this new phone seems redundant. Also, I do in fact use it for gaming and photos.

Chemilinski says:

I really like my 520 too! My first Windows phone after an awful experience with a Android of the same value. Besides the pretty debilitating Other issue, it's been a life changer for me. This 625 will probably be my next phone if it's available in Poland.. :s

I've come to dislike the 2.5D curved glass that Nokia has been using simply because it makes installing screen protectors a pain in the ass. Even on the wet install ones its hard to get a nice bubble free surface at the edges. And, it doesn't even add any functionality.

hohohohanfan says:

Is the difference the shape and screen?

rikycaldeira says:

Really nice, if the price is right. Want a side view!

chucky78 says:

This is great there is no budget phone with a big screen. This will definitely grow WP market share. I just feel that 16 GB should be the low end and that 8 GB is a waste of time.

I'm guessing this is like the 52x lineup, but with a larger display?

davidtayo says:

Stop guessing, read the article....

Oh, look, no mention of the 52X in this article. Guess I do know how to read. Oops.

dv220s says:

The 920 has 2.5D glass not 2.25D. The Lumia 925 has 2.25D glass so the post has that piece of information incorrect.

mammaldood says:

Why has cyan been so notably absent lately...

Nazmi Lao says:

It looks amazing! But I'm worried about the 800x480 resolution on a 4.7" screen... I know that the LiveTiles don't need a high ppi to look good but they could've upped the resolution a bit... 

Chemilinski says:

Golly it looks so pretty!!
I want this over my 520, even though the PPI isn't going to be the best.

lesd777 says:

I don't think it looks like my old HTC Titan at all. I love the 4.7"idea, but the curved glass I cannot stand, even on my 920. It makes 99% of all cases peel off the screen protectors. I've had the commuter, and a few other cases and the only case that don't peel off the invisible shield is the cc-1043. Also, 512mb ram is a let down.

Too bad it is gimped by 512MB or RAM. Now that FreshPaint is out, this would be the killer device for it! I use my iphone, not for games, but for sketchbook. So this would have been a worthy (superior) alternative.

Nabkawe5 says:

Fresh paint needs 1024 ram?
Edit: yes it does , luckily I have a Lumia 920 along with my Lumia 720)

Full HD Recording

sdreamer says:

Wonder what the 825 is going to be now.

AhmedEltawil says:

This is the worst kept secret ever coming from Nokia. We technically know and saw everything about this 'big' device already before the press release.

Dreyer Smit says:

If it's R2999 in my country I will buy it to replace my 520.

ilabene says:

If I can get one in America, off-contract, IT'S MINES!!!

Android phones have quad core processor and window phone have dual core processor at same price!!! S3 vs 920 what difference of price of mobile.

Nabkawe5 says:

loving the earpiece design.