New render of Verizon Lumia 929 comes forward, believed to also be Lumia 1320 variant

Lumia 1320

Updated 5 PM ET: While the core of this render is accurate, the screen itself was created by one Florin N. who tipped us that this is not a new "leak". Still, the 1320 vs 929 info is accurate.

A new render of the Nokia Lumia 929 has been leaked on the Chinese micro-blogging website, Weibo. The render is the same as we've seen previously from other accounts, but details have also emerged that we could well be looking at the Lumia 1320 for regions outside the US. Nokia is set to unveil numerous handsets and other hardware at its Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi later this month.

Rum: 8

Codenamed "Batman," the Lumia 1320 would be positioned in between the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520 Windows Phones. Offering consumers a clear choice with multiple screen sizes, it would make sense for Verizon's Lumia 929 to be launched outside the US under a different name. We could well be looking at another Lumia 909 and Lumia 1020 situation here.

[Correction: Tom Warren from the Verge thinks the 'Batman' phone is something other than the Lumia 1320].

What we do know is Verizon will be looking to launch the Lumia 929 in early November for the off-contract price of $500. Sporting a display size in the 5-inch range, the Lumia 929 / Lumia 1320 would be a welcomed addition to the Windows Phone family by those who wish to have a larger handset than the 1020, but not as monstrous as the Lumia 1520.

We'll have more details at Nokia World.

Source: Twitter (Ctechcn)



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xrs22 says:

Booom! Nice

walter1832 says:

...goes the dynomite!

NIST says:

Who sets these screens? The tile placement is a bloody mess.

MrGoodSmith says:

Actually this screen shows all tile possibilities.
Early GDR3 screenshots made me think there is a limitation to how you can arrange your tiles.

DJCBS says:

If the L1320 is the international version of the L929 as I think it is, with those specs, I'm gonna buy it. Nice design with no humps, great specs, great camera, apparently with wireless charging included...seems a worthy successor for my L920 and a strong competitor to Sony's Z1

Yangstax says:

There should be just ONE version of 5.5" L1520 for all carriers in the world.  It would be much less confusing for buyers and much easier for Nokia to maintain and to track their inventory.

DJCBS says:

If buyers get confused anywhere it would be in the USA where Nokia goes along with the "I want an exclusively designed phone for my carrier". That's not a problem that concerns the rest of the World. 

Around the world there's no confusion: the L1020 has 4.5", the L1320 has 5", the L1520 has 6".

Yangstax says:

The latest rumour is that L1320 is a large screen low-end phone similar to L625.  What is this?  Isn't that confusing?  There are too many 512MB phones.  Just keep the L5xx and L6xx for low-end phones and discontinue L7xx altogether.  MS better come in quick to clean up the mess.  Then to clean up the Asha line as well.

bjax says:

Maybe that's what will happen once Microsoft takes over, but customers shouldn't be confused to much if they are on a certain carrier cause the numbers are all distinctive to the specific carriers.

Make it 5.2", and the 1530 next year 5.3". :-)

gevabar says:

To many Nokia models ur right

Rem97 says:

Agreed. Looks like a very worthy upgrade from a 920. I like the fact that it has an amazing camera with no hump, but does this mean that it's going to be thicker than the 1520? They both are reported to have the same 20MP sensor but the 1520 has a camera hump.

Hope this means the 1320 will come to AT&T?

Acbuono5 says:

Nokia or when Microsoft takes over nokia's mobile division, THEY SERIOUSLY NEED TO STOP NAMING THEIR PHONES AFTER ARBITRARY NUMBERS! If they are going to continue with a portfolio of devices that range from really low to really high end devices they should just make up names for each type of market level device...ex Surface: M1 (m stands for mobile since there's a tablet) for their highest end device and just call the next iteration the Surface: M2, their middle device Lumia X, their entry level device (some name), and their lowest end device Asha X.

^This!! I'm sick of 928, 929, 1020, 1520, 1320, 620, 625, blah blah. Make it simple. HTC One, iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4. Not like those HP computers that have just random numbers and letters.

ahmu86 says:

think what happens when u put wp 7.5 devices in the mix 900, 800, 610, 510, 710 blah blah

freshfelicio says:

the numbers are not random. I find them easier than a M1 / M2 / X naming. The first number stands for the level: 1XX = feature phone, 3XX = Asha, 5XX = low budget, 9XX = high end, 10XX = ultimate. The second number stands for the modell, 900, 920, etc. The third number stands for carrier version, 925, 928, etc.
They should make it like Intel: Everyone knows i3, i5 and i7 are the classes. But in reality the number behind it is more important, 2XXX = Sandy Bridge, 3XXX = Ivy Bridge, 4XXX = Haswell.

KLinCHI says:

That's all fine and dandy but you left out a whole slew of models - 6XX, 7XX, 8XX, 13XX, 15XX. Put them all together and frankly, Nokia has too many models.

Acbuono5 says:

Yeah they do, its impossible to keep up with it....and they can't even keep up with it...i haven't heard anything about a leaked 930 yet and so to me it seems like they have phased out the 900 series which is a shame because a high end smartphone with a 4.5 inch screen is what I want....but now it seems that I will have to either get a low end device or a high end device with 5+inch screen.

freshfelicio says:

I'm writing this from my Lumia 925, 32GB, black. Best Windows Phone you can get in my opinion. Screen size is optimal and the screen is just wow.

Not everyone can get the 32GB model though. Most places only have 16GB. That's why people don't like it. Otherwise, it is a great device for someone who doesn't need 41MP.

freshfelicio says:

You can order it unlocked at Amazon. I buyer it because its the best looking Windows Phone.

Adi2 says:

look at all the phones that samsung makes and have weird names .....

They don't have a billion numbers though. Galaxy S4, Note 3, and Galaxy round is easier than 620, 625, 920, 1020, 1320, 929, 1520, etc.

Bloobed says:

http://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?sQuickSearch=yes&sName=galaxy | hurr durr
I find the numbering -approach better, but it has to make sense. 1XX-10XX made sense, even 15XX kinda does as a "huge phone" -differentiation, but when I hear 1320, I do not know where to place it in terms of price or specs (only thing that comes to mind is a 5.5" or more mid end phone).

Adi2 says:

galaxy,note,core,mega,win,pocket neo,rex,young,grand duos,ace,beam,star.Y,wave Y,wave M,Xcover... you need a dictionary for that,and many of them almost look the same

I didn't mean just Samsung.

For the average consumer, shorter names are better.

vkelkar says:


You forgot the 7.5 devices. 510, 610, 710, 800, 900. :)

People would think the 900 is better than the 820 because of the higher number, but the 820 is better. Better processor, better camera, NFC, windows phone 8. Many people think the higher numbers mean better device. In some cases, yes. But not in all cases.

jsfx07 says:

I was hoping the 1320 was a USA Tmo variant.

Zulfigar says:

I just hope there's a variant I can use on T-Mobile as I'm looking to buy it unlocked no matter what. So either a TMo variant or in buying from Canada haha.

DJCBS says:

Deutsche Telekom (the owners of T-Mobile) will have this phone for sure. I assume their phones will work on their networks worldwide ;)

drankurn says:

I don't know about that, the time in the above render is 15:20 !!

Miistercoool says:

I noticed that too lol

gamo62 says:

Camera specs?

Zulfigar says:

If it has the same specs as the 1520, then we're looking at 20 megapixels.

DJCBS says:

20mp pureview, OIS, carl Zeiss lenses etc. Same as the L1520.

ryan.kruger says:

I just don't want the $500 to include any compromises from the global variant.

Give me specs, or give me death!

My next phone may not be a flagship, actually. I'm disappointed in my 920's battery life. Enough so that I almost wished I'd opted for the Ativ S instead. I don't think there's anything wrong with my 920's power management, I just use it heavily,

kbilly70 says:

Hope it has the internals to match the 1520. If the 929 is a variant I wonder why its not called 1328 on Verizon

Zulfigar says:

I dunno, I like the whole number difference, 928 for the 920 and 929 for the 1320, makes sense to me for some reason.

Chemilinski says:

Why are the tiles that should have the system accent colour (grey in this case) have all sorts of different colours. It looks like an awful mishmash.

Judge_Daniel says:

I think only the People tile is wrong in this picture. The rest can be changed. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just photoshopped on.

Chemilinski says:

Actually I thought I recognised that Me tile picture! I saw them on Twitter. They're a huge Windows fanboy :P This seemed to be a photoshop job to me as soon as I saw it, his most likely, putting himself right at the top.

berty6294 says:

all the tiles that should have grey (system tiles) DO have grey.

Chemilinski says:

That's not true, the WiFi and Cellular QuickSettings tiles cannot have a custom colour, and yet they are pink and mauve respectively. Unless it's not that app being used..

Actually that IS my render.I just made it up so I can see how my startscreen would look like on a 1080p display.The thing is, I posted it on twitter and from there it must be that a chinese blog got and decided to mess around.It's just some photoshop guys.
Oh and those Wifi and Cellular tiles: they're part of "Battery" app, where you can pin shortcuts for some settings.And you can change the colors of those tiles.I choose mine on different colors so I can see them better.
Hilarious anyway :P

This is... Damnit. I just want to know how this 929/1320 deal is going to work out.

cannon#WP says:

I hate this naming convention

Zulfigar says:

Welcome to Nokia lol

cannon#WP says:

I really thought they learned their lesson from the 90s when Motorola started giving their devices actual names and started to over take them. I guess not...

Doesn't matter, Microsoft is looking to make changes anyway.

Though keep in mind that the advantage of numbers is that they translate well across the world. Ask South Americans what they thought of the Ford "Pinto". :-)

cybermoose89 says:

Sweeeeet liking the look

TheDarKnight says:

Is there going to be a 1020 variant on Verizon? Or is that just the 1320?

Zulfigar says:

No info yet, but I don't think so this year, probably next

I would like both of them on Verizon. VZW needs more variety in its variants for WP8 phones.

More tiles always make Windows Phone look better

Octonabz says:

Shut up and take my money!

ack31184 says:

Does anyone else feel like the 6-tile wide screen looks kind of ... busy?

Micah Dawson says:

I agree. It does busy but i wonder since we are seeing just pictures how it will look with all the Live tiles moving around at once and what not.

chasvs says:

It's only 6 tiles wide if you use all small tiles. I use a Combo of Medium and Small and a few Wide and it works perfectly!

Who cares really, its up to your discretion to do what you want with the tiles lol.

Will be getting this phone come November!  20mp camera plus bigger HD screen and internals.  Definitely a great addition to verizon WP.

chasvs says:

You nailed it! My sentiments EXACTLY! Consider mine on Pre-order!

attract says:

More tiles just looks some confusing.

DJCBS says:

I don't care what Tom Warren thinks. evleaks has a better track record of being right.

jer85008 says:

My next phone for sure. 
If you use the small tiles, it does get busy. 
But - if you stick to the med/large tiles you get a simialr look with more info displayed = winner. 
Once the notificiatons and multi-tasking issues are fixed, I'll never go back to Android. 

FCone says:

20MP 5" 1080P for $500... I think I am a little jealous and I have a 1020.

majortom1981 says:

I am not. supposedly we would also get the increased tiles on the home screen . We already have 2 gigs ram and higher pixel count.
I am happy with my 1020 right now. Any of the changes that  I want arew software ones and not related to hardware.

I want this on AT&T, not the 1520. Both would be better.

jlzimmerman says:

Tooooo many tiles.  Toooooo busy.

Micah Dawson says:

 I would love a larger screen like this or the 1520 but I like bragging about my 41 megapixel 1020 :D SO going down to 20 megapixel wouldn't be AS brag worthy ha

DonnaxNL says:

Atleast the Windows Phone Central Tile is pinned xP

uselessrobot says:

Every screenshot that gets revealed with the extra tiles looks worse and worse. What a mess. Who is this clutter supposed to appeal to?

If this is what the final build ends up looking like I expect Windows Phone to become a laughing stock.

I actually think they're looking better & better. So I guess it's appealing to people like... me? Oh gosh, I am also going to become a laughing stock.

gevabar says:

I agree....looks like cluttered mess....should have designed like surface

brebo33 says:

This is called 'personalization' as in make all your tiles small of you want your screen to be lifeless and mimic the iPhone. Or make them all wide for information overload. Mix and season to taste.

Aryan Angel says:

525,725,825,909,929,1320,1520,1820,2520 all upcoming devices. #confused

gevabar says:

To many tiles....looks to cluttered...

Reflexx says:

I don't think it's the amount of tiles that makes it look cluttered. It's the arrangement of the tiles.

tracygee says:

I'm just waiting on battery info and if it's a fabulous battery this goes to the top of my list.   My current contract runs out at the end of November...perfect!

neelagopi says:

The clock in the image shows time as 15:20 instead of 13:20... so not sure if this new render is legit!

brebo33 says:

I hope windows 8 adopts more of a windows phone style of tile arranging. I like how on my phone I can mix sizes however I want. The win8 start page doesn't.

Jonadam23 says:

I don't understand why Verizon gets the ugly Nokia phones. The 1520 looks great, why can't they just make the 929 look like a smaller version. Damn Verizon.

ejb222 says:

What's up with the time on that phone??? 1520...maybe they put a pic of the wrong render.

Grubish360 says:

This better come in cool colors.

rickdarone says:

That Verizon check mark needs to go from their logo. It's ugly, distracting and conveys nothing about their brand. Okay... moving on.

It makes perfect sense that the 928 was a 925 variant. Will someone explain to me why the 929 is a 1320 variant?!

The clock says 1520

donebrasko says:

Im afraid that Verizon is going to pull another 8 whatever and active whatever. Where they decide to take the second tier model. I was so happy when they actually went with the 928. I really hope this next one is top of the line as well

rafael913 says:

Soooo many icons

upsidedown says:

I want a 1020 on Verizon, or 1129 (4.5" HD screen, quad core, 20mp pureview with no bump)

chunky2055 says:

it just seems Verizon version of 1520.... looking at the time set in the render.... ;)