New unified My Windows Phone page brings all your accounts together

One of the neat new changes to the Windows Phone page is the "My Windows Phone" section which now unifies your Xbox LIVE profile, LIVE Mail, SkyDrive and Find My Phone into one, svelte section. Other features include seeing your purchase history, reinstalling your apps and customizing your avatar. Not bad.

Overall, this makes maintaining and keeping track of your Windows Phone and various accounts that much easier and we have to admit, it looks sharp too. Head over to your Account page to get a look.



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malte.schulz says:

This page wont show my windows phoneUpdate: The site works fine for me now!

Cyruss1989 says:

I assume you are German? It doesn't seem to be ready in Germany yet, I guess we need to be patient.

malte.schulz says:

how did you know that im german?

Wheezle says:

Your name makes it a fair assumption...

AcCooper20 says:

Yea my phone is not showing up either

Understand: these pages aren't suppose to be completely live yet. These are leaks in their web layout, so just check back later.

cool8man says:

Click on the "play games" link under Xbox Live. The ability to play PC vs. WP7 could be very cool once they start adding a ton of silverlight games to the Xbox website.

Mouthsmasher says:

I'm able to access the site and it looks and does just what is shown in this article. I'm in the US, by the way, in case that matters.

jabtano says:

No showing for me in USA

chabuya says:

germany here, everything works fine, looks damn neat! especially the find my phone page is pretty impressing.

jabtano says:

Correction...update showing and looking awesome.

jmullan says:

+1looking great here in australiaanyone else notice the play games link? heres hoping we see a heap of games that support cross-platform play :) spose chess will have to do for now...

dreamerbala says:

Patience people.. Mine wasnt showing about 15 minutes back. I suppose they are rolling this out in phases.

dreamerbala says:

Flippin' heck.. there is a 'Play games' link.. ooh.. I hope there is some kind of integration between the phone and the web.

Mestiphal says:

At the bottom of the page, under Contacts, Calendar, and Inbox.Not sure if it's adverticement, or part of the same page, as it has the same layout. it says "Get Xbox LIVE Gold", "Get your Zune pass", and Stay in Sync.I am on my 30 free trial of Xbox LIVE Gold, not sure if it should recognize that, but I definitely do already have a Zune pass. I think the page should know this, and not offer the service. If anything it should say "Download music with your Zune pass - Stay Now!"

Yeah, you are right.I'm in the exact the same boat as you. I've had Zune pass for a couple of years now, shouldn't the site know this?

Windows phone is fast becoming my fave phone! I have the Omnia 7 and have said many times before how much I love it! I am trying to convert as many people as possible to come to WP, and stop being sheep!!With all these improvements, i cant see why WP wont become the Mobile OS of choice for everyone! They would be stupid not to get a WP!

SeanR1221 says:

Pretty cool how you can see this all online, but if I'm running OS X, isn't it kind of pointless?EDIT - I take back what I say. I see how it works now (sending an email).Wow, this is REALLY awesome. Like seriously. Being able to just bring up your contacts and calendar is so cool.

Rafyelzz says:

I still dont like at all how Windows Live manage my contacts on the web, it should be more like gmail, with all the contacts as shown in your phone, linked and all that stuff, available to edit

tanderson says:

I love that you can reinstall apps this way! So much easier than before.

I really like that feature as well. I just wish that they would add a couple other features to the application tracking component both here and in the Zune software.I think that there needs to be a way to remove apps from the purchase history if you want. Because sometimes you end up not liking an app or find something better. A "purge all trials" option would be very helpful!Also, I think it would be great if they use the "hearts" rating system for apps just like they do for music in your collection. That way you could set apps to "liked" or "disliked" so that you could better organize your apps. You could even have "liked" apps automatically synced to the phone should you do a hard reset or get a new one. Wouldn't that be slick?!

tanderson says:

Yeah they could definitly improve it but it is still a heck of a lot better than the old method of having to search individualy in zune.I don't know why you would really want to remove apps though. I mean it is just like your music collection, you don't have to have it on your phone. I do agree that a bulk download option would be awesome. The heart idea is a good one.

Lukas#WP says:

OMG...this is so beautiful...i am so proud to be a WP owner...thank you MS...:))))

Jazmac says:

I haven't checked into this yet because I haven't had my coffee yet, but the news is good. Any advance in my being able to use MORE Microsoft services and fewer of those from the ad agency, I am ALL for.

cannon#WP says:

Hey Malatesta, this may or may not be interesting to you. My "My Windows Phone" page still list my previous LG Panther GW910 but it calls it the LG Pacific and the image superimposed on it looks to be Mango.Check it out here: https://images.partner.windowsphone.com/OEM/LG/GW910/000-00-LG_Pacific_1...

index1366 says:

The site is live here in Slovenia, it was already at around 11 AM. Looking awesome, I was stunned about the site.