New video shows the best games are on Xbox One

Xbox One has the best games – period. At least that is what Microsoft is trying to convince you about in their latest Xbox One video entitled “Xbox One Best Games Accolades”.

It is one impressive and jaw dropping video that mashes together all of the best release titles into one high octane viewing experience.

The video touches upon Xbox One exclusives including Halo, Ryse: Son of Rome, Sunset Overdrive, Kinect Sports: Rivals, Project Spark, Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Quantum Break, and Titan Fall.

Also mentioned are games available on all consoles and games that include exclusive content on Xbox One. Games with exclusive content or downloadable content available first including Metal Gear Solid, FIFA 14, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Check out the video as it showcases the best of what Xbox One has to offer. If you have a friend who you are trying to convince of the Xbox One’s greatness – this is the video to show them.

What do you think about Microsoft’s latest Xbox One video?  Best games around?

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Nejcooo says:

No. No mods, no fun.

Russell M says:

yeah mods are always amazing..........never.    

Jf.Vigor says:

I never really gave a damn for mods until a day ago when I saw GTAIV mods with this guy playing as the hulk and daryl dixon and ironman. Made the game look absolutely awesome.
But still I'll always prefer the convenience of console gaming. Gonna fire up my xbox one tonight, play some battlefield... get some sleep, then gt a 1520 in the morning

Topacciolo says:

that sounds like a very good plan!!!!



Awesome plan! Specially that 1520 part of it!

Couldn't care in the slightest about mods.

HarkAtYou says:

GTA is much better with the real cars mods, or the fly mod, but i still bought an xbox one,

Sahil Kutty says:

That's a pretty good video though

jaimeastin says:

Happy! Battlefield has been fun so far. Waiting for Titan fall.

Justin5267 says:

Neither the Xbox One or PS4 have the "best games". Both of there launches are pretty lackluster in my opinion.

Fyi your opinion although somewhat accurate kind of sucks.

Jk some of the launch titles are pretty good. Killer Instinct for example is really good.

WhippedKream says:

I'll never forget those SNES days where I'd love doing those impossible combos on my friends and their jaws dropping hahahahaha loved it.

coip says:

Name a better console launch that had a better selection of games than Xbox One. Maybe the Sega Dreamcast, but certainly it wasn't the PS4 (or 3, or 2, or 1).

HarkAtYou says:

The dreamcast was the last console i had before the xbone. I liked 'space channel 5' with the main charactor 'Ohlala' :)

K_lando says:

You made the distinction that we're talking about LAUNCH titles.


Taking the article above at face-value of its words, it doesn't delineate that we're talking about LAUNCH titles... although one has to be pretty dense to not realize it either.


Which BTW, I love how 'any game released within 12 months of hte console launch' is now considered 'launch title'... that crap idea was invented by Sony and MS and the fanboy bloggers as spin to justify the lack of variety of launch games.  In order for the satellite to get into orbit, its needs to RIDE the shuttle/rocket launch, doesn't it?  


But you're not wrong either... first-day games from all previous generations weren't so hot, but they were usually marked by at least 1 'must have' exclusive first party title.  When Nintendo was king, it was alwasy Mario that launched and everyone wanted the next Mario, etc.  Dreamcast had arguably the best Sonic game ever at launch.

Jack Larson1 says:

Rocketts. That's how they get those late titles into space

coip says:

The Dreamcast also had the best fighting game available at launch: Soul Calibur. But yeah, to me launch titles are those titles I can buy at launch day or at least within a few weeks (e.g. Peggle 2 could arguably be considered an Xbox One launch title), but surely no longer than a month. I'm sure Sony wants to convince everyone it's a 12-month window because they have yet to have an impressive launch lineup (seriously, you'd think by their 4th console launch they'd get some good games to launch, but Microsoft consistently gets better launch games). It's true there is no one must-own game for Xbox One yet (that won't come till Titanfall), but neither is there for PS4 and Microsoft actually did an excellent job of getting several really good games in various genres--CoD Ghosts / Battlefield 4 (FPS), sports (FIFA 14, NBA 2K14, Madden 25), dance (Just Dance 2014), simulation (Zoo Tycoon)--many of which are console exclusvies--racing (Forza 5), fighting (Killer Instinct), open-world action (Dead Rising 3), hack-n-slash (Ryse [this game is very underrated]). Those are all really solid games (didn't even mention Assassin's Creed IV), many of which you can only get on Xbox One. That's a pretty darn good launch lineup compared to the PS4's meager offerings.

Rug says:

I agree, although I like Forza (even though it could be better). I also think the One controller is uncomfortable. The top is slanted in too much, making it difficult to hit the bumpers and to hold the triggers down. Its balance is also off. Of course this could be because my hands have adapted to the 360 controller after years of use. Ghosts is sub par to Black Ops 2.

Jack Larson1 says:

Darn. But fist world problems, eh?

HM02 says:

This is pretty much the same video montage they posted a few weeks ago. Same song and everything. They just added video of the games that are already out. And they should've just released all the good looking games to begin with, instead of the ones they did release. Would've boosted their sales.

ladydias says:

HM02? Lol, that name. :-)

Sin Ogaris says:

No The Last of Us, no win. That title was a game changer, no question about it.

JoRdaNeK says:

It played ok, nothing special and also slightly short, tomb raider beat this for me

MobileVortex says:

This game was the meh of the decade.

The Last of Us... always forget it exists.

sandelius says:

This. No xbox game is close to the quality of ND and TLOU.

quantum break is an awesome idea of gaming...

If someone finds the song name- they get a cookie.

link5a says:

The Unknown - Come And Get It. Now, give it to me! :D

HM02 says:

That's the original song, but the song in the video is a remix. Yet to be released.

Good job my minion! <laughs crazily>

Here is your cookie, enjoy:

ChrisPS3 says:

I love my Win Phones but I'm still a PS4 fanbug.

JoRdaNeK says:

I used to be until ps3 and 3.5

Steephill says:

The low pixel count, lack of shading and lack of AA hurts my eyes :( PC master race here

Steephill says:

At least give some reasoning to back up your reply. Leaving a one word response makes you look like what your single word means.

luiislp says:

I have battlefield 4 and I gonna get titanfall but I want some recommendation about another game that is not a shooter or a racing game  ... any ideas ?

ncxcstud says:

Dead Rising 3

Zenpharaoh says:

Look into the evil within. Spring release window, core survival horror, great looking game. The exact opposite and a major upgrade to the launch lineup.

Ryse is actually really good if you ignore the anti-hype, loads of fun, epic story and definitely replayable if you feel it's short.

luiislp says:

Thanks for your suggestions. I was a bit execticle about Ryse and Dead Rising. I usually see bad reviews about these two games " in the line' lol but people who actually had the games they love it. 

DennisvdG says:

How about your mobile OS MS? Did you forget? Where are our xbox live games?? You better be preparing something great for the future of wp gaming...

JoRdaNeK says:

Yeah they are.....an abrupt endin:(

Saw this last night. :D

Curious, how will minecraft multiplayer work on the Xbox one? I mean, you can't make your own server like a PC, right?

Kilerden says:

The same as on the xbox 360 I guess.

You can make your own server, and then invite your friends.

I'm Just waiting for Tom Clancy's: THE DIVISION! LOOKS AWESOME!!

i want the xbox one in chile :c

Braumin says:

That's a pretty impressive list I know they are not all out yet, but soon.

I've only got Forza 5 so far (and Zoo Tycoon but that's not for me).  I downloaded KI but was disapointed I only get a single character to play without spending more - kind of hard to know if I'll like the game with just one character.

I love Forza but the "Drivatar" thing is fairly annoying.  Basically now it means that all of the cars just drive like idiots and constantly smash into you.  Sure that's more like multiplayer but for a racing sim, it's annoying.  People don't drive like that on a track unless it's not real and there are no consequences.  I wish I could tone that down and then the game would be perfect.

Duduosf says:

The best ad ever!

Robborboy says:

If Halo 5 is like 4 it will be laughably bad. We haven't even seen gameplay of Sunset Overdrive, Ryse is Meh, Forza 5 is fantastic, Titan Fall will be on PC and 360, I have faith in Quantum Break, and Project Spark is shaping up to be a huge time sink(but again multiplat for PC and 360) for me. Kinect Sports though, seriously? Haha. I don't really have a good opinion on KI yet, all I can say is that it seems solid. Only played the DR3 demo, seemed well enough off though.

Now I brace for the blind insults from rabbid fanboys.

Larrybeo says:

Who is going to play a game at 720p? Garbage.

Czechnorris says:

You must be receiving jokes over mail. This one is a bit stale. Even the original author now knows its a nonsense.

jlzimmerman says:

Let's see.  Skyrim, which was launched during the swan song of the last console generation. It was developed on Bethesda's old Havok engine, making it inferior for game play mechanics, NPC behavior, and graphics compared to other games at that time.  Yet, a crazy thing happened....It won GOTY and sold 20 million copies.  *gasp*


The point is, sheep, you don't need stellar graphics to make a fantastic game.  But if looks is all you need then go forth and enjoy your shallow game existence. BTW, XBOne will be releasing in 1080p, but BFD.  Carry on with believing in every false fanboy/media article you read. 

Robborboy says:

Skyrim was built on a highly modified Gamebryo engine. Havok was only used for animations.

jlzimmerman says:

Havok was used for animation, behavior, and physics.

nbolmer says:

"trying to convince you about"... WPC is great, but some of the writing is atrocious.

Dexterrino says: