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New Windows Phone Store web badge available for developers


New look and new options

For those of you who are looking to promote your Windows Phone app on the web, you’ll want to go grab these new virtual badges from Microsoft.

The new design comes in 3 resolutions (125 x 40; 208 x 67; and 376 x 120), two colors (blue and black) and reflect the more Modern UI look that we’re accustomed to with Windows Phone including the new Store logo. In addition, Microsoft explains how to do the all important region-neutral deep link for the Store for your app. That’s the method we use here at Windows Phone Central so that the link will redirect you to your localized market.

More information can be found on the Windows Phone Developer blog.



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A little too late...

Curtieson says:

because the store is closed?

Two things. First, I made a video showing off my new app and I made lots of handouts with the old logo. Second, I saw this picture on google images, but it was terrible quality. Same as this picture. :(

Curtieson says:

Ohhh, that is pretty crappy timing.  You didn't really lead to the fact that it was bad timing for sounded more like you thought it was "worthless".
Did you follow their links to download the official copy instead of just finding a Google/Bing Images copy?  Maybe through the process certain sites are downgrading the image.

Ticomfreak says:

Its okay, look at all the promotional WP8/7.5 shots, they all use the old IE logo

And the quality of these pictures aren't good when I want to blow it up.

Curtieson says:

What are you going to do with one bigger than 376 x 120?  These aren't meant to use as your Facebook Cover Photo.

I made a video showing off my new app, and you can see a major difference between the quality on this vs google play and available on App Store logo. 

Nataku4ca says:

how big do u need them? those resolutions they provided seem pretty standard... i guess u could send them an email to see if they can forward u a vector version of the banners

sholokov says:

Per the article..."Soon we’ll be releasing additional assets online to help you better market your apps. These include a vector-based image of the download badge, a layered chassis image to help you build better mock-ups of your app experience on Windows Phone, and additional marketing guidance to help you effectively use these assets to market your app online and in print."

futurix says:

Shadows? Yuck!

Munkeyphyst says:

WPCentral added the shadows. They are not part of the MS produced images

Curtieson says:

Actually the MS Blog added the shadows (look at the source link), not WPCentral, but you are correct, the official downloads do not have a shadow.  VERY odd that the Blog added them.

Skelnik says:

Yeah, I was a little surprised to see the dropshadows, myself.  I'll wager they used Windows Live Writer (or its modern equivalent) to write the blog post, which automatically added the shadows.

futurix says:

Phew! That was so un-Metro-like!

ebradley says:

I think devs would like the SDK more.