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wpcentral app v4.3

New WPCentral app update brings bug fixes, speed enhancements and Pocket support

We have another update to our official app to announce today, in the never ending quest to tune up the experience we’re bringing a lot of bug fixes this time around. For Windows Phone 7 users you’ll see an update to your v4.2 of the app, whereas Windows Phone 8 users will see part one of v4.3 (part 2 will be finished next week).

So, read on for a breakdown of everything that’s changed in this update, as well as a bit of information on the second part of 4.3 coming next week to both WP7 and WP8. Or if you'd prefer you can download it right now from this link.

4.2.12 Changes (applies to WP7 and WP8)

  • Using a new GzipWebClient to improve network speed and reduce data usage
  • Check for music playing before starting the podcast, and give the option to cancel playback
  • Fixed approximately 15 crash/critical exception scenarios in the app
  • Trial only: Fixed bugs caused by Nokia Ad Exchange, and fall back to AdDuplex when NAX fails

4.3.5 Changes (WP8 only)

  • Added read it later/pocket functionality through the Pouch app
  • Added direct link capability to any comment (comment notification e-mails will link directly to replies soon)
  • Fixed issues with voice read back of the headline

So, apart from things being a bit more stable you’ll see the new comment linking becoming very helpful and pocket functionality improving for Windows Phone.

In fact, a quick note on the pocket service: We highly recommend the Pouch app for both Windows Phone and Windows 8, it’s a young app but shows positive signs for the future if the developer continues to be as committed as he has been to this point. It’s also worth adding add@getpocket.com to your contacts list as then you can just share any website from internet explorer directly to that address to add it to your pocket!

Next week’s update will be bringing a crucial fix for a problem with the app’s storage management (you may see it is using up more of your memory than it should be if you have the Lumia storage check app), as well as capability to clear out the app’s temporary files completely. Lastly, both versions of the app will finally have support for multiple YouTube videos in one article.

As always, get in touch through the comments, forums or through the app’s feedback functionality and let us know your opinions.

QR: wpcentral



There are 157 comments. Sign in to comment

chucky says:

Nice, this app is great!

Man I think you are underselling it.

JoeMeekFan says:

I also like it, but it would be great if you could change the order of the comments so, that the newest is in top of the page.

dakken says:

I was mention that too,its such a pain to have to scroll all the way to the end to read the newest comments.

Jay Bennett says:

You know, there is a "jump to latest comment" option in the app bar ;)

rodneyej says:

I actually just noticed that today.. LOL!

JoeMeekFan says:

True, but you still see the first comment at first and you have to touch the app bar etc. Of course it's no problem but in my opinion this order doesn't have any advantages.

rodneyej says:

What would it take to get the app to support emoji in comments?

rodneyej says:

This is the best app on WP period! It's of the highest quality, feature rich, it has a great design, extremely useful, functions almost perfectly, constantly receives updates with new features, and fixes, and the support, and feedback from the developer is phenomenal! I can't wait for the W8 app!! Thanks JayTB, and the entire WPC team!

bozza72 says:

Thanks guys, this app is so value for money,its  the first one i open each morning, thanks for all your work

montel22 says:

Same here, that my most used app, even in the bathroom lol.

rodneyej says:

Yes! Most used app in the bathroom for me.. Their slogan should be "WPC, recommended by 9 out of 10 gastrointestinal doctors"...

Then I realize I'm either on the trial or the confidential app...

Quin 2013 says:

Confidential app....what?

*runs away from Jay*

Jay Bennett says:

You've got all of this anyway you fool ;)

D-d-d-damn it!

Stupid me realizing I wasn't typing a fanfic

Muessig says:

*shakes head*

rodneyej says:

JoeMeekFan above has a great idea!! He said that it would be nice if we had an option to display the latest comment on top.. I think that's a great idea.

Quin 2013 says:

Are you guys going to add the ability to upload pics with posts?

shreyas15 says:

Yeah! That's really needed guys.

Jay Bennett says:

It's on the to-do list, but not a high priority anymore now that we know an official tapatalk app is in development

shreyas15 says:

Tapatalk? How is that related to wpcentral app?? O.o the request was to post pics via comments and to forums..

Jay Bennett says:

Tapatalk is the system which powers the forums, and how the app communicates with them. If tapatalk themselves are developing a dedicated app it will be the best forum experience on Windows Phone (and will have wpcentral forums pre loaded on to it!)

shreyas15 says:

Ohhhh... Now that makes a lot of sense. Okay!

hopmedic says:

Is there any chance then of integrating the tapatalk with this app so we have a better experience than bouncing between two apps?

Jay Bennett says:

So that's exactly what the forums part of our app is :) as I said we will continue to improve the capability of our forums integration it's just not the top priority right now :)

What he is saying is to delete the fourms section and just have the fourm button link to the tapatalk app, if installed.

MrSean490 says:

Tapatalk isn't coming to WP7.8 though

montel22 says:

Need the ability to access links, vids and pics in the forum section.

rodneyej says:

Do you mean pictures to comments or in forums?

Quin 2013 says:

That's exactly what pics mean. Pics = Pictures

And yes, to post in a reply with text.

JimmyRespawn says:

Huh.. Requesting for Fast resume again.

Quin 2013 says:

That would be nice.

Jay Bennett says:

I've started looking at that, but there is a LOT of work to be done supporting it. That's because the app's navigation roots come from WP7 so if I just enable fast resume it gets extremely confused very quickly

Sarang68 says:

Any progress on the Windows 8 app & do we have to pay for that as i did for the Windows phone app? Edit- Actually did not pay for it but downloaded it when it was free after which it became paid!

Jay Bennett says:

Yes there is progress, but the pricing model has not been set as of yet

shreyas15 says:

Hey Jay! Please add an option to upload pictures. Really needed in our paid version.

ThePKReddy says:

I know this is covered in the article to cancel the playback of the podcast. But can you detail how to cancel? Sometimes im browsing wpc on my phone at work and accidentally trigger the podcasts. Very annyoning. Don't know how to shut it off quickly. I use the volume rocker to bring it down to zero.


Is it possible to create a forum on this app? I tried, but I could never find where.

Jay Bennett says:

It is, go to browse the forums, find the forum you want to create a topic in and press the + button at the bottom of the app

Sarang68 says:

Is it technically difficult for you lot to add the facility to upload pic in comment sections & give support for color emoticons?

Jay Bennett says:

Yes both of those are technically challenging for different reasons. See my reply above regarding pic uploads

I would love color emoticon's, always find myself a bit frustrated when I forget we cannot use them lol. Hope to see them in the near future! As for the rest of the app fantastic job it is possibly the best app I run.

WPUser111 says:

Yes it is eating more memory.. Plz do release next week...

Jay Bennett says:

We will. If this is really bothering you though disable the lock screen functionality for now

WPUser111 says:

Yes i have done already n it is still bothering me...

Jay Bennett says:

Fantastic. Well you can clear that memory by uninstalling and reinstalling the app if you need it free before next week

Agent-P says:

I love seeing these update articles, Jay. And the added support for Pocket will be really nice.

Sarang68 says:

Ok. Understood. Thanks

Sarang68 says:

Its been some days since all of you have done a video podcast. Any upcoming plans?

Jay Bennett says:

Yep,hopefully this week :)

Sarang68 says:

Can you tell me your respective positions in your company? I still don't know who's the boss,editor etc.etc

Fndlumia says:

Check the mobile nations foreword for this, open mobile nations.com and look under 'who we are' hope it helps bud

Sarang68 says:

Ok. Will do. Thanks. :)

Sarang68 says:

Two or more seem to be missing. Sam Sabri & George Ponder?

Fndlumia says:

Their under contributor's if I recall correctly, great team of writers hey.

Sarang68 says:

Nice collection of precious gems!

JSACES says:

Great work !

aaa6112 says:

I reported an issue with the app last week wherein a few lines from a certain article (I think it was about the Chronos Calendar update) were missing in the app. Any chance that was looked into? Thanks!
Edit: I just checked and, yes, it IS the recent article on Chronos Calendar update. http://www.wpcentral.com/chronos-calendar-windows-phone-updated-live-til...
Open the article in the browser and in this app, you'll find a few lines missing in the app.

Jay Bennett says:

Ah that's the app being unable to support sub-lists. I'll look into this thanks

aaa6112 says:

Awesome. Your prompt responses are very much appreciated, Jay!

ZuNuKoo says:

What is tapatalk? And also pouch? Or WP Pocket? How will tapatalk interact with WPCentral, will we still use separate apps foe browse the forums? If anyone knows, thanks.

Uziel Macias says:

Me too first thing I open in morning and before I go to bed!:D

Ratman826 says:

I don't if it was my internet's problem or is it the gov. blocked wpcentral in china because I can load news on my 920 using my WiFi network in at my house but I can't load it using my 3G network where as both ISP is the same (both China Unicom )
Any help plz?

The way i read comments is i search for the editors ( Dan,you,Sam,etc). Its not deliberate always but for example when am reading on the website Dan's pic in the comment section instantly grabs my attention! So it would be nice if you could distinguish the editor's comment somehow (like a slightly diff color shade,a small marker ,etc) . Anyway its a horrible suggestion i would presume ;)

shahidw says:

Yes ive been wanting this feature. imore.com does it. Its easier to find comments from editors when there are a lot of comments

Fndlumia says:

Cool, most used app on my phone, love direct link to downloads. Gr8 job wpc team

cdb033 says:

Love this app!

shahidw says:

Is it possible to open links from comments. And forums. If yes how do I do it

Jay Bennett says:

Just tap the links button if it's there (top of a comment bubble or to the left of a forum post)

shahidw says:

Ah. Fantastic. Got it. Is it possible to have the links in a different color. Makes it easier to locate them. Thanks

rahul4aug says:

You are fantastic Jay!!!!

Jaco Ra says:

Is metrotube support ever coming to WP7?

Jay Bennett says:

No, unfortunately it is not possible to do app-to-app communications with Windows Phone 7

nokia3660 says:

Well this it the first time I got the update notification in the Store before the article was published, looks smooth so far. Haven't had those nasty exceptions that had me bugging in the earlier version.
BTW does anyone know the limitation between the pouch paid and trial app? The app page on the store doesn't mention anything about this.
EDIT - Nevermind figured it out. The trial is count limited, lets you open the app 3 times in trail mode. I wish developers include the trial limitations in the app description, just like our Jay had done 

shahidw says:

I think the trial one doesnt let u archive your articles.

SonofNun says:

Hey nokia3660,

I'm the developer of Pouch. You are correct in the trial limitations. I apologize for not including that in the description; it completely slipped my mind. I'll fix it soon! :)


nokia3660 says:

Glad to be of help :)

redeyss says:

The best keeps getting better!!! Thanks ;)

murtagh360 says:

I hope this update or next weeks update fixes the live tile not updating or going blank on the reverse of the tile.

Jay Bennett says:

Performance of the flip tile does vary according to devices and networks. If you're having problems with it I suggest switching to the iconic live tile as it is more reliable :)

murtagh360 says:

Cool I have done so, it doesn't look as neat but solves the issue :)

jlynnm350z says:

Definitely faster, used to be painfully slow sometimes, but of course I delt with it because I love you man!

Fludlyt says:

One of the top apps on the WP platform :). Are there any future plans to bring collapsible comment threads?

Great..how i wish microsoft and nokia are this fast in providing updates..

Nejcooo says:

i know so people will hate me for saying that, but no live tile in "free" version is just crazy. and no i've never bought application on win store

Jay Bennett says:

You are welcome to your opinion, I respectfully disagree

Ticomfreak says:

Wait. Maybe he is unable to purchase due to the lack of a CC. Maybe you could implement a system where he can contact you, send you a check or one of those "Moneypak" things, and in return you send him a code to unlock the app?

MSFTisMIA says:

That's your choice not to purchase, but there is a reason you may get ragged by some folks. It is well know that Jay is associated with WPC but isn't on the hired mobile nations staff so his app cannot be free like the Android Central and iMore versions. That's why he has a paid and free one. I do hope if you change your mind and choose to buy a WP app, this is at the top of your list or your first choice. He does great work, as you've seen...

nokialove says:

That is really sad. 99 cents, dude. 99 cents.

Nejcooo says:

you know what i hate about windows phone? how everything cost at least 0.99. you can get a awesome game for 0.99.

schlubadub says:

You paid nothing, you get nothing. No app for you! *takes away app*

cybermoose89 says:

Im def noticing a speed increase

stevethenerd says:

As always Jay... You do good work.

Blkacesvf41 says:

This app rocks da house! Keep up the good work.

MSFTisMIA says:

Strong work as always, Jay. There's a reason why you've got a top 10 WP essential app - good design and beyond great support. When I upgrade to Windows 8, this is the first app I'm getting...

Sari_M says:

The Pouch integration is really nice.

mrhoodiny says:

Oh yes for real

vikrant6 says:

Really appreciate the regular and fast updates Jay brings in to this app.. And glad to see there are not much of "why this app isn't free" sort of comments.. This app has to be the most opened app of any WP lover :)

FrankEpr says:

This is a great way to start a Saturday.

theefman says:

How about adding support for the Pocket service itself by adding our login details instead of just one specific app for those like me who already purchased another app?

Jay Bennett says:

It's something I will look into, but requires maintaining another API which is more to do. I actually don't even know if they have an official API. Edit: they do, I might look into it, all depends on the value it would add.
Anyway, for now you can still email articles to the address as I mentioned in this article

RedSamurai says:

Thanks for the tremendous effort Jay, the app is undoubtedly one of the best in the platform (7.x and 8). So good luck for the future.

Other than that, I would like to point to a feature that I think isn't implemented yet and that could be very useful:
• a section with 'My Comments' to easily follow one's ever growing discussions in the past articles. Currently, one can use notifications through email, but these can be a bit overwhelming and a somewhat disparate solution.
A toast notification for replies or even a pinnable live tile would be ideal although they would require quite a bit of work/resources...

Thanks anyway, and sorry for the long post :)

MrSean490 says:

I haven't had the wpcentral app live tile working in ages. Did the whole disable all background processes, restart etc -- no joy. Might just be my phone in general. Live tiles and notifications have always been wonky for me.
Well, at leas your app beyond the tile seems to work without fail :)

RedSamurai says:

Did you try to reinstall the app? Or change tile type to flip/iconic?
I am at 7.8 on a slow data network (edge) and yet the iconic tile is working flawlessly...

Jay, as always you have done a great job!

Zeroplanetz says:

Thanks Jay! I'm always on this app. But I do have a question. Is there a way to have the tile display the number of new articles since the last time the app was opened? Just wondering. Thanks for any replies!

Jay Bennett says:

That's what the live tile does when enabled :)

Zeroplanetz says:

Yea that would makes sense! Haha. I haven't noticed it because I have everything blocked that I can cause my phones battery lasts about 4 hours when stuff is enabled. Thanks for the reply!

For the lockscreen, Instead of the WPcentral flag, can you make the ability to upload custom images as the lock screen background, but with the articles overlayed on it?

Jay Bennett says:

I'll look into it, but memory is likely to cause an issue here as loading in a custom image will use a fair amount of memory in the background task

lantern20 says:

So, it only works with pouch?

Jay Bennett says:

Yes, Pouch opened up a Uri for external apps to access and so we used that very simple solution. Any other app can implement the same Uri schema

Need to have the article view render image placeholders so the text doesn't jump down when I don't wait before reading.

Jay Bennett says:

But we don't know what size the image is going to be until we fetch it, which causes a problem there

Hooksie says:

Sounds like a good update but are you doing anything about your Windows 8 app? It really does suck big style. It sucks so hard it manages to pull itself inside out. I mean, the Windows Phone app is great so why is the other one so awful? Are you just relying on the website?

Jay Bennett says:

We don't have a Windows 8 app

gerrymad says:

Well that sucks. :)

Ticomfreak says:

He's probably using a crApp made by someone else ;)

wsanchez78 says:

Thanks all, and Jay especially!

Sean Burns1 says:

Always loved WP Central for the app and the news,forums etc. I once tried AllBoutWindowsPhone and it was crap.

ricardios says:

Love the pocket/pouch support!

RealADC says:

Any sound notifications for the Nokia? When I had my HTC 8X there was an option for a sound notification when you guys posted new content. I've looked all over that Lumia 920 and cannot find any way to "hear" your posts. 

ahmedjan87 says:

Does it fix the live tile issue ?

Jay Bennett says:

There shouldn't be any live tile issues now. But if you aren't seeing updates come through try switching to the iconic tile as mentioned earlier in these comments

joshingyou says:

Speaking of pocket, it doesn't convert wpcentral articles into its nice clean article view... Maybe you guys can work with pocket to get it fixed?

SonofNun says:

Hi joshingyou,

I'm the developer of Pouch, and I have contacted Pocket about the issues with WPCentral articles, but they have not responded. :(


mahesham22 says:

Pocket support is long awaited. Glad it's coming finally

Rick Smits says:

Thanks jay and friends.

mtg1974 says:

Thanks Jay. I've said in the past that if I could buy your app again that I would. Though I can't buy it for myself again, I've bought it for a few friends and family members. It makes me happy to support your hard work to the extent that I can. Keep being great!

cnshenj says:

Could you please add myTube support (as video player)?

Jay Bennett says:

MyTube will need to get in touch with me or announce a Uri schema

Ryken100 says:

A Uri schema is in the works. It's currently in the beta so it should be out soon. Also, it'll be super easy to use ;)

Jay Bennett says:

Drop me an email via our app :)

3ftw says:

Good job guys

Amazing job Jay! So, about that Windows 8 app?

Now we can piss on Samsung with greater efficiency!

TashiJLE says:

Jay, you're the best! Imagine if you worked full time for WP Central what you could do!

eth3rton says:

The ability to click on links in the article would be nice...

Tafsern says:

This app is a reference to how other apps should be! Great job, thank you so much for everything you do for this community.

Jazmac says:

Jay, this addition of Pouch is a stoke of genious man.  This app is perfect on in this space. It renders photos beautifully.  I don't know why you don't build a WPCentral Plus app. Make a full on newsreader of all things tech. It certainly has the look and is damn light on its feet doing everything. I wish you do it.

gaita14 says:

Genial,saludos desde Argentina !

I used to have an issue with this app... I'm on the Three UK network, and when I used this app, then tried to use my Mobile Data, I would have to restart my phone in order to use it due to the fact it was claiming I was using my phone for tethering.
It was an odd bugg, but it happened (guarenteed) every time I used the WPCentral app.

Jay Bennett says:

Hi Dominic. I had the same issue and it's three's traffic management. Call them on 333 and report the bug, they fixed it for me within a week :)

iamoniwaban says:

awesome...now what about the win 8 app ( surface RT ) mentioned being developed a very long time ago?