New Xbox LIVE games in the Marketplace: Zombies!!! and Brain Challenge HD

Sure, we hit 6,000 apps tonight in the Marketplace, but what's a Tues/Wed day without some Xbox LIVE goodness? Tonight, two pretty solid titles have hit the streets: Zombies!!! by MGS and Brian Challenge HD, another welcomed Gameloft production.

Brain Games HD is one of them there "smart apps" that are suppose to be entertaining as well as exercising your noggin'. It features 43 mini-games and should provide quite a few hours of frustrating and yet rewarding game play. But, will you force yourself to do it every day? That's the question. Personally, we always dug these games, when done right. We're not yet sure with this, plus the "HD" thing...well, it's getting old.

Zombies!!! is a deep, meta-exploration into the meaning of nothingness, based on the writings of famed philosopher Nietzsche. Nah, just kiddin', it's a game where you have to kill what is already dead, like a million times over. Oh and it's got killer lookin' graphics. Check here for our earlier coverage plus video.

Both titles fetch for $4.99, which is on the high-end these days, and can be found here (Zombies) and here (Brain...) in the Marketplace.



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ChrisLynch says:

You guys keep linking to the wrong URL. Do not link to launch Zune, link to the Zune Marketplace Redirect URL.Zombies!!! can be accessed here

devGOD says:

they've been doing that from day 1 wonder if they check the links. thanks for the correct link.