New Zealand bank ASB teases upcoming Windows Phone app


The official Twitter account for New Zealand's bank ASB (www.asb.co.nz) tweeted a photo that teases a Windows Phone app for customers to make use of mobile banking. ASB joins numerous other banks that have released apps for the platform, adding another name to the pool of officially supported apps.

While no details are included, we can see the app offering a number of features. Amongst the list of menu items is an option for exchange rates and possible conversion calculators, as well as the ability to locate nearest branches and (we'd assume) ATMs, receive quick balance checks to stay on top of the bottom line without diving into feature rich account management, visit the official ASB website and to contact the bank for enquiries.

Should the number of features present not be enough, a line of security is also illustrated in the photo - an account PIN. It's positive to see another bank taking Windows Phone seriously with security, features and usability in mind. No word on when the app will be available on the Marketplace, but we can't imagine it'll be too long.

Source: @ASB (Twitter)



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marbig says:

I've been thinking of switching from Westpac to ASB... This may tip the scales. Kudos for NZ news!

tommohammed says:

Take note BNZ...

nzrocketman says:

sweet, hope its better than the android version

lueyyou says:

Looking very promising, let's hope all the other banks in NZ follow their lead!

psteve2005 says:

NatWest/RBS app in the UK would be nice as they have one for iOS, Android and Blackberry. I keep asking them...

It sounds good. I will definitely try this one. I've been waiting for this. - Brenda Lee Reed