NewsSpot for Windows Phone updated, adds support for three additional sync services


NewsSpot is a popular news reader app available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  It originally was developed as a means to synchronize your Windows Phone with your Google Reader account.  However, since Google killed off that service the developer has turned to other news services to synchronize with.

The app has been updated to version and adds three new sync services along with a few additional tweaks to improve performance.  The update adds a good bit of gusto to what was already an impressive Windows Phone app.

NewsSpot continues to be able to synchronize with NewsBlur but the app now can synchronize with Feedly, The Old Reader and FeedHQ.  All sync services can be used multiple times within NewsSpot.

You still have support for Pocket, Instapaper, Twitter, Facebook, Readability, Delicious, Diigo, and Evernote to share or bookmark your articles.  However, the update enhances the Evernote integration so that more articles appear with full content.


Additional changes with the version 3.2 update include:

  • Adding prefetching to the article list to the Windows Phone 8 version where swiping through the articles will be much faster and more convenient. 
  • Live Tile and Lockscreen support have been added back with support for Windows Phone 7.8 tiles. 
  • Customary under-the-hood performance tweaks and bug fixes.

There is a trial version available for NewsSpot that is ad-supported and lets you synchronize a maximum of two hundred unread and fifty starred articles.  The full version, which will cost you $1.99, will let you synchronize up to one thousand unread or starred articles.

NewsSpot is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices and you can find NewsSpot here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Jazmac says:

I thought they had forgot about this app.  I was surprised to see an update to an app I've had since WP7 and its quite nice.

amcalexandre says:

Finally an update that supports Feedly! Took so many months, that I had to buy another app :[

ap3rus says:

I'm in the opposite situation - I wish NextGen reader supported NewsBlur.

ap3rus says:

I must say though that the latest release of NewsSpot looks nice, I'll give it another try.

Thanks for this article,George.can you give us some article on the upcoming games this month,like temple run 2,dungeon hunter 4,angry birds go!,minion rush(probably),townsmen etc.Most wpcians would find them really useful and interesting(and probably increase their adrenaline a further notch.) :) ;) thanks.

sasukeluffy says:

Why make an empty article with just a header?

They'll make one when they have something to tell.

@sasuke,I'm not talking about empty articles,I'm talking about expected DATES which are more accurate than the previous one. :)

DaiaX says:

I like the double live tile. No picture there only words, sometimes news pictures can be pretty bad(criminals, victims and politicians) which i also don't want to be on my lockscreen. Oh and, tech news got the best and safe pictures- like WPCentral. I think this is better than Nextgen Reader, though i use both.

FaCu B says:

Better than fuse on 7.8?

Coolaaron88 says:

Is there a way for it to show you all the feeds if you are using feedly for the backend? I have over 20 sites in my Technology folder but its only showing about 8.

Hello Coolaaron88,

NewsSpot syncs only unread articles per default. If you want to see read articles, too, please go to your account settings (settings -> accounts -> feedly) and switch it on there. Then, from the main screen swipe to the left to see all articles.

hipporama says:

Glad to see this app is still being developed. Suits my needs much better than Nextgen.

hipporama says:

You should tip WPC instead of hijacking an existing topic.

I tipped hours ago

hipporama says:

Then what is the necessity for posting about it in a topic that is completely unreleated?

Why are you commenting on a topic that is completely unrelated?

The topic is not completely unrealted. Everyone wana know about new stuff coming to WP. Are you mad?

Michael99uk says:

I tried posting this hours ago i got a mail from Windows Phone feature suggest comfirming this.

Installing apps to sd card and flick to close apps also coming to wp:

I honestly don't see the point in having a full fledged file manager on my phone...

You don't????!!!!????//?

Not really, file managers are really a power user feature. Windows Phone is about simplicity so a file manager wouldn't really make sense. In my eyes it just adds clutter and makes stuff more confusing. On the other hand though. It would be interesting on a hacking prospective (there maybe holes we could use to get to a jailbreak). But really, speaking from a user standpoint it would just be confusing...

jabtano says:

I use a few now that re free. However i.m going to try it. if it's as good or better than what I use now I'll buy it. I'll let you know shortly.

jabtano says:

Really It's a nice app worth the buy . but what I don't understand is why if you change the appearance does that require a system reboot?

Hi Jabtano,


No, you only have to quit the app (press the back key until it is closed or use the close button in GDR3) and restart it. Hope this helps.