Next App Star competition enters round 3, vote for your favourite apps now!

Windows Phone next app star competition

The Windows Phone next app star competition is in full swing, today kick started round 3 of voting and we're thrilled to say that the official WPCentral app is still in the running!

Microsoft are offering the chance to win a free Lumia 920 everytime you vote and you can vote once each round so if you've not won yet then try voting again today! Each round an app wins nets new prizes for the developers as well, with the ultimate prize being a prime time TV commercial featuring the winning app.

As part of this promotion there is also a new marketplace collection showing all 64 finalists of the 9000+ original entrants. We've borrowed Microsoft's listing which you can see below, or even swipe right in our app and tap the "download app" button to see the full list. Please note that this is the most apps we've ever listed in one post so you might want to give the app a few seconds before tapping so it can retrieve all the names from Microsoft!

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has voted for us so far, it's been an incredible response from our community and it humbles us here at Windows Phone Central to see how amazing you guys really are. Of course with that said we've been up against some incredible apps so far, so make sure you check out ARMED and Reading Lens if you haven't already, and our new competition WizTiles is a great way to customise your start screen, so give it a try.


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kaynachtsman says:

Jay your great work deserve to win this competition :)

AriesDog says:

No brown nosing, the WPCentral app deserves to go to the top. One of the finest apps for the platform.

The_Internet says:

Would vote for WPCentral but it requires Facebook unfortunately

lippidp says:

Me, too.  I want nothing to do with Facebook or Twitter.  They've become just big adverstising/marketing hell holes.  Yuck.

tedfordz says:

Surprised Weave isn't winning in its part of the bracket. Congrats, love the wpcentral app.

aienjell says:

I think amazing weather hd and weave are two of the better choices to showcase wp8 on tv, both occupy the top of my start screen. I voted for AW-HD though, may the winner face WPCentral in the final vote hopefully.

ssapre says:

Did anybody won Lumia 920 or they are going to announce it by end of all rounds only?

mikezlee says:

Damn Jay, Mike here - developer of Wiztiles.  Congrats for making it this far.  I hate that I have to go against your app, as I use your app every day and love it! Best of luck to the winner!  

Jay Bennett says:

Thanks Mike :) congrats to you too! Just picked up the trial of your app and you have a real eye for UI design, best of luck!

Your app is awesome, as is Jay's, so this will be a battle. Wish you both luck!

mikezlee says:

Thanks! You can send your vote my way.  Jay is already getting all the votes ;)

There is a Grammar error on the 2nd paragraph :P it says "Microsoft ARE OFFERED the chance" anyway wooohoo go WPCentral

Jay Bennett says:

Whoops, fixed thank you

Congrats on the achievement, must say it is a terrific app!

jayruguitar says:

Just voted for ya Jay!  Good luck!

paulheu says:

This round was easy, next round Jay's up against ProShot and that will not be so easy to beat..

AskaLangly says:

I have been voting for this and Rudy's Wiki app. Both need to go head-to-head.

Ronnet says:

I'm voting for Rudy's app as well. Just a shame none of his other apps were up for the public vote. His wiki app is great but his TVSHOW app is much better. It fits right in there with Zune/Xbox. Just love how the show pictures make it come alive. Its a great example on how to make a Windows Phone 'your own'. Especially if you pin favorite shows to start and have the remind you about upcomming episodes.

Memristor says:

Flightradar24 is missing :(. Def one of the coolest apps.

blackprince says:

What have you won thus far for winning two rounds?

joecatskill says:

Go WPCentral!! and heck i'm in the running for a prize too. At least my bracket is alive here unlike my NCAA basketball bracket

CJ Thunder says:

I love this site and app but you can't win. In a television commercial, WPC just won't drive buyers. Something sexy and fun does. Only app left like that is cocktail flow.

Jay Bennett says:

I don't think the winner will be the only thing in the commercial, and to some extent I do agree with you. However, what if the result of our extensive app coverage and reviews helped reverse the perception that Windows Phone doesn't have as many apps? Might not drive buyers, but would drive a positive message about the platform.

aienjell says:

+1 amazing weather would be another eye candy type app that would draw people to WP. Weather apps are pretty unique on WP with lock screen support and the live tiles.

CJ Thunder says:

You mean that WP has a huge loyal, rabid, fan base? Isn't that starting to backfire on Apple though. Those Samsung Galaxy ads make great points. ;)

I still voted for you though.

eizsoft says:

We have voted for WPCentral too :), Also guys don't forget to vote for AMAZING WEATHER HD.

Etios says:

Voted for Amazing weather HD.

Weather flow should have gone in. They got into Nokia's, but Nokia is messed up, as AAWP got in and WPCentral didn't.

Jay, the app links say title not retrieved, again. Could you fix it?

Jay Bennett says:

Kem, it's working, just that the app has to retrieve the titles in the background and there's a lot of them! Load this article, count to about 8 (should be way more time than needed) and then try again

hink3000 says:

I can't find a diddly link that works to go vote!!!!

Jay Bennett says:

Hink, use the one we posted here that goes to Facebook, should be the first link. You need to be using either a desktop version of IE or your phone's IE set to desktop mode though :)

With the help of the community I think WP Central app has the chance to win the grand prize. I have been voting all this while. And my vote goes to WP Central coz I love this website. But im kinda sad doom and destiny didn't make it. U guys should play that game. Its a nice RPG game. Go give it a try. But I gotta mention that its not as good as skulls of the shogun

nalinbarola says:

Ladies n gentlemen...
N the winner is WPCENTRAL :D

fourbadcats says:

WPCentral app is excellent. Daniel squashed Jay's excitement in the last podcast over the new voice features. Please give Jay some time to shine in the next podcast and give us a tour of some of his handywork.

AtefShehata says:

I'm Atef Shehata the developer of ConnectMe. I would like to congratulate Jay for his amazing app. Also, Wizetitles Pro is one of the best apps. This is a hard choice :(, good luck for the winner.