NextGen+ custom ROM for HD7 brings performance and new features


For all of those with HTC HD7's, even if it is just laying around having been supplanted by the TITAN, you may want to take a look at this. Zloy Pryanik at XDA has bumped his NextGen+ custom ROM to v1.8 and we have to admit, this is starting to get real nice looking. The latest version brings the 7740 OS update as well as the latest drivers and radio software to the venerable Windows Phone. On top of that, there are quite a few interesting and unique enhancement to the ROM that has piqued our interest:


  • Light ROM (~260 mb *.nbh include radio)
  • Full-Unlocked (full support registry edit / ie install .xap ... etc) Mega Thanks DFT Team
  • Firmware reduced by 31MB , registry - 500kb
  • Update OEM software , add Touchexplorer, registry editor
  • Deleted Device Feedback
  • New sound camera shot
  • New Wallpapers, pictures
  • Ringtones and Sounds from Apple iPhone
  • Facebook-blue accent color
  • Custom system graphics
  • Watch videos from Zune in Bluetooth Headphones
  • Enabled IPV6

How's that for a feature-set? As you can probably discern, all of that reduction in file size and stripping of things has resulted in a clean, fast ROM with some neat customizations. For instance, the text emoticons are now colored as are the icons for setting up new email accounts--subtle, but nice. Even battery life seems remarkably improved, with one user's screenshot show the battery at 90% and an estimated 1 day, 13 hours remaining--we're a bit envious! If this sounds like something you want to give a go, head to the source link below.

Source: XDA; via WP7.com.pl



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Saljen says:

Running DFTv2 atm and it's treated me very well, however this looks almost worth the effort to switch to. <3 WPCentral for stories like this, keep it up! :)

warlove3 says:

Fix the GroupSMS please =) 
all is perfect just the SMS with Multiple Contacts aren't working..

GreenGo#WP says:

I'm so dreaming that one day I can use this custom firmware on my poor DVP.

yeungl says:

Same here. Hope someone will come up with a customized ROM for DVP?

What unlock do I need to run this, and will it affect my warranty? HD7 is my main device and will be for the foreseeable future, as Bell no longer offers early upgrade and there aren't any Gen 2 devices available in Canada anyways...

Black tiles on black backgrounds would be UBER sexy. Floating icons in a sea of black!

I made a "Facebook blue" background on my quantum with advanced config and a hex code. Looks GREAT on the white background.

vatsal12 says:

Yes only hope for dvp..