NFC Interactor in the works for Windows Phone 8

NFC Interactor

It's no secret that Windows Phone 8 devices such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X will have NFC integration. We are now seeing that an NFC reader/writer app should be available for these Windows Phone 8 devices. The NFC Interactor was announced at the NFC Congress in Hagenberg last month and will feature not only tag analysis but also a flexible tag composer.

Not really sure what all is involved with a flexible tag composer but our guess is that you can create a NFC tag for... say... your contact information and share it with another NFC integrated phone/device. Much like we can do currently with a QR Tag or Microsoft Tag and our Bing Vision.

The potential for such a composer could see the ability to share documents, photos, videos, and other content from Windows Phone to Windows Phone. It's a little reminiscent of the days when we could share items via IR and beam things from phone to phone just a whole lot cooler.

The French website, Test-Mobile, spent a little time with the Lumia 920 and in the video (around 9:58) you can see some of the capabilities NFC will have and then catch a glimpse at the NFC Interactor listed in the 920's apps list.

Granted my French is slightly rusty but it's still impressive to see the potential NFC will have with the new Windows Phones such as the 8X and Lumia 920.  

Source: Test-Mobile via: Wmpoweruser



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Kristijan87 says:

I hope to see something like Samsung's TecTiles or Sony's Smart Tags. You know, to modify your phone's behaviour simply by touching an NFC tag... It would be nice if WP8 supported different profiles (for ringers etc), which could be triggered by an NFC tag. Not to mention (de)activation of WiFi, LTE/3G, launching apps... Those are nice features and it would be nice to see them present in WP8. But, if I lived so good without them up until now I won't be overly disappointed if nothing of a sort appears on 29th this month :)
EDIT: My French is horrible, but I think he did mention launching apps and modifying "profiles" by NFC tags. But again, that might be just my brain, translating what it wants to hear :P

Raistlin_HT says:

Yep. That's exactly the sort of thing I'm hoping for with this

vladnc says:

At 6:30 he says that the vertical charger includes an NFC tag. So, if you have two, one at work and one at home, you could use that to switch profiles. And by the way WPCentral, can you make the Enter key work on Internet Explorer 10 in the comment editor?

rx74ray says:

iphone 5 can do it better. you can email it.

dannejanne says:

"Not really sure what all is involved with a flexible tag composer but our guess is that you can create a NFC tag for... say... your contact information and share it with another NFC integrated Windows Phone. Much like we can do currently with a QR Tag or Microsoft Tag and our Bing Vision."
The problem with that is how many who has a Windows Phone knows someone who has a Windows Phone?

ChrisLynch says:

NFC tagging apps for Windows Phone shouldn't be just limited to Windows Phone users.  You should be able to share non-DRM content via NFC.  That's one of the major points to NFC.  Think of it like Bluetooth.

I thought everyone has a Windows Phone.... but you're right.  Updating post.

CJ Thunder says:

In the next Xbox, so if I'm at a friends house I can sign in with a wave, same with PC as W8 is so cloud considered...I am excited for the last one now.

Higgs Boson says:

NFC us a universal standard I think. So you can use it to interact with anybody with a modern smartphone. Obviously that excludes iPhone 5. Hahahahahahahahaha

Higgs Boson says:

Just playing. The programmable tags are sweet. My brother uses them for his galaxy s3. Put one in the cupholder of his truck. When he sets his phone in there, turns on his Bluetooth (paired with his in dash radio) and opens a playlist. So it immediately plays on his radio. Also he hid one in the door jamb of his church. When he walks in he taps it and it changes his phone to a silent profile. There are some really cool things you can do.

This. I want this to be possible on WP8.

eidorian22 says:

Earlier in the video he shows copy/paste in IE10. Looks like it might work a bit smoother in WP8.

Goodbyemoff says:

I think this composer function is the ability to program tags. Least that's what I hope it is. Then I can go on amazon, buy a bunch of tags and stick them around house.
When a friend wants to know my WiFi password, I say touch this.

ggonzalez777 says:

Anybody notice the amount of apps in the multitasker? And really liking the color in the keyboard!!!

RaRa85 says:

I don't care what anyone says, the new start screen is just freaking gorgeous. I cannot wait to get my hands on one.

schlubadub says:

It's also huge... The medium squares (ala WP7) are now freaking huge :P

Odog4ever says:

I thought NFC tag interaction went beyond phone to phone interactions? At least on some Android phones it does (not sure if rooting is involved).
I think peoples imaginations for this stuff is limited because they only ever see simple phone to phone scenarios in commercials.
I'm hoping with this I can set up scenarios like when I get to my work desk the NFC tag there will turn my ringer to silent (I alwasy forget to do that, so much so that I don't even turn my ringer on ever) and turn the batter saver option in settings to on. Then when I get in my car it turns the ringer back on or launches the maps app. Just spit balling possible uses. Hopefully this app and others like it offer that functionality.

jhoff80 says:

I still want to see a function where it could read and learn my RFID subway pass, or my RFID elevator pass for work, so that I could actually get away with not needing my wallet in a day.  I don't think it's possible, but that would be the dream scenario, because getting rid of a couple credit cards just isn't enough to replace my wallet.

Bruno H says:

I bet the new Xbox will have NFC built in. Walk up to it tap your phone against it and your phone interacts with the Xbox. Streaming music, video or just connecting smartglass. Things like that would kill iPhone 5 as it will have the smartglass app but not NFC to make connection happen so easy.