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NFL Live now available at the Windows Phone Marketplace

NFL Live for Windows Phone

NFL Live is now available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace. It may not be endorsed or affiliated by the NFL but it does bring a hefty amount of NFL stats, news, and scores to your Windows Phone.

The main pages for NFL Live cover news items, scores, team standings, and a More Page that has links to ESPN videos, ESPN NFL Tweets, FOX NFL Tweets, and...well...more.

NFL Live Screens

Key features of NFL Live include:

  • Live scoreboard of current games
  • Live game details including stats and play information
  • Shake to refresh feature
  • Live tile support for your favorite team
  • Team information
  • League leader stats
  • Ability to create a unique landing page for your favorite team.

The landing page for your favorite team creates an additional page for that team. The team page will display scores, news, and schedule information for that team. 

NFL Live is a well laid out, information packed app for your Windows Phone. NFL Live is a free app and you can catch it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. Thanks, Brock D., for the tip!

QR: NFL Live



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ChrisLynch says:

Wonder how long before the NFL asks Microsoft to pull this from the Marketplace?

jhargis1012 says:

That's what I'm wondering too.

iggypop120 says:

Love baseball live, but I agree gotta change it to football live before the lawyers get to work

Not working for me, app closes right away.

pdjcrawford says:

Same here. Even restarted my phone. Immediately uninstalled it.

plp85 says:

Yeah doesn't work here either.

By the way, im using a Lumia 800. If it works for you, what phone do you have?

plp85 says:

Its not working on my lumia 900, but im in the UK so that might be my issue

hk26 says:

HTC hd7, works for me. Love the way it's been laid out.

plp85 says:

This app doesn't work in the UK. Opens loading page then crashes with no error displayed. Update please

bruceleer0y says:

The app is working just fine for me. It seems very useful, however I haven't been able to create a live tile for my team.I'm trying to follow the instructions but still I don't see anything.

sicnus says:

Worx here, try rebooting...

Andrew L says:

So why don't we have an officail NFL app for Windows phone yet?

sicnus says:

App works superbly here. Wish it was official NFL but they'd probably want to charge for it. Placed my team icon right next to my ESPN tile. Lovely...

As for folks with issues, I reboot my phone with any update, removal or install. Also try installing it over again after u remove and reboot. Still haven't had any issues with my HTC Trophy.

Thanx WPCentral for these fine articles!

blnwp says:

App looks nice and I would use it.
But I have a question WPCentral - this is an ad supported app and everyoneknows there will be ads. But why there are no ads in your screen shots of the app? Was it taken when no ads were served or a pro version of the app? Or edited in photoshop to appear better in the article? Just curious.
Edit - I notice ad in atleast one screenshot of the app. Overlooked it before.

Andrew L says:

Best looking football app yet. Football Live will be a fine name.

ejlee072006 says:

Really nice.. What's up with official NFL app???

7bigbenrings says:

Works well on my t2. Tile with my team and loads quick

gorebashd says:

Don't work for me

BK-one says:

The benefit of creating apps and games for a windows phone. Same overalll info as other OSs but the presentation is where the win win is.. showed it to my fantasy football team members yesterday and they were completely impressed. Especailly when i put my NY Football Giants on my start menu.. Thank you to the developer(s) for this as well as all the other gorgous apps that are on a Windows OS. I have not regretted one bit about leaving the iOS world to Windows.

It is crazy that the official NFL app is available on all other platforms except WP7. Even blackberry. Interestingly enough, my ESPN app was keeping more accurate innings updates & runs for NCAA baseball than any of my iPhone friends with the ESPN or NCAA apps. I was top of the 6th and they were still bottom of the 5th.