Ngram Beta set to become the official Telegram app on Windows Phone


Remember earlier this year when Facebook bought WhatsApp? The news was met with a heavy amount of criticism from users not wanting a company like Facebook controlling their primary means of communication. The backlash led to an exodus as users left WhatsApp to try alternative messaging platforms. Telegram was one of the few messaging services who greatly benefited from the fallout. We looked at some of the best Telegram apps on Windows Phone. Migram and Ngram were our two favorites. One of them is now look to be the official Telegram app for Windows Phone.

Telegram (telegram.org) is a fast, secure and free messaging service. They held a contest earlier this year for developers to create an official app for Windows Phone. Many apps were submitted, but one emerged as king.


Going off the publisher information in the Windows Phone Store it looks like Ngram will be our official app going forward. The app was updated yesterday and a few eagle eyes out there noticed a new publisher name – Telegram Messaging LLP.

While the official Telegram app still lists Ngram as ‘unoffocial’, it’s probably only a matter of time until the baton is fully transferred and Ngram is crowned as the official Telegram app for Windows Phone.

Any of you out there still using it? How do you like Telegram to other messaging services? Sound off below!

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TonyDedrick says:

I'm surprised this hasn't happened for more 3rd party apps on WP.

namy_grooves says:

Yeah i've also seen dat first tym

Ahndz says:

there's an update on NOKIA GLAM ME

rodan01 says:

This article is really stupid. First, there is nothing wrong about FB as a company, if you are worried about the behavior of companies MS should be a bigger concern, so stop using WP.
Second, telegram is owned by the founder of vk, the facebook of Russia.
Third, the protocol that telegram use is not secure, It's a fraud.

Acbuono5 says:

Wish Vox Media would do this to and pay the developer of the nice The Verge app instead of making him changing the name and all.

cannon#WP says:

Which Verge app is that?

ebin5 says:

The verge by anand Prakash is a terrific app, it looks great, fast and gorgeous.

jonmeza says:

Great tip, beautiful app. Thanks.

crise says:

Yes that app is amazing.

ebin5 says:

Yeah, also tinder which was developed by Rudy should also be recognized as official app if they themselves are not going to release one.

Rudy is working with them on an official release.

spinzeroWL says:

Yer, I'm sure he is!!
That news was released MONTHS ago....still absolutely no news from either Rudy or Tinder.
6Tindr still works by the way - I got the final update before it got removed from the store.

no. they fooled rudy. they are not working with him now.

It happens. Microsoft develops app for facebook.

Adi2 says:

you call that "app"?it is a piece of crap

WP8Expert says:

Oh really? Why don't you make a better one then.

CrazyQwert says:

Oh come on. The "why don't you make a better one" argument is invalid. If you'd have to make something better before criticizing you could never criticise anything.

kenzibit says:

Yeah Verge by Anand Prakash is the BEST out there and hope it becomes official too. Have had chats with the developer Anand Prakash and he'll be updating witj lots of goodies like logging in to comment on articles. The app is so beautiful and just to remind you guys, he's the same guy behind the Khan Academy app too. Use both apps and love them. If you haven't just go to the store, download and see for yourself. @WPCentral needs to cover this guy's apps...he really deserves a shoutout.

hipporama says:

Agreed. His Verge app is absolutely phenomenal.

rzkwp8 says:

What happened to BlackBerry Messenger? It should have come to WP by now...

Micah Dawson says:

Last I heard was summer

Micah Dawson says:

I'm glad it happened but I tried ngram and the time is off by an hour and there is lime a lag I. Receiving messages. I don't get them right away.

Back to migran I go...though ngram does seem slightly faster sending messages.

junotKiichi says:

Go WP and Nokia & Developers

erzhik says:

Finally, an official developer notices and embraces a 3rd party delevoper.

Wheezle says:

Because they don't want to spend time and resources supporting WP themselves.

WPCrook says:

That's one way of looking at it... Or... It could be that the Telegram team realise they may stand a better chance having success by welcoming outside help. Contests like that only encourages creativity and is something more developers should do. It's a good idea!

Zulfigar says:

Why spend the time and money when you have capable hands already doing the work? This way, the 3rd party gets recognition for their work so later on, in other projects, more people will look at them for apps. It's honestly a win/win situation here, and we the consumers get to be the ones who aren't in a 3rd party / 1st party war. Yay!

Wheezle says:

Win/win until telegram decides to add new features. I hope this third party developer is in for the long-haul.

Of course that's not to say that first party WP apps don't get ignored for new features anyway.

That was contest, fow WP and for Android too, because it's thw best way to deliver best app to users. Telegram only develop iPhone app, because it was first.

luk3ja says:

It's not that they noticed, it was a competition, telegram asked people to develop apps and the best one would get official status

osoalex says:

Hope it changes the name to Telegram to find it easier, adds voice messaging, and secret chats. Chatogram has some of these features, it's kinda weird it didn't become the official app.

gacali says:

I think its because Ngrams the fastest but migram and chatogram had more features, chatogram usually missed notifications for me and migram was nice but it was way too slow on startup. Ngram has to catch up with the features and also add the file manager

NIST says:

How about mammogram. I think a lot of women might be using it from what I hear.

Deaconclgi says:

The problem with mammogram is that it isn't free and there are some serious privacy concerns.

Trench Mouth says:

That there ^ is funny....unless you are a woman who had bilateral radical mastectomies trying to evade cancer of the titties.....maybe, just maybe, she/he (men account for 5% of breast cancer annual statistics) might disagree.

Winnabe says:

This whole thread is disgraceful.

osoalex says:

That would be amazing. Sending Office documents and more with 8.1's file picker is what I need to replace WhatsApp for good.

I prefer Migram ... But anyway glad to hear that!

It's unoffocial? :O

bAN01TgAZ says:

Must be. We read here first. it's offocial

sameersaab says:

Great. Ngram has been awesome.

Are almost the same, but I prefer the Migram.
But don't use it for not having voice notes. Only WhatsApp have it. Even Viber don't have. 

Deaconclgi says:

I hate when I get a migraine!!! Oh wait...

I was thinking that instagram should buy 6tag for better user friendly app.

Eroneko says:

No! they would remove many features! Download images and videos, "Regram", "Like or Not" and more. It is better to Instagram to have competition.

jonmeza says:

I agree, all I want are better direct message notifications and access to saved videos to edit and upload

Bt i don't think that instagram is interested to compete with 6tag because instagram official app got just three and four update since it is available in store. And no any big update.

Some people still dont think wp is worth their while :/ like insta and more so snapchat..

Nikolaus117 says:

It is such an nice an FAST EXTREME fast App :) so much better than Whatsapp

Akash Patel says:

Its nice i hope with future releases it uses more api and allow attaching pre-recorded video,notifications in action centre.

PipoDj says:

The developer was Nadymov Evgeny

dalydose says:

So will the "cult of official' be happy with this or will we still get spammed on every thread that it's not made by the official service? It's an "authorized" 3rd party app.

OsamaAdam98 says:

As long as it keeps up with the Android and IOS versions, everybody will be happy.

If it shows the developer as the company behind Telegram and stays up to date in features most consumers won't notice.

milfermon says:

After too long, this is not fair, apps should come a lot earlier to WP

gacali says:

haha yeah i was so confused in which beta i should use 

milfermon says:

All I read is that, BETA

j_cmd says:

Thats great news for both 3rd party developers, the plataform and us, GO WINDOWS PHONE!! 

mrcraggle says:

It's too bad this doesn't happen more. WP has so many high quality 3rd party apps that the official devs needn't do anything. Look at what happened with Tinder. They said they were working with Rudy on an official app and now it seems that project is dead.

Heres an example of a 3rd party app that got locked out tunein various commercial streams have dropped it for Other solutions

raiinman says:

Migram is better feature vice. Can someone develop a nice 3rd party WhatsApp application

WilsonBlaze says:

Yeah I think Migram works better, perhaps Ngram will have frequent updates to take care of this

vladfrenkel says:

I believe Ngram and Migram has both won if I recall correctly.

anandv427 says:

It's great... But none of my friends use it all prefer WhatsApp

Matt Leech says:



why would our iphone and android friends switch?

anandv427 says:

Yup that's the problem

raycpl says:

I have Skype & Ngram/Telegram on both my laptop and L920... both syncs... and Ngram/telegram has darn bloody instant synchronisation ... granted I dont have many contact/chat on Ngram like I do on Skype... but its darn fast....

Zulfigar says:

Only true gripe I have about Skype, and I know this is off topic, but you mentioned it, is that it constantly resumes on my 920. Hope that gets fixed. :P Back on topic ... now.

VinomX says:

I wish that more companies would adopt apps like Telegram. I'll definitely check out their app now to show some appreciation.

Jazmac says:

That's one hell of a set. Gunning to become the official app?  I like yo style.

Nimdock says:

I have been using migram because the time is off by one hour in ngram.


Also migram has more features.


Also migram has a transparent tile.

Lych says:

Cool I preferred that one anyway. Regardless of preference though, good news that this whole race thing hasn't been forgotten.

This is a good move by Telegram. I think all Inc. that do not have an official app should follow this trend. That way WP will definitely have many more offcial apps.

I'm very confused how this is the official app when Migram (although nearly identical) is simply better.

unoffocial. There's a typo, sam. :-)
WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000

anuragd60000 says:

Chatogram beta is far better than ngram because we cannot create secret chat in ngram

Ngram is not working on my Lumia 625 in India. Unable to register. Anyone facing same issue?

JeetDesa says:

Working fine for me in India...!!!

However is not important that telegram group selected witch of them. It's very important that when the name of ngram beta changing to telegram(not only name.every thing of this) and we can use telegram app in WP. Telegram group must pay attention to us!!

mswindows101 says:

This should be done by more companies out there. If you have 3rd app devs out here,embrace them,hire them,support them. They have done a lot of the legwork already.

Somu612 says:

Migram is way better! Although yeah, there is some time delay.. I was hoping for an update soon.. WhatsApp is really bad when compared to either of the Telegram apps!


Yeah I don't get why Migram isn't the winner.

Suhasa Su says:

This should happen with reddit as well. Baconit should be official.

swizzlerz says:

I have SMS.. Good for my needs

3la2ooH says:

Why don't Microsoft buys Telegram before Google do, like they always do :/

I think that will not gonna happen. See the statement from Telegram's FAQ below:

Telegram is not intended to bring revenue, it will never sell ads or accept outside investment. It also cannot be sold. We're not building a “user base”, we are building a messenger for the people.

Pavel Durov, who shares our vision, supplied Telegram with a generous donation through his Digital Fortress fund, so we have quite enough money for the time being. If Telegram runs out, we'll invite our users to donate or add non-essential paid options.

Aashish13 says:

Microsoft should buy snapchat

Joost Meij says:

Chatogram should be made the official app because it's the best of all of them.

Jupast says:

Telegram Sam...Telegram Sam...youuu, are our main Man.....


I apologize for that unforgivable T.Rex moment :o/



Bruno Sain says:

I was and still am using MIGRAM,on this beta I could appreciate a transparent tile that migran has and ngram doesn't

1IV54IV3 says:

A very very good IM platform is schmoose, available for WP and Android so gar, iOS and Win8 are aboit to be released. It is a heavily encrypted messenger having its servers in Europe. It is a German developer group having its bureau in Luxemburg. It still is a little buggy, but it is a great messenger with a lot of potential. It is available via the Store for free

Bruno Sain says:

Guys don't forget that JONGLA is also a great app for messaging.

Aashish13 says:

Yeah bro there are many great apps but one can choose the messenger. Watsapp messenger is worst among all the instant msging but its sinooe that's y ppl have opted it largely even though its unsafe in front of many messengers.

Suban Bills says:

Kindly bring whatsapp back for only two days ok...

shreadow says:

NGram sucks ive tried a zillion times to activate it by choosing my country and putting my mobile number

and it never worked!!!

Hi shreadow, I've sent you a PM, please check it. We will solve your problem.

Hi have the same problema as shreadow!

Can you pease help me? Thanks.

1armedGeek says:

The folks at NGram or someone else should do a quick video tutorial.  


What do you need help with?

When will NGRAM support transparent live tile and secret chats ? Thats 2 things which i'm used to in Migram.

It will be updated next week.

Bruno Sain says:

Why waist time with idiots,asking for a video tutorial on this app means you have no brains!

Tonchi91 says:

Those designs are too good. I would like to use that kind of Telegram app. Of course, I expect not to be laggy and buggy. Plus transparent tile. and I will be pleased.

Stan Gursky says:

thanks for posting thise screens. :)

would've loved to make a client for Telegram but unfortunately they didn't take off as much as we would've liked...

Lumiamike says:

Dropped what's app the second the devil bought it, been using viber since but it is sooo slowww to load and buggy, tried ngram and boom... It works quickly and efficiently, ngram is great, ten of us have now gone straight to ngram, some on wp8.1, some on idiot phones and some on crapdroid, all happy

Tauseef Khan says:

Devil facebook! I am impressed

pampurio97 says:

Ngram is the worst. Online status is alway wrong.

-8- says:

Will there also be an official Telegram app for Windows 8?

migueli2 says:

It's official, and it's still beta.

Tauseef Khan says:

Unofficial apps look so uncool. Unless they update it to official release I'm not gonna use it..

vojta666 says:

Using Telegram a long time, partially replaced Whatsapp. ONe of the main advantages of Telegram is, that it has a PC client as well, so you can use it also this way. Works like a charm!! Keep going Telegram!!

Darnath says:

I love ngram first i try mgram but ngram is better

Bor Navas says:

Telegram secure. Sure...

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Ghyathoo says:

Negaram beta not active in Saudi Arabia

raycpl says:

If they can add the voice message function, it'll be almost perfect...

Cupidokidz says:

Unable to login.

I have been using migram because the time is off by one hour in ngram.

feraask says:

I really like telegram's speed and security but it needs to have a sticker selection before I can switch and convince all my friends to do so. We all love the stickers that we have in LINE since they can be quite fun and comedic.

gamato says:

And not only that. Line is pretty well implemented when you look at details. Cool app.

fonix232 says:

For me, Ngram was quite buggy. It wouldn't send messages on 3G, crashes were quite regular, so were logouts, and my groups disappeared from time to time. Migram, on the other hand, is a lot easier to use, and in my opinion, a better app.