No new Dell Windows Phone 7.5 devices as they take a hiatus

A few days ago, we ran an odd post about the Dell Wrigley, a reportedly updated Venue Pro which we first saw on a leaked Dell roadmap back in February. But later in May, Dell was noticeably absent from the list of hardware partners. The story we recently ran suggested that at least in India, this device was oddly on the way to market. We say odd since Dell as been MIA from the Windows Phone device scene for months now.

Unfortunately, we confirmed though a higher up at Dell that the Wrigley is no more and won't be released. We're not even sure if the device ever left planning stages, to be honest. But more importantly and as expected, Dell will not be having any more "Mango" devices to offer this year or next. Sure, they'll continue to support the Dell Venue Pro, no worries there, but it looks like they are taking a break for now.

The good news, if any, is that they may (we stress may) be back for Apollo aka Windows Phone 8, presumably after they clean up and make some changes internally to better meet the demands of their client. (We should also note that Dell seems to have also pulled or reduced support for their Android line as well, making this more a mobile-division issue than Windows Phone specific.)

Thanks, Malcolm, for the info and guidance



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andrew120 says:

Good. They leave free way for Nokia. What a bunch of nubs.In one year or two, they will be like how now Sony-Erricson is saying about iPhone. "I wish we have taken iPhone more seriously"

I dunno, of all my phones (I have 7), the Dell Venue Pro with Mango is my daily driver. It's not perfect, but that keyboard and design is pretty awesome. I'd rather have them than not--after all, the DVP was never assimilated by Android and was unique to Windows Phone :-/

GP07 says:

I expect a new Dell phone next year actually. They'll want to have something they can sell to business as a package, i.e., servers, desktops and mobile devices (laptops/tablets/phones) all in one go.

djmikebrady says:

In order for that scenario to play out, WP7 would need to finally offer full EAS compliance, including device encryption... short of that, many enterprises wouldn't go for it anyway, and Dell would fail in their "one-stop-shop" approach. Now, if Tango finally fixes that, or even Apollo, it would be a pretty sweet package!

theefman says:

No one to blame but themselves. Could have done a better job of responding to the problems when reported and providing better customer service and communication. Phone works great now but its all but impossible to convince anyone that its now a very good handset. If they do make a comeback hope they learn their lesson and avoid past mistakes.

IM0001 says:

From what it looked like, it was more a problem on the inside with hardware drivers/firmware and such. Similar problems existed back in the PDA X50/51v days. They make fantastic devices, but don't seem to be able to polish their proprietary drivers for anything they make. If they can ever get it under wraps in a 1.0 release of their hardware, then I do hope they make it back into the game.

Venelar says:

fkn dell..gimme my mango on att

Lucky7Phone says:

hey wp7centralyou guys and wmpoweruser missed this article back in late September.http://www.neowin.net/news/dell-looking-to-introduce-more-windows-phone-...

snowmutt says:

Bummer. My favorite form factor, a great sized screen, and my OS of choice. If I am not blown away by the Titan or Focus S, maybe I will pick up an unlocked one from Dell even cheaper now.

futurix says:

Good riddance.Dell seem to taint everything they touch.

Neofire says:

Dell created the biggest buzz, followed by the biggest let down. Please leave our platform dell you simply cant perform.

jabtano says:

It was the device I had wanted for the get go. what put me off was not being able to see it, or touch it before I bought it. so I went with the HD7 I do like how the device looks over all I still think it's the best looking WP7 device.

HeyCori says:

I am surprised Dell didn't end up like Gateway. This is a company that admitted to having prior knowledge that their PCs contained faulty equipment and they sold them anyway. Dell's legacy with crappy hardware and drivers is legendary. Yet somehow they continue to be a powerhouse in the PC market. I know some people out there love their DVP, nonetheless it had massive problems at launch, prompting many users to void their warranty just to fix it. Furthermore it took Dell way too long to address the issues and release an official fix for the numerous problems with the DVP. Seeing that Dell might not be coming back is probably a good thing. I'd hate for them to give WP7 another black eye by releasing more shoddy products.

onysi says:

i have dvp. i like the design but they seem to have pulled an HP touchpad on this one. "chicken shiet " -angelina jolie (mr. mrs smith)

UnlockStreak says:

I truly dig my Venue Pro with Mango 7.5! SMOOTH and STABLE operating system and I prefer it over Android any time. 7.5 runs a lot faster too. If Dell comes out with another touch/keyboard phone like the Venue Pro, I'll be on it for sure....hacking, tweaking, rooting, and unlocking it (http://www.unlockstreak.com). :--)