NoDo update starting to show up on retail WP7 phones?

While we don't have any visual confirmation of this, lets just say it makes sense. We're getting a report that the Dell Venue Pro is already shipping with the NoDo update on board, ready for some copy-n-paste action---at least in India (did we just let you down a bit? Sorry.). Reader Vinod writes to tell us:

"My friend just picked up a new Dell Venue Pro in India. And it has the NoDo (copy-paste) update already applied! The moment I saw the copy icon appearing on his phone, I yelled and started trying it out! Works exactly as advertised and in the emulator"

Like we said, it makes sense. Just like how that leaked Sprint 7 Pro finalized ROM has now been confirmed to have NoDo on board, we can expect some devices rolling off the factory floors to have the update already applied, as OEMs have been working with the update for a few months already. All we know is we're getting darn close! (Interestingly enough, we tried every single WP7 device on display at Mobile World Congress, not one had the update applied--looks like MS didn't let anyone slip it there)



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XboxOmac says:

Just bring in the update over to the ones that were bought already. I need Copy-Paste..

1jaxstate1 says:

I completely agree. The copy and paste is a feature that you really don't need, until you actually do need it. And then it's super frustrating that it's not there!

xpxp2002 says:

Well, Sprint has to have NoDo on their phones for CDMA support. How else did you expect to see the 7 Pro released?