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Nokia adds a Lumia filter to #2InstaWithLove Windows Phone app


Nokia has refreshed its #2InstaWithLove protest app for Windows Phone with a new Lumia filter. The company previously updated the app not so long ago with a HandCam filter, and we welcome yet another feature while the whole Instagram saga drags on.

The new Lumia filter removes the hue and saturation effects and simply focuses on the quality of the camera, leading to a more natural looking end result. Should you be using a Lumia 920 and wish to show off the quality of the optics then be sure to select this new Lumia filter. 

It's worth checking out #2InstaWithLove if you're wanting Instagram to release an app sooner rather than later. You can download #2InstaWithLove from the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Philip, for the tip!

QR: #2InstaWithLove



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Chris Yahya says:

Aww yeah first comment, and first tried this amazing filter!

ShadL says:

It's as though they're adding suspense to it, a good bet would be that the more filters they add to the app, the closer they are to releasing the official Instagram app. 
Just a thought.

I thought of the same

tcman88 says:

Or release it eventually as a competition to instagram

Sharpmango says:

No offence but obviously. Every single day brings us closer to instagram, middle age and death. Deal with it.

ShadL says:

So by the same logic you're implying that we should have news reports about how we're closer to death every single day?

You clearly haven't thought this through - there must be a reason as to why they're adding certain filters - one after the other with different updates - as opposed to just releasing all of them at once. 

NIST says:

I'm not dying. Eternal rules!!!

Nokia needs to just release its own instagram style website

bilzkh says:

You know...why doesn't Nokia just make this into a Lumia/WP-only social experience?
Integrate this app such that it can upload on Facebook, give it its own comment/like system, background notifications, etc -- and use it to build culture around the Lumia brand through its user base. You already have people posting some neat photos up there, why not expand upon it?

It *was* a Lumia only experience. Everyone who was non-Lumia bitched and moaned about it...

rightisray says:

Notice that the OP stated Lumia/WP only, meaning Windows Phone only and to make it a full social network like Instacrap, but for Windows Phone users only withe full features as described.  I think that would be a great idea and great, free advertising for our phones. 

bilzkh says:

Yep, open to all WPs but by virtue of the reality most users will be Lumia users.

NIST says:

I wish they would just bake the filters into the camera. Take a pic, choose a filter or not and post anywhere.

Sean D. says:

Are filters really that important to you? It's a serious question, not talking crap.

But either way, they integrate so many photo/camera apps with the "Lens" feature, so is that not good enough?

NIST says:

They are. They are a selling point for most of the social and photo apps. I use them all the time to enhance fun photos.

pankaj981 says:

Why do I get this feeling that this app is eventually going to become the official instagram app :-/


At first I thought the app worked nicely stirring up the hype but after reading this article, I can't help but think the same.

rubenbest says:

Why you make that face???

NIST says:

Make it post to instagraph.

venetasoft says:

We asked to #2instawluv support email to integrate with Instagraph, but we had no answer :(

kirklyt says:

Been already using this since yesterday.. :D

Nokia always think more about other oem users.

damo579 says:

It won't let me update the app. I tried from the marketplace and update isn't available

Same here. I can't update. I am using wp 7.8

Delin95 says:

You don't have to update. When you start the app, it will notify you about the new filter.

I wonder how often Nokia plans on adding new filters?