Nokia 900 specs leaked?

The Nokia Blog has posted the specs of the Nokia 900, one of the new handsets expected to be unveiled tomorrow at Nokia World in London.  The 900, looks to be the "Nokia Ace," sporting the same size screen and specs that were previously reported:

  • Windows Phone 7.5
  • 1.4GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16 or 32 GB inbuilt memory
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1800 mAh battery

It's interesting to see that both 16GB and 32GB models seem to be available, offering hi performance at a couple of different price points.  In addition to what's on the leaked spec sheet, we also heard that the 900 has an 8MP auto focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics and HSPA+ support for AT&T/T-Mobile.  The "Ace" will be the flagship phone of Nokia's new fleet, and with specs like this, it's no wonder.

UPDATE: There have been some questions raised as to whether this is a fake, based on Project #3 here.  Having compared the pics on that site with the one from the pamphlet above, and the one below that we left out of the original article, it just might be.  And of course, this is always one of the risks with reporting "leaks."  What say you, real or fake?

Source: TheNokiaBlog (Thanks for the tip, Brianna!)



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This article is in regards to the specs, not the image of the device. Besides, just because someone has a concept and a wishlist of specs, does not mean that the specs won't actually come to fruition on an actual device.

selfcreation says:

THERE YOU GO NOOOOOOOOOKIIIAAA!!!its about time you make a deccent WP.... good battery , good Prossecor/RAM and 32G of mem? about time!!! cause the sea ray is gona spend alot of time at the buttom of the sea not gettign any sun rays....EDIT: now this guy above me say its FAKE .. so ill say .. Dear Nokia = FAIL!

starblade876 says:

I doubt Nokia started the rumor if it's really a fake.

OMG55 says:

Hopefully it has a different look and feel than what the picture about shows and I'm all in on this one!!

starblade876 says:

It will be interesting to see a comparison to the Focus S when they both come out. Of course, with Samsung playing both sides with Android (and, arguably, favoring them), if it's a toss up, you know which OEM I'd support. ;p

jdevenberg says:

If this phone is real, its my next phone. I don't care if I have to buy it unlocked.

JamesDax3 says:

Leak may be fake but that dosen't mean a device with these stats don't exsit. I'm hoping one does and that it's coming to the US shores via T-Mobile for Xmas.

incendy says:

I wish too... but sadly I don't think it will happen. Hopefully they might have the right bands to at least import!

mango.lover says:

They will; you will hear it announced tomorrow.

awesumjon says:

please. . . please. . . T-mobile. . . please. . . . . . . . . !It's all I want in a phone. . . Please. . . . !

jfa1 says:

Assuming for the sake of arguments its real and it has ATT frequencies so no TMo unless you want edge only.

jabtano says:

T-MO needs another WP7 device one mid-range device does not cut the ketchup

This device is going to have a physical QWERTY (as rumored by the register.uk).

jfa1 says:

I hope not or Tmo can have it IMO just me -

awesumjon says:

I sincerely hope this is coming to T-mobile.It looks like it doesn't have a physical keyboard (I'm not a fan of those)

johaas says:

Man, this phone sounds amazing! I may even kick Verizon to the curb and lose my unlimited data to get this beast.

US citizen also hoping for this phone (though through AT&T). What a **** phone! Hope it reaches the states sooner rather than later.

futurix says:

Too bad it's a fake - otherwise it could have been my next phone.

theefman says:

Funny how people are ignoring the fact that this is a fake and hoping it somehow morphs into reality. Then when it doesnt materialise I'm sure the "Nokia sucks" cries will ensue.

jfa1 says:

just because the picture might be fake or photoshopped or whatever does not mean that the phone itself isnt real!

Booie2k1 says:

I pray this phone is real...but somehow I don't think it is. The 900 falls off the edge of the page and it looks like its inkjet printed too.Who knows, I'll be happy if Nokia release something even remotely similar to this, that includes the Nokia 800 (It's fracking beautiful).

polychromenz says:

Not sure its real but the image doesn't fall off the page the photo is just rubbish. Could explain the bad quality colours etc too. Still sounds too good to be true. MS would have had to add a load of extra stuff for them to achieve these specs including bloutooth 4

Shmythe says:

Well we are only about 12 hours out from learning if this is fake or not. I am guessing that it is, but who knows. If you really need a phone like this, just get the Titan.

Odd-i-See says:

Wish this was real and headed to T-Mo. Would like a Front Facing Camera though.

Odd-i-See says:

Just looked at the Project 3 photos....all my hopes were smashed....

Yamishi says:

It does look kind of sketchy, but unless I'm missing something, that picture isn't the same as the one on Project 3 on the multi-OS page. The bottom-right tile is different.Or is there something else that's being pointed out?

PhilR8 says:

Look at the Outlook tile, and then look at the 5 in 25. Then compare it to the 5 at this link:http://www.istartedsomething.com/20111020/nokia-windows-phones-may-use-n...The 900 Mockup uses Nokia Sans, and was probably created before Nokia unveiled Nokia Pure. In my mind, this cements the 900 mockup as a fake, because why would Nokia launch a new font with much fanfare, and then use the old font on promotional materials for their premium, high-end device?

fpostrow says:

I think we'll find out if it's real or fake shortly....

UnnDunn says:

Even if this were real, no SD Card expansion or 64GB option make this a non-starter for me.

johaas says:

64GB?! Good Lord!

devGOD says:

no he wants 1TB of space cause 65gb is just not enough to store every single file on his computer on his phone. every phone should be used as an external backup hard drive

johaas says:

Lol, awesome comment devGOD! Some people can't be satisfied.

Kronologick says:

I have completely forgot about the Ace handset that has not been seen at all by the public. Nokia has already grabbed our attention with the 800 simply through its brilliant design. I mean the sites I have visited are alight with applause based solely on design. If the Ace is to be their Premiere device what can we expect as far as looks go. I for one am excited to hear whats in store tomorrow. Hopefully we get a peak at it.