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Nokia accidentally showing off a white Lumia 900?

White 900?

Call it a simple error or sign of things to come, but on Nokia's Facebook page they have a new photo of the white Lumia 800 announced yesterday.

Problem is, it's looks very much like the Lumia 900 sans AT&T logo. For instance, there's the exposed microUSB port on top (the 800 has the famous flip door) and we can clearly also see the front-facing camera.

White 900

So are we looking at an international Lumia 900 in white? Quite possibly. There's no reason to think that the Lumia 900 won't go international and if the 800 can do white, why not the 900? So perhaps an intern grabbed a mislabeled stock photo and posted to Facebook.

All we know is Mobile World Congress is a few weeks away, so we'll be finding out more then.

Source: Nokia Facebook; via Pocketnow



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tigermcm says:

yeah I see the difference. its quiet interesting

Rafyelzz says:

And you say accidentally? C'mon

Well, they are calling it the Lumia 800, so, lol...

splash112 says:

They knew what they were doing, accidentally my anus

i have a nephew id be willing to sell for a white 900 on att

banghaymo says:

At least I have confirmation now of a white lumia 900.. Good times ahead:]

That is beautiful.

Smoothbond says:

Honestly, if I see another post about a new Lumia colour or another Lumia launch party in Bulgaria I'm going to scream. How is this news? We have a phone that doesn't have orientation lock or calendar search and you're all getting excited because a Yellow Lumia 980 is launching at a Nightclub by the river in Kazakhstan

MediaCastleX says:

I'll scream! That comment was funny, you clever little monkey...but seriously, get excited over the worldwide exposure. =P

hyperova says:

@smoothbond i think the news here is that it says its the 800 but its not the fact that we are getting a white 900 is just a bonus and these things need to be told and you no you don't have to read these articles or waste time commenting on things you don't want to read

banghaymo says:

See this IS news for me, I have been dying to know since yesterday if there was going to be a white lumia 900 and voila. Thanks to wpcentrals awesome reporting skills I can sleep better at night!:]

ahuczek says:

International exposure bro don't be sour. And the funny thing about your post is that it's in an article that was posted directly after an article about calendar search lol

j i AmnesiAc says:

No. It's the zebra striped Lumina 74000 with coffee maker that's launching at a remote buddhist monastery in Tibet that we are excited about...

In all seriousness I can't wait to check out the 900 first hand.

MrMetalist says:

I hope they'll make it available on at&t!!!

jtshorns says:

Looks soo much better without the ATT logo on it......wish Nokia could've talked ATT out of bastardizing the look with the deathstar all over it

rodneyej says:

Or even make it smaller right!

rodneyej says:

I want to see some colors like red, gray, darker blue... How about Clear polycarbonate?

rodneyej says:

Don't forget purple!

thetuxmask says:

This is the one I want on att

How much does the color really matter when conventional wisdom suggests that you'll be putting a case around it? Or do we trust Nokia's tests and the Gorilla glass so much that we'll forgo the case?

MrMetalist says:

I don't ever use case on my phone they make phone look ugly.

incendy says:

I hope it will be available at launch!

danygandhi says:

Any chance of a podcast this week,there are so many topics to discuss. would love to hear your opinion WP8.

RJPeters says:

I've dropped my Focus 3 times and watched it slide across the floor screen down, and not a single scratch yet....Gorilla Glass FTW!

xace775x says:

I can't wait till I replace my hd7s with this! Nokia ftw

jabtano says:

The device looks nice in white. I'm excited to see this device soon.

Cartman says:

Remember though...the international version of the Lumia 900 will not have LTE.
So if you really don’t want the AT&T logo I guess you could get the international version (if it supports the proper US bands) and do without LTE.
I have LTE in my area so it looks like I will just deal with that stupid AT&T logo.

ejlee072006 says:

Tmo sales rep told me when I got my 710 that Nokia will release a 12 megapix Nokia phone in March.. I would definitely jump on a Nokia n900 after using the 710 im addicted to it.. My hd7 is still my primary device but I used the 710 for web.. Its faster than my hd7

onysi says:

You better be telling us the truth or i will hunt you down.   i want a nokia white 900.

neogodless says:

The photo link doesn't work - so... they removed it... confirming suspicion ;)

Mars2003 says:

Here's hoping that MWC in a couple of weeks confirms this for the European markets.