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Nokia Ace to have 4.3 AMOLED display and HSPA+

This is fairly interesting, but take it how you will. My Nokia Blog has received an anonymous tip containing specifications of a high-end Windows Phone handset from Nokia. The device is the "Nokia Ace" and is rumoured to be announced at the upcoming Nokia World in London later this month.

The "Nokia Ace" specifications make this device slightly more power-packed than the Sea-Ray, indicating that the handset that was unveiled earlier this year (and is presumably going to be the launch device) is mid-level with features to rival the Samsung Omnia W and HTC Radar. According to the tip My Nokia Blog received, the following will be featured in the "Nokia Ace":

  • 4.3" AMOLED
  • 1800mAh
  • Carl Zeiss
  • 8mp AF
  • Windows Phone Mango+
  • HSPA+ (AT&T/T-Mobile)
  • CBD
  • 1.4 Ghz processor
  • 16GB internal storage

    Let's see what both Nokia World and Q4 2011 bring to the Windows Phone community, but all is looking well for the future Nokia portfolio of WP devices.

    Source: My Nokia Blog, via: PocketNow



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    Winterfang says:

    Sounds too good to be true. I'm not trusting this.

    Nokia World is October 26-27, so this rumor will be either valided or refuted then. Only a few more weeks to go.....

    blackprince says:

    What's Mango+ ? Some great Nokia extras I hope.

    xpxp2002 says:

    That's what I was thinking... I hope it doesn't fragment the platform too much, though. I remember Nokia saying that their contributions to Windows Phone OS would make their way back to the other OEMs, so we'll have to see. Maybe it's an update (like Tango 1) and Nokia just gets to have it first?

    jabtano says:

    Turned my head....

    Jess82#WP says:

    We'll find out soon enough.

    migo says:

    Funny how the rumors get changed slightly each time. PocketNow drops the mention of HSPA+ being LTE (conveniently ignoring that it shouldn't be trusted) and now WPCentral pretends that it's for AT&T and T-Mobile.This is just some fanboy's wish.

    jcagga says:

    we don't need your negative attitude!

    starblade876 says:

    Do you know the definition of "rumor"? WPCentral is not treating it as fact. Also, if a rumor says HSPA+, there are only two carriers in the US that are candidates, AT&T and T-Mobile. Get over yourself.

    TreSupreme says:

    Candidates? Every carrier should be considered Nokia and Microsoft do not have the leisure or flexibility to pick and choose carriers. Especially ignore the nations largest with the most advanced 4G network. If Nokia and other WP manufacturers don't get on the CDMA train like every other OS, then WP won't grow in the US.

    starblade876 says:

    I'm fairly certain that any lack of WPs on any carrier falls on the carrier, not MS nor any manufacturers. Additionally, yes, candidates. If a rumor said it had CDMA bands, do you want to take a guess as to the two major candidates that device would likely go to? I'll give you a hint: it wouldn't be AT&T or T-Mobile.

    DavidinCT says:

    A Verizon LTE phone ? I'd be all over it..

    starblade876 says:

    Create a lot of demand for it by getting a lot of people to bother VZW about it and maybe they'll listen and start supplying.

    Paul Acevedo says:

    My wish is that you'd be more polite.

    lubbalots says:

    Why why why? Why always att!? Now i hate android more than ever! Tmo's plan, android all the way. FU you android lovers. F everything up. No wonder Tmo never ever gets anything good!

    AT&T is the windows phone "Prime". but yeah we all hate android.

    Mooncow27 says:

    I kind of prefer the rounded edge design to the other phones like the HTC. I love the specs on the Nokias. I may have to try it. However it looks eerily simillar to Sony MP3 Walkmans. But larger.

    HD7user86 says:

    Does it have a FF camera? It didn't say and if not i am definitely not buying. Also why is it only AMOLED and not Super AMOLED+? This is stupidddd. Android gets all the good hardware...WOWSERS!!!

    SuperAMOLED/SuperAMOLED+ is a Samsung technology and to my knowledge they haven't let anyone else use it yet.

    HD7user86 says:

    Thank you for the reply, now that you said that it does makes sense so i retract my complaint about the SuperAMOLED/SuperAMOLED+. Now i just hope it has a FF camera and i'm in because the metal uni-body Nokia brings is stunning.

    Mars2003 says:

    Samsung did provide Super AMOLED panels to HTC for the initial version of the Desire. Sammy subsequently decided it needed all it's production and HTC switched to SLCD.There must be other suppliers of AMOLED out there.

    I think that was normal AMOLED which Samsung produces for other manufactures too. Might be wrong though.

    I'm going to have to get used to reading "FF Camera" as front facing camera. I'm too used to reading it as full frame camera.Now that would be something... to have a full frame digital camera on a Windows Phone.....

    lovenokia says:

    It probably will a FF camera and Amoled CBD is pretty damm good i have comapared a nokia c7 enxt to my samsung focus and tbh i cant tell the difference(this was outdoors) so you gonna have to try Amoled CBD for yourself dont turn it down cause the Sammy focus s will be plastic like its android brothers but i am sure it wont be another over plasticly focus.

    Argh aren't Nokia going to make any WP7 phones without AMOLED? I've been really excited about Nokia WP7 but after hearing all these leaked specs for AMOLED I'm really disappointed :( just hope the leaks aren't true or there are are going to be a few S-LCD models.

    Nokia needs to make a 4.3in phone with a slide out keyboard! NOW!!

    DavidinCT says:

    When and I'm sold...

    dnmartin98 says:

    You mean it doesn't have a 12 core processor and 1TB of storage? Then i'm not buying it.....

    theman60099 says:

    jaja nice one!! that's really shoving the pie in the face of alot of the ignorant spec haters on this site.

    DavidinCT says:

    This is not Android, an OS that needs it just to run correctly

    dnmartin98 says:

    You mean it doesn't have a 12 core processor and 1TB of storage? Then i'm not buying it......

    1800mAh battery.1800mAh... That is all. About time.

    DroBoy says:

    Its HSPA+ So hopefully this means T-mobile will carry it..

    Luisraul924 says:

    yeah don't trip too much on that one... Nokia LOVES making pentaband phones which means it'll work on both networks.

    lovenokia says:

    I ask for the 4.3 inch device to have a 12 mp shooter the same as in the nokia n8 and i will be very happy.

    mapleleafs89 says:

    That is a wicked battery, for sure going to last 2-4 days no problem.

    JamesDax3 says:

    IF this is real then this must come to T-Mobile. After all, T-Mobile is the carrier in the US that has given Nokia the most support.

    Hmmm.....Focus S or this....

    lovenokia says:

    tough one but since ive seen the performance of Amoled CBD in real life comapared to super amoled i dont see any difference. The nokia will have a better camera for sure and build quality nokia is known quite well for how well they are in that department.

    Dark Mirage says:

    Nice... I like the sound of the Focus S better though :/. Simply because it's Super AMOLED+. Still, big step in the right direction.

    lovenokia says:

    Just give Amoled CBD a good look its really good ive seen it before.

    Luisraul924 says:

    I read somewhere, although I don't remember where... That Nokia is updating their clear black technology to match Super AMOLED+

    Osaladin says:

    If this is true, it'll probably be my next phone. My main issue with WP7 phones is the lack of internal storage, I don't like using a memory card, it causes too many problems with syncing for me. Give me a big internal storage some new accent colors, a FF camera and I'll be a happy man.

    Venom98 says:

    Please WP7 gods make this CDMA and on Sprint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!