Nokia and AT&T working on an LTE Windows Phone

Just last night we're discussing on the podcast how Nokia wants to make a big splash here in the US. To do so, they want to launch with a flag-ship devices and what better way to do that than with AT&T--a dedicated partner of Microsoft and Windows Phone?

So perhaps it is of little surprise that The Verge are reporting that AT&T and Nokia are working together for a 4G LTE device sometime early next year. That jives with what Andy Lees told us the other day in that Nokia was being aggressive about getting LTE-supported builds of the OS to work with.

The article goes on to suggest that this device, a variant of the Lumia 800, might be running the follow up to Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" which is code-named "Tango" at this time. Likewise, Verizon is also rumored to be getting such a device, seeing as they too run an LTE network.

This all of course works well with our earlier finding of the Nokia "Champagne" Windows Phone. That device, coincidentally, is running OS 8711 which is a Tango build. The Champagne was first picked up on October 25th by the app "I'm a WP7!" making it relatively new and a prime candidate for such an AT&T/Verizon phone.

Source: The Verge



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JamesDax3 says:

I truly hope AT&T isn't getting another WP7.5 device while T-Mobile is still sitting here with just one. And a low end one at that.

Coolaaron88 says:

Thats T-Mobiles, they dont want to ask for anything more high end so they get what they get

theefman says:

Up to the carrier to request a phone, tmo requested a low end phone, thats what they got.

So what is "Tango" bringing as far as features?

fpostrow says:

Excellent news. My ATT Focus will be replaced with the US version of the Lumia 800 and the timing could not be any better for me. Anytime after January works great. No need to rush Nokia. Get it right, but don't take too long.

Odd-i-See says:

Imight have to jump ship and head to AT&T. T-Mo is not looking good at the moment...

Vallos says:

Oh please come to Verizon!

So my question is this - Does having a LTE chip require a larger battery? If so, perhaps that would mean that the Nokia 'Champagne' will have a slightly larger shell, and thus a larger screen and room for the ffc. I hope that Nokia is also able to include their FM Transmitter feature - not essential, but useful :)Here's hoping!

lovenokia says:

i really hope so too

bryceg says:

More ATT phones... Meanwhile my friends on Verizon and Sprint who were considering buying a WM7 phone until they saw the sad options on the networks, opted for another iPhone or Android.This looks like a fantastic phone though (if they add front camera and more storage), would definatly pick one up if it was on any other carrier besides ATT.

WinFan1 says:

goodness another damn atnt phone alright alright **** you tmobile u suck i hate die im goint to atnt getting me a titan :D

HD7user86 says:

T-Mobile and Sprint Suck. I had T-Mobile and now just went to Sprint but here hoping Sprint has something up their sleeves for next year.

mikroland says:

This is what I'm waiting for. No thanks on the B.S. "4G" HSPA+ garbage in the current Gen2 phones (Focus S, Titan, etc)