Nokia and Microsoft set developer coding record in Indonesia

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We've been covering the launch of Windows Phone in Indonesia via the Lumia 710 and 800 for a few weeks now. Officially being released over the weekend, the launch was proceeded by numerous events to spark interest and build momentum.

One of those events was a Nokia Developer Day day sponsored by Microsoft and it was attempting to break a record with at least 800 developers coding at once for new Windows Phone apps. Now, the Indonesian Record Museum (Museum Rekor Indonesia / MURI), which is similar to Guinness for world-record keeping, has officially certified the day as a record with more than 800 devs participating in the 24-hour event.

Entered as record number 5308 in the MURI archives, the award was accepted by Narenda Wicaksono, Development Operations Manager Nokia Indonesia and Microsoft's Risman Adnan, Developer Director of Microsoft Indonesia (image above).

Nokia Developer Day, Indonesia

Nokia Developer Day was held on February 4 through the 5th at Graha Mandala Siliwangi, Bandung and seems to have been a resounding success in both gaining attention and hopefully a trove new applications for the Indonesian Marketplace. One of those apps evidently is a Reuters Kompass TV video streaming program, making it one of the first on-demand news apps for Windows Phone and it should be available to all users in the next few months.

Source: Tekno Kompass 1, 2; Nokia Developer Day image via Aca S. (@superaca); Thanks, Hermawan S., for the tip!



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selfcreation says:

A little light at the End of the tunel :)

bashlife says:

thanks to Nokia for event like this & for bringing some sparks into Windows phone platform

jabtano says:

Nokia is doing it all right now. Focusing so much attention to WP7. That HTC,Samsung and LG are all in someways reaping in on some of the benefits.

Also It's pretty simple when your making the best WP7 devices on the market

jodybiz says:

and yet the Xbox live nor Zune still not available in the marketplace yet... :'(

rodneyej says:

Keep the good news coming.

Midi25 says:

If anybody from Indonesia having problem accessing Zune and Xbox live, change your region to Singapore. If you want to buy app or games, enter your credit card account through the marketplace on the phone, it works for me and my friends. Here's hoping Microsoft will soon support marketplace for Indonesia.