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Nokia announces availability of Lumia 610 in the UK

Lumia 610

Nokia has today announced availability of the low-end, most affordable Lumia Windows Phone in the UK - the Lumia 610. The device is available in white, cyan, magenta and the usual black variants. As well as being a Tango targeted handset (only sports the minimum specifications), the Lumia 610 comes with tethering out of the box, as well as a flip-to-silence feature.

Should you be interested in purchasing one, the Lumia 610 is priced from just £15/mo on contract reportedly with O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and is stocked by both Carphone Warehouse, Clove and Phones 4u. Expect to see some stock being promoted at each supporting source. Sporting a 3.7" display, 256MB RAM, 5MP camera, 8GB storage and is powered by a 800Mhz chip. 

Originally, June 11th was on the cards for the release date, so it's good to see Nokia coming forward with the Lumia 610 a week or two in advance.

Head past the break to check our unboxing and hands on video of the Nokia Lumia 610 from a few days ago...


Reader comments

Nokia announces availability of Lumia 610 in the UK


I really think this is a great phone if they sell it at the right price. The problem now is getting the devs to optimize their apps. If all the app were compatible with this phone I would definitely buy it. 

I think the 610 is kind of a fail. I think the IDEA of it is good, but its not really a device for the European/USA markets. In my country the 710 is still cheaper (!) than the 610 and its much better in terms of hardware, so there is absolutley NO reason to buy or recommend it in any way.

What Nokia IMHO should have done:

-Release the 610 with NFC in the first place to have an outstanding feature at least.

-Release it ONLY in asian/etc. markets where price is king

-give it 512mb of RAM to run all apps (how expensive can 256MB of additional RAM be in these days?)

Too expensive.
Same price on contract as the more functional Lumia 710. More expensive off it - the 710 is available unlocked for as low as £119.99.

This phone will do great in an emerging market like the UK.  I'm glad Nokia made a phone for emerging nations.

If it was available in the US, I'd buy one for my employees, my parents, and my wife would like one.  It does everything they need it to do in a nice form.

I am sick tired about 610 why make a phone if it can't run off some great apps. Total waste of time putting this phone. My wp 7.5 is now 1yr old and it twice better than 610 and at have about 48 apps installed with current most use apps and yes my wp 7.5 still running fast & fluid with my memory 512mb ram & 16gig storage.

Again why bother make a phone like 610 when you can run off great apps. Move on make a more high end phone has why waste your money on 610.