Nokia announces CES press event--new phones on the horizon for the US?

Nokia at CES

Nokia has just sent out invites for their press event next month at CES in Las Vegas. While word is mum on what they plan to show off in the 45 minute event, rumors have been swirling for some time that an AT&T (and maybe Verizon) device announcement could be on the agenda. Such a device (or devices?) could be the rumored Nokia 900 "Ace"--a 4.3" screen device akin to the Lumia 800--destined for AT&T and featuring LTE. Other possibilities include an LTE-enabled Lumia 800, which may lack the punch of a 900-esque device but we think would still be a large seller here.

Verizon is also rumored to be picking up a Nokia device or two, presumably because it would feature LTE on board, satisfying their demands.

Either way, this announcement can only be good news for Windows Phone and Nokia, both of which are vying for the public attention. Landing on AT&T and/or Verizon would be a huge boost in numbers and visibility for both companies, in addition to giving customers what they really want, a high-end "classy" Windows Phone that can compete with the iPhone and Android. It also seems to us that Nokia has really put into high gear getting these devices to the US market, especially with the launch of the T-Mobile Lumia 710 and their media campaign dubbed "Rolling Thunder".

Good news for our readers is we'll be front and center at CES for this press event and others, so we'll have your coverage that you deserve.



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A r i says:

You making the trek cross country Daniel? I'm actually looking forward to visiting the Nokia booth this year. Last time they were there (2~3 years ago), they had a huge booth but their offerings and ecosystem were a mess. I was using a god awful Symbian 5800 MusicExpress and was unimpressed with their Ovi store.

Their booth footprint looks good sized for 2012.

Yup, I'll be there with the rest of the Mobile Nations crew. Expecting a lot from Nokia this year, should be interesting.

Would love to see something new with Verizon; really no complaints with my Trophy though. The Lumia 800 is just so purty though...

Winterfang says:

If they don't anounced at least one new phone. This will be a waste of everyone's time.

Sounds good, but when are they gonna make a phone with about a 4in screen with qwerty! I hope Windows Phone isnt abandoning it!  Arrive is too small! I still cant wait to see what Nokia shows off.. Better be something brand new! 

Here's the thing: those devices just don't sell. That's the only reason why you don't see more of them. And I say that, begrudgingly, as someone who loves that form factor. 

Large, black-slab devices are the rage, not qwerty's. 

Although I don't favor physical QWERTY keyboards, I hope that Nokia re-issues the N950 (it was a developer phone that was the N9 with a slide out keyboard) form factor for those WP fans that want or need that form factor.

thenet says:

Why do you want a fricken 4 inch phone. It looks so awkward putting it your pocket. The Htc Arrive is a perfect size put in the pocket and is very light size. If you want a big smart phone get a 7 inch tablet. The HTC arrive is a awesome WP 7.5

devGOD says:

actually a 4 inch or a 4.3in screen is not as big as you would think. depending on the phone design in some cases a 3.7 and 4-4.3 phone can be the same size in body. you can gain .1 - .3 of an inch by simply decreasing the bezel making buttons on the bottom smaller etc. 
i have a hd7 4.3in screen, its perfect for watching netflix, texting, emails, etc.

Can somebody please bring Sprint in on this conversation please! Lol

jfa1 says:

First of all the only people who can bring Sprint in on this conversation is the management of Sprint.  If you have anyt control over that then get to it!  Secondly Sporint is rumored to be getting maybe three different WP 2nd gen  devices in the first half of next year (2012)

The last that I heard, from a source that I could actually name and has a rep, said Sprint was not in talks with Nokia--only Verizon and AT&T are for their highend phones.

Things may have changed though, but I'm not betting on Sprint just yet.

thenet says:

yes sprint will be getting 3 new windows phone. they realize HTC arrive been getting many great reviews and that Nokia getting great reviews also. Who knows Nokia 900 might go to sprint

There's no evidence that Sprint is getting 3 new Windows Phones. Just an unsourced rumor.

andymodem says:

If Nokia announced a 4.3" LTE enabled WP7 for AT&T, my iPhone 4S would be on eBay the day they were available.

rocs macho says:

Due for an upgrade next month.  Have been patiently waiting for something other than the Trophy on Verizon.  As much as I love my Incredible, and love what I can do with a rooted phone, I am tired of Android.  ICS does not seem that appealing to me.  The more I look @ WP7, and the more I play with the handsets, the more I like it.  I love the Metro UI....not sure if I am sold on the look of the live tiles yet, but everything else just looks amazing.  In my best Bart Scott impression.....CAN'T WAIT!!!!!  

Jsoncv80 says:

So I have an upgrade now. Its so hard not to pick up a 4s before Xmas, just feels right. I have a GS2 with Att and want a different phone. I thought 4s with apple TV would be awesome but can't seem to get the new WP7 out my mind. It is really very nice, fluid and refreshing. What should I do? 4s, Titan, or wait for LTE Titan or Nokia? Which mind you waiting will be hard.

Jorba says:

Wait till CES and then decide.

devGOD says:


i have a feeling its going to be a let down... probably just the 800 coming to the US with 16gb and maybe a FFC. no 900 or anything WOW!. all we've heard about the 900 have been rumors and renders. not one real leaked image, or confirmation that something other than the 700s and 800 models will be coming.  the specs for the ACE aka 900 is pretty much made up by bloggers not 100% at all. the screen  size has jumped from 4.7 to 4.3, with 16 to 32gb, gyro, ffc, insane battery life, etc... 
not being negative but I don't want to put too much hope in nokia since they have yet to create anything wow, reusing the n9 design for the 800 doesn't make me feel confident that they can pull something original off.


Sounds negative to me, we all know that the 700 and 800 aren't their only phones, and they aren't bad ones when u think about it. Why the héll does design matter? Seeing so many complaints about it. Not too many ways to package a circuit board, radio chips and  a touch screen.

devGOD says:

don't get me wrong i love the wp7 os and will remain a user. if the 800 with 32gb and a FFC comes out on AT&T i'll switch from Tmo and purchase one. I love my hd7 and tmo's pricing but I need more space and a ffc cam. as a developer I want to develop so new apps using the FFCam and 16gb is not enough I have 2.1gb left free on my hd7.
fingers crossed though... hoping for the best.

I've been calling the 900 a "unicorn phone" for sometime now on the podcast for this reason--there is just no real evidence that it exists, just lots of "anonymous" sources from blogs with spotty track records (and that's being generous).

My bet is an LTE Lumia 800 for AT&T, but I don't view that as a bad thing.