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Nokia announces winner of Music Short Film competition, shows off the two incredible finalists

Nokia has published a new entry on its Conversations Blog, detailing the winner of its Music Short Film competition. The idea was to encourage filmmakers to showcase the unique and unknown music scenes in their region. It's reported that hundreds of entries were received, but the team managed to cut it down to just two finalists: Jason van Genderen and Bartosz Madejski.

What's interesting about these entries are that both are shot on a Lumia 920. The video above is Genderen's, which managed to take first place in the end. Titled Red Earth Hip Hop, the filmmaker talks about the capabilities of the Windows Phone and how it helped him produce the short movie:

"The technology in the Nokia Lumia 920 is stunning, such incredibly sharp pictures from such a tiny lens… it really was remarkable to see the picture on the cinema screen and most audiences would have no idea it came from a smartphone. The stabilisation chassis was amazing, too. Ordinarily anything hand-held with such a small, lightweight camera produces shaky pictures. The Lumia 920, however, allowed my arms to crane the phone in high and low to a scene and it played back perfectly smooth – really impressive… it genuinely looked like I’d used a tripod or a steadicam to get those shots."

Madejski came in behind the winning entry, but it's still definitely worth checking out. The film showcases the reggae scene in Glasgow, Scotland.

Be sure to head on over to the Nokia blog for more details.

Source: Nokia Conversations



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WaywardBus says:

Awesome video!

adrian1338 says:

According to this article you are right

L0gic Bom8 says:

No two ways, I like the old style of hip-hop. By that, I mean when lyrics speak stories like the song "Live and Learn" by Joe Public. Nowadays, I stay away from the "hardcore gangster" style where it's very profane and too explicit. I have to praise Jason for his efforts to help the Aborigines. I never knew their plight was THIS bad. This sounds like a risky move, but I wish him well in this endeavor.

ladydias says:

I'm with you. The current style of rap is a joke compared to a lot of the awesome hip hop songs I grew up with. :(

L0gic Bom8 says:

@ladydias: If I could "like" your post, I'd press it! I don't mind a little language if it's part of telling the story or part of the dance (Gettin' Jiggy With It by Will Smith), but if it's too pervasive I'll skip it. I'm open to all styles of music, though I admit I'm more into rock and electronic styles, but I'm not into music where it's all about being a bad@$$, women and sex, and other things not safe to list in this discussion.

ladydias says:

If I could "like" a comment I'd do the same to you. You nailed my sentiments on the current state exactly.

L0gic Bom8 says:

@ladydias: Too bad there's no way to add other members as friends in my profile, otherwise you'd be there!

TripsG says:

Any idea how they may have edited their video's? I'm curious as to how I can edit video I take from my own 920.


chucky says:

Yes, I want to know aswell

Great videos. "this app became gay"

cybermoose89 says:

Not my cup of tea music at all but each to there own i suppose