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New Nokia MixRadio update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

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Nokia buying Medio Systems to improve its HERE maps service

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Nokia Lumia 930 confirmed to be coming soon to Ireland on Meteor

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Nokia App Folder gets a small update, general performance improvements

Nokia App Folder

Samsung isn't the only one updating its App Folder application for Windows Phone today as Nokia has pushed out an update to its own version. Downloadable from the Windows Phone Store right now there's not a lot to shout about, just some general performance improvements.

But we'll never turn our noses up at performance improvements. And if you've not yet downloaded it, give it a shot, it's completely free.

QR: App Folder



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ebin5 says:

folders should have been built in in WP 8.1.

x I'm tc says:

Lots of things should have been built in. With the exception of the notification center, nothing else was "must have" and the other most glaring shortcomings are all still there. Combine that with the cool features they removed (I'm looking at you, reading texts over Bluetooth and all you hubs) and once again, Windows Phone takes a step to the side more than an unequivocal upgrade. This lack of forward progress is just infuriating.

Shantek says:

It still shows reading texts over Bluetooth in the settings under speech? I just enabled it in 8.1 to read all, and no dice. What's the go? Setting still there but doesn't actually work?

kwambe5 says:

That's interesting because mine still reads my texts over blue tooth and wired headphone.

x I'm tc says:

Well, maybe I'm just stupid.  (Not really a question...maybe I'm just being stupid...yet again!)  I'll check it out.  It stopped working for me after the upgrade and I just assumed they removed it.  Hopefully I'm wrong.

jrnag24 says:

Mine still reads the texts over Bluetooth

neonspark says:

you must have cortana setup to do it.

Also, it doesn't say who is calling anymore by the voice assistant. It did on 8.0...

keezdriver says:

My 1520 with 8.1 reads texts and announces callers with no problems.

Weird, it doesn't on my 920, or my dads. Is there a setting we have to REENABLE? :-/

Alphageek_UK says:

Look in "Settings / Speech / Read incomming messages aloud" and set your preferred option.

I said callers, not messages.

neonspark says:

agreed. another feature I just noticed I lost was the ability to just comment on an image from the pictures hub. It now launches the app which half the time doesn't load the image properly and it lags badly doing so. This is horrible because the FB app is basically crap, slow, and inconsistent with the OS. Some of it is just poor FB developers, but the other is obviously the winPRT api being slow compared to the native restricted APIs and objects MSFT gives themselves access to. I'm glad they are starting to eat their dog food with calendar being done with the same SDK they give devs. Maybe the aweful experience of having to launch an app for everything will not be so terrible.

For now, I'm basically going to completely remove the social network integration (if you can even all it that) from the phone as I much rather not be tossed into an app I don't want to wait for accidentally because I was used to the superior WP 8.0 way.

The messaging over bluetooth seems to be run by Cortana, so if you're not in the US I suspect it won't work.  Might be your problem.


Chef316 says:

Reading texts over Bluetooth works for me still as well as reading assistance for everything on screen...through Cortana.

Tbh folders was more of a "must have" for me than the notification center. Live tiles worked fine for me and the only thing I use the notification center is for accessing settings.

Darenhoff says:

u r absolutely rt.

cyan has even worse features it looks 2 me!

it is just 24hours I upgraded to cyan, i am loosing my cool.

old features r also destroyed which ppl liked!

neonspark says:

agreed. this is such basic feature. such essential functionality. such basics that while one can defend the decision to exlude it in 2011 when they launched without mutli-taksing, copy-paste, and even custom ringtone support, in 2014 it is downright inexcusable.


duk3togo says:

Does anyone know if the bug that made this app restart your phone had been fixed?

bayanii says:

Look, the idea of these apps are for quicker updates. There have been articles about making features as apps so when people complain, which seems to be the norm, they can fix it quickly. Its not built in so you don't have to wait for major OS updates. It exist in the platform. It is built in when Nokia is the maker and not a 3rd party app. I'm really getting tired of the bickering around here. Hate me if you like, but its fucking improving quick.

x I'm tc says:

So, actually faster?

Does it work faster that before guys ? Also does it show notifications ?

I'm not sure, but I think it doesn't :/

p51mustang says:

Never had a need until WP 8.1. Then I downloaded the app to set up a folder for my games.

vkelkar says:

Games hub shows the collection of games

adrian1338 says:

Not if you uninstall it :)

xaeryan says:

And you managed that how? I don't have the option.

How did you uninstall it? I and others do not have to option to do this.

p51mustang says:

The Games hub is slow to open and I don't need all the other crap that comes with it.

With the Folder app, I can also place my favorite games at the top as the Games hub had now lost the 'last played' feature.

tbonenga says:

Nice to see Nokia following Samsung's lead and updating the app folder.

Was wondering the same if it was a coincidence or done intentionally...

BaritoneGuy says:

I actually like the Samsung version better. It has "connection tiles" as well. I realize that some of this is in 8.1, but it goes further. Now that I have a 1520 I miss the extra functionality.


rcballa12 says:

I pinned some folders to my start screen - Mapping, Music, etc. In 8.1, I have seen weird behavior after using an app (i.e. Waze) launched from the folder. When I'd close the app I was using, Nokia's App Folder would show all folders instead of the list of apps within the folder I pinned.


Also, I cannot add some system apps like "Maps", for example, to my folders.

p51mustang says:

Noticed the same thing as well. Not all the time, but sometimes the folder would display all folders and not the apps within the folder.

Hopefully this update has fixed this issue,

aximtreo says:

Love your user name. My most favorite airplane ever.

srslykev says:

It is indeed faster, no kidding. Checked before and after. Hope it's not due to the app being still in memory, though. Anyway, the app seems easy now usable, now. :)

Jealy666 says:

Can't imagine it using much memory though even if it does stay.

larrybon says:

Definitely faster than before. No lag what so ever.

Bala Fire says:

Not able to add Microsoft map & camera in nokia apps folder

TheRem says:

You can do that with the Samsung version. This Nokia version sucks.

Does it start apps immediately? Samsung's unfortunately takes a 2-3 second break when opening an app from a folder.

chancooluk says:

Its very quick. I uninstalled an older version because it was too slow. It takes about a second to fully load the folder contents, but launching apps appears to happen instantly now. It used to take a few seconds to load the folder and then an extra few seconds to load the selected app.

Ok, good to know! Thanks!

Clodderes says:

Still too slow for me.

schlubadub says:

That's what she said :P

Xaphoon148 says:

Hoping for an update for Play To also. Worked like a dream on Lumia 1020 and 8.0, but it's a mess on 8.1...

arunjameskc says:

Lazy loading of apps, impressive!

ScubaDog says:

I deleted that app within minutes of originally checking it out.  Folders are such a waste on the Start screen.

Montpbm says:

I installed & then turned around & uninstalled.. Microsoft is so stubborn and stupid! Because this should be implemented into the OS like Apple's is. I seriously don't get what Microsoft thinks and expect out of not doing enough.

aximtreo says:

Is it possible to ever do "enough" to make you happy. If you don't like some things, go to the MS site to voice your opinion. Stating your thoughts here does not good; MS doesn't read these forums.

chad08er says:

Went to download the update, store not available and data leaking over wifi.So much fun:)

Vezance says:

I have used WP for an year and never even knew Nokia had an App Folder.

kryssiw says:

This is because the initial version was buggy and caused phones to randomly restart. Idk if this problem was ever solved, because I uninstalled it and never reinstalled it.

Neil Katz says:

This app needs to work with WP 8.1, and with transparent tiles. I group my folders on the start screen into groups of 4 small tiles. I can;t see many of my tiles - they are fully transparent. SOmeone needs to look at this.

wpguy says:

We don't need app folders, we need hubs with tiles that can show tile updates for the apps inside them.

nlm says:

App select process is too cumbersome. Ability to multiple select apps to a folder and show a folder name tag if an,app is already assigned to a folder would make app organization so much quicker an easier. Then allow the user to organize the folders on the start of the app rather than only show by tome of,creation and this becomes a very useful app to organize that giant app list.

JoRdaNeK says:

Uninstalled this due to amazing amount of mini live tiles on my beautiful new 1020 screen :D

TheRem says:

The Samsung version is still better. Why can't Nokia put a tile view?