Nokia Arch launched at Westfield Stratford

A brand new Westfield has opened its doors in Stratford and has become the busiest shopping centre in the UK since opening in September this year. The centre is situated next to the London 2012 Olympic park, as well as Stratford International, a connection for the Eurostar. Using this potential stream of traffic (both local and from abroad), Nokia have set up their "Nokia Arch" at Westfield to show off the new Lumia 800 running Windows Phone.

This Arch was also used at Nokia World (as seen below) and proved to be an interesting concept. As well as the innovative arch itself, seating and more demo tables will be available with the Nokia team at hand to provide walkthroughs and to answer any questions that may arise.

Mark Dence, Head of Nokia Branded Retail UK, had the following to say about the unveiling:

"The Nokia Arch at Stratford will provide thousands of customers with a unique opportunity to enjoy the full experience of the Nokia Lumia 800. It’s a fun and chilled retail environment where our expert team will help customers get the most out of their new phone."

We'll head on down tomorrow to have a quick look and see what's what.

Source: Nokia Conversations



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lumic says:

Arch looks too small on the inside.

futurix says:

I too thought it will be bigger!

nortonweb says:

I used to live in Leytonstone just down from Stratford. Not only did I witness a drive by shooting (they shot into the air) but my Girlfriend (now wife) was stopped by police who advised her to dress down as there were so many muggings of females around Stratford!!!Just saying!