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Nokia brings JobLens to the UK, providing job seekers with an augmented reality experience

Nokia JobLens

Nokia has today unveiled a new application for the UK on Windows Phone. JobLens, exclusively available for Lumia hardware, enables job seekers to view more than 500,000 available job vacancies in the UK. Powered by big names in the industry, JobLens is set to open up new functionality to consumers. But there’s “lens” in the title so it should support augmented reality, right? Correct, this is a big one, folks.

Not only are basic features anyone would expect in such an app presently available, filtering is possible by company, keyword, or even by distance. If desired, listings can be viewed on a map or by utilising augmented reality. JobLens will even allow you to identify people you know in social networks who work at the hiring company.

Job seekers are able to upload a CV and share it with prospective managers for desired positions. Already available in the US and Canada, it’s good to see Nokia bring the solution to our local market. Launching with Entrepreneur First (, Nokia also aims to target young graduates who are looking to set-up businesses in the modern tech age.


Attempting to locate work doesn’t have to be a drag when wandering around if augmented reality is supported. Firing up the camera lens will enable you to check out and view nearby vacancies for a true interactive experience. It’s quite the app, we must say. The UI is efficient and beautiful with functionality easily accessible through menus and a clear layout. What's more is there's support and integration for both LinkedIn and Facebook.


There's much more to the app, however. As noted above, Entrepeneur First is an initiative to help entrepreneurs get rocking in the touch world with numerous sponsors, including Nokia. The app is part of a new partnership, which we've covered in a separate article. It's an important view on mobile devices and how they're being utilised for job searching, as well as throughout the application process.

Here's our previous coverage of the app in the US: 

So what is JobLens in a nutshell? It's a job searching application that sports features unique to Nokia Windows Phones. You can download JobLens from the Windows Phone Store on any Nokia Windows Phone. 

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Nokia brings JobLens to the UK, providing job seekers with an augmented reality experience


Any idea when is it going to be available for the rest of Europe (i.e. Spain)?
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Not that this is a pleasure to say, " No USA"! This should be pleasure to the ears of Euros who miss out on apps and contests because there US only... : )