Nokia to build on success with AT&T; "Unique" devices coming to carriers?

Could we see Nokia devices on every North American carrier?

Chris Weber, president of Nokia’s North America unit, is at it again, teasing us with the possibility of seeing Nokia Windows Phone devices on all of the major carriers across North America.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Weber reiterated comments that he made back in January, when he said that the key to Nokia's comeback would be offering "unique propositions" to each carrier so they can set their phones apart from the iPhones and Androids of the world. Weber shared,

“We’re back in the U.S., we’re back in Canada -- it’s exciting, but there’s more work to do.”

Nokia's partnership with AT&T has been hugely successful for the Lumia 900, and others to a lesser extent. The Lumia 710 is on T-Mobile now, but it is rumored that a Lumia 910, a slightly-modified version of the 900 with a 12MP camera, is headed there as well. Verizon Wireless is also rumored to be getting a Nokia handset as well.

While Weber's words of building special relationships with different carriers are certainly encouraging, these deals still need to come to fruition, so temper your expectations. While Weber didn't get into any specifics on what work is to be done, don't expect to see any carrier get some completely new and different device that nobody else has.

Heck, we'd be happy enough just to see Verizon and Sprint step up and get any Nokia phones at all.

Source: Bloomberg



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ejlee072006 says:

Bring it on.... Wow

yes! I can see it now a Verizon Red Lumia 4G WP8!!!

AriesDog says:

Sprint will mess this up, like they've bungled all their phone decisions.

WPSteve says:

Agreed. You guys might as well remove the logo from this article completely.

mmoses1978 says:

Why only ATT, what about Tmobile.

theefman says:

Tmo was mentioned, but honestly they seem too preoccupied with android to give a toss.

mmoses1978 says:

That's my point lol and the WP7 gets the best reviews on there site.

HD7guy says:

For quite a few weeks it was TMo and ONLY TMo that was advertising Windows Phone. Giant banners in store windows, TV commercials featuring the phone, etc.
And then, IMO, they got tired of AT&T's excluisivity deal for the 900. Why bother doing a huge push for the 710 and Radar, when the entire world is gushing over the 900? You tell me why they don't bother much anymore, and to some degree some with Verizon and Sprint.
Hey, I'm thrilled at what Nokia is doing, but the exlusivity deal hurt almost as much as it helped.

Jess82#WP says:

Verizon will prevent any sale of windows phone. Their sales man get more money for selling android. Even the iPhone isn't immune to this extreme bias. I just had this conversation with my cousin who has been working for Verizon for 7 years. I asked him (since I work for att) if they were getting any WP and he said he didn't know and that the only one they have they don't push. They even tell people to get any android over the iPhone. This may be just at his store but I'm sure this is common in others.

We get more money for selling 4G devices, regardless of operating system.

jobinthomas says:

No love for Sprint?

malachijd says:

I'd be so happy with any nokia phone for verizon but would love to hear of a wp8 nokia for verizon

Honkie McGee says:

I don't care too much that Verizon isn't getting any new WP7s in the near future, especially since WP7 to WP8 upgrade path is still murky.  I just want to see Verizon get a new WP8 superphone.

jabtano says:

T-MO is a piss off point right now they have the Lumia 710 which in fact has sold very,very well. Yet it stops there. They could bring the HTC TitianII or the Lumia 900 which would be nice for the folks who have the HTC HD7 soemthing to upgrade too.I'm waiting for the fall for WP8 devices if T-MO doesn't had out something in the 4.3 and up size then I wont be sticking with them.

ThePKReddy says:

I'm on the same boat as I type from my hd7

procen says:

Tmobile better get a high end Nokia Windows Phone.

ejlee072006 says:

My l900 still not waking when camera button is pressed

MastrMeatWad says:

Contact support? I have been told nokia's support is top notch

..maybe you disabled it?
try going to settings > applications > pictures+camera.
and make sure the switch for camera button waking-up the phone is on..

Neusyn says:

Try holding it for a second or two

MastrMeatWad says:

I am not loyal to any carrier because they all suck. I may be cynical but all carriers should offer WP devices regardless if Verizon and sprints employees push android to unsuspecting people. I will want to upgrade at some point...so whatever carrier has the best selection that is where my money will be spent. Would be nice to see Verizon and sprint get more than ONE device

timwp12 says:

Sprint I heard already have windows phone 8 on the works :-D

AriesDog says:

Even if they do I have little faith they will market or support it right. See how they handled the HTC Arrive, one of the best Windows Phone devices on the market and they left it to die.

johnmcd348 says:

I'd be happy if Sprint offered any newer WP devices.  I'm not brand specific and have been a Nextel/Sprint customer for better than 10-15years.   I've only, in the last 4 years, been a smartphone user.  I like my Arrive but would like to see some real support for the platform.  Even a minor attempt at recognizing it as an option by the carrier.   I'm also, not avoid to going Droid but, I've been a Windows user since CE/WM so the transition wasn't horrible going to WP.
Truth be told, I really miss my stylus and learned this past weekend that, when there's any water/moisture on the screen, you can't answer the phone.........

Glad to see I wasn't the only one with that issue with their Arrive.

lippidp says:

I, too, would welcome the return of the stylus. The Samsung Note is hopefully reversing the 100% touch trend.

cliff08er says:

I would go back to Verizon if they had better choices than just the Trophy.

DavidinCT says:

I'm with verizon and I have the trophy, it's not a bad phone but, it's no Lumia 900.
I did get it with out a contract tho..

JamesDax3 says:

I've been waiting for new WP7.5 device to come to T-Mobile but I'm afraid it's too late now.  No way I'm getting a new phone in July/August with WP8 phones coming in Oct/Nov.  Hopefully T-Mobile will get a highend device then.  If not I'll be moving to AT&T.

bono5112 says:

Took the words.. Well you know the rest

T-mobile is refarming their network at this point so if no high end handsets are offered just buy an unlocked version.

Dormage says:

How on earth did you guys pull out this storry from that short quote?
"but there’s more work to do." is supposed to mean that US is getting unique devices? What are you people smoking O_O!

Dormage says:

Oh, kids these days....

If the 910 comes to tmo, I will be upgrading from my hd7 which is a great phone, but the 900 looks amazing.

I'm just getting tired of waiting,i been using wp7 for a year now ,but i feel like they don't have any kind of urgency with this is like they have a 50% market shared, wp8 they don't say anything about ,i have a lumia 900 if by the time the iPhone 5 comes out i don't see anything good on WP I'm going back.

MastrMeatWad says:

you get a new phone every 6-8 months? L900 just came out in the us.

I had the hd7 ,radar ,and now lumia 900 .

It's really doubtful with Sprint (to me anyway). They have become so wrapped up in the Iphone hype that they threw the baby out with the bath water for it. With everything that set Sprint apart from the other carriers is getting cut down as well, all to satisfy the subsidies owed to Apple. Then there's the loving relationship that they've developed with android no matter how many phones are returned.  I agree with several others Sprint will just find a way to mess this up. But as a loyal customer for over 10 years I will wait and see.  Here's Hoping

I just want the 808 pureview wp8 red one on at&t they can have the rest lol bring that to the richest carrier in the us

I can confirm a new Windows Phone device on Verizon late summer. "We're working with OEMs to get a new Windows Phone by late summer. It will not be a Nokia device and will have a larger focus on the XBox integration."

bono5112 says:

910 for TMo!!!!!!!! Could it be, don't tease me

man1up says:

I hope June 20th sheds some light on carrier support in regards to Sprint. My next phone will be a Nokia WP8. If Sprint is out, so am I.

DavidinCT says:

I hope verizon gets a new phone but, if they wait 6 months to get a L900 it will be old news by then. We need a new WP7 device ASAP or we might as well just wait till WP8 devices hit.
Come to think about it, Microsoft claimed WP8 will be in public tests by summer. So, it's only a few more months...

IsTrooper2 says:

And another excitement I have to sit out as I do not live in America

o4liberty says:

I hope we see more wimo devices at Verizon. I believe windows phones will become a major player in 2013.

rbf1337 says:

I work at sprint and id love a Nokia device. Sadly the Nokia rumored to be headed to sprint is a slide phone which I hate.