Nokia Care app updated with name change to Lumia Help+Tips

lumia help+tips

The Nokia Care app for Windows Phone has received its latest update today, but the only major feature is a new name for the app, rebranding it as Lumia Help+Tips.

Aside from the new name, the app has no new features, with the change log stating it only has "general fixes and improvements". It still offers owners of Lumia smartphones a quick way to learn more about their devices via a full offline user guide, videos and more. It would appear that Microsoft is trying to slowly distance itself from the Nokia name in terms of the apps it is now in charge of maintaining.

You can download the free and newly renamed Lumia Help+Tips app right now in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks to the many people who tipped us!

QR: Lumia Help+Tips



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gizzzmo says:

What will happen to all the Nokia Care points in Europe? 

DJCBS says:

They'll be renamed overtime.

rodneyej says:

It looks like the renaming of this app kinda confirms that MS is going to keep the Lumia name for smartphones....
Remember what I said... You'll be getting a Lumia device for your next device!!! You will..

DJCBS says:

No, I will not. I've told you, after the 930 I'll only remain with WP if Sony joins the game and releases an high end WP device.

rodneyej says:

No.. No you won't.. It wouldn't make any sense to get the Sony device if the Lumia is better.. IF the Lumia is better, I say❕

DJCBS says:

Well, that's the thing. I trust Sony a lot more than I trust anything run by Eflop. So no, under any circumstances will I but a MM phone. I'm not buying something I am against and voted against ;)
Microsoft is lucky enough I'm giving the Surface one last chance with the SP3. They should be happy with that and work to keep me on WP by bringing Sony along... Well at least until 2016 when I can go back to Nokia.
(Yes, I know Microsoft won't notice one less customer. But it's still a customer lost that they could have retained).

rodneyej says:

Naaaaaa... You're not giving me a good enough reason to not get a future WP device... Emotional BS isn't good enough, so GoldFinger it is for you!!
Don't make me come over there❗
You're gonna love your new "L1030"... You will love it, you hear me❗

blackhawk556 says:

This as been known since the beginning. Microsoft confirmed it months ago Lumia was sticking with them.

rodneyej says:

It was confirmed that it was sticking with them, but not for sure that devices would use it.

EliaJada says:

I think it's bullshit to throw away a +60 year old Brand name just "because"
Nokia's name is more popular than "Lumia" or even "Microsoft" since for people who aren't much into tech the name "Windows" is more popular than it's maker's.

rodneyej says:

Nobody is throwing the name Nokia away.. Nokia still uses it.. Nokia has decided not to make phones anymore.. MS has decided to start making phones, but they can't use the name Nokia because another company is already using it.. Nokia has no more use for the name Lumia, or Asha, so MS can use those... What is so hard to understand about this?... One day Nokia just might decide to start making phones again,, then you might see devices named Nokia.. Pretty simple concept, I think.

Sameer Beri says:

o.O Still Nokia..? isn't Microsoft Mobile..?

This update is ditching the Nokia name. I'm not sure what you're asking?

rodneyej says:

I see this name change as confirmation that our devices will stay Lumia devices, not something unlikely like a Surface phone..

Sameer Beri says:

little bit confused on that reanamed..! -_-

Sameer Beri says:

Ups!, sorry..! mistakenly i read that "Nokia Help+Tips"

Vishal Attri says:

Off topic, Sir still i didn't received the update of Accessories app (device hub) plz help me (Nokia lumia 1320- india- WP8) if i open the link in the store it shows for me update version 2.6 though u told that it was 3.2 :(

palmujukka says:

@Vishal: apparently that update is only for WP 8.1 as I didn't get it either.

Vishal Attri says:

Hope that was only for wp8.1, bt when i updated the Extra+info app, after updating it when i open accessories a pop up came out " a new version is avalible u should get it from the store" when i checked it still show the same :\

WinOMG says:

I hate the name "Microsoft Mobile." It's lame. Nokia sounds WAYYYY better.

Jack Janik says:

It sounds like something from the late nineties..

EDITED. Not relevant to what you were saying. 

Sameer Beri says:

and long too as compared to "Nokia" :P

harryaro7 says:

Not able to update....showing some error with 720....any body else facing such issue?

Mavee Shah says:

Yup not downloading on my Nokia Lumia 720

Type that Error code in Google.. & You'll find solution related to that

You have to use your native region. If your phone it's from US, you have to set US region, if your phone it's from India, you have to set India as region ... And there it is. Was the only way I could update.

dedracer says:

Not available in India!

Who said its not available in India.. I've got it updated by 9.00 pm itself..

Just reboot your phone to get update

prachait says:

Store says it's not available. ¬_¬

Okay then it may be a technical mistake related to Store.. Hope fully M.S will solve it soon...
But I've got the update earlier before this report got published on w.p central

can't update. Showing you need to Update your phone

Reboot your phone and try after sometime.. But first you check whether you have the latest software available by MICROSOFT O.Y

ahmedjan87 says:

Change your region to Jordan

No need to change the region I think.. It's available Globally..
I've got the update 3 hours ago ( In INDIA )

It may be technical problem related to store

ahmedjan87 says:

Oh sorry i thought that you were in America

Microsoft really want to remove Nokia Brand.. Good bye Nokia.. :((

DJCBS says:

They have no choice

Really It's been disappointing for us.. that.,
one of the Greatest Brand in the World is Moving out of Curtains..
Really Miss You NOKIA..
I'm still Proud that., in my life time I haven't used any other mobiles Except NOKIA...
I've used 1100, N72, 5233, N-Gauge, C1 01, Asha 206, & MY FAVOURITE LUMIA 520..
& still LOVE you NOKIA

I think that Microsoft has lost a great oportunity to use a brand, Nokia, that, at least in EMEA, sounds as good in terms of quality as Mercedes. MS's vision, looks a little bit short sighted, unaware of history and UScentric. If Nokia is not relevant in the US just call it Microsoft, or Samsung or Jack in the Box there but It would have been intelligent to keep the brand for the rest of the world.  

Marco Gomes1 says:

I guess the Nokia brand could cost as much or more as the whole devices division that Microsoft bought and still they probably wouldn't sell it.

If you are right, as you probably are, the only sense of not selling the brand to MS for mobile devices (and keeping it for everything else) would be Nokia planning to restart production of those devices, as a competitor... 

Why is it not availible for me ? Germany...

Pappa Ed says:

Can't update. Says it isn't available for my 920.

Richard_Indy says:

Same as with my L1520

IT87 says:

Updated,Spain. Looks the same,but its very easy to navigate inside the app.

Chee Hong says:

Can't update also.

Corepc says:

Same here not available for 521 will check later on

DJCBS says:

Well, time to uninstall.

vanishing Nokia Name :(

harshraj says:

Not available??? Is it location problem?? Its changed to US but phones real location is India.

Nokia5110 says:

Aaah, long gone from my Nokia phone. Four hours into June 25, has microshift stated supporting WP8.1 yet?

SteenS3450 says:

OK in Denmark Lumia 920

Musaib124 says:

Nothing on my 820. Its still nokia care.

emjey says:

Ill miss yo NOKIA. U were so stylish :'( . Ull b missed

Mine won't update, when I follow the link to the store it says is not available,

milfermon says:

Can't download

hcarrega says:

No update yet

GpMoJo says:

In tips its showing "•This topic is about Windows Phone 8.1. If your phone is running Windows Phone 8, some options and icons may look a little different, and some features may not be available" and shows tips for cortana, word flow, etc. I am not sure earlier it was there or not, haven't opened it in a long time...

Mine won't update, says is not available

Jack Janik says:

I'm not able to download it still.. :-)

Never could

dmmuldoon says:

Said it was not available so I reverted region back to UK and was available then

Charles Finn says:

Lumia 925 with latest 8.1 update. Store says "THis app is not available on your device..."


Charles Finn says:

ditto Lumia 810, also updated to latest WP 8.1

afgzee says:

930 will be my last windows phone, unless there is another windows phone which comes out with the Nokia name still showing on my handset. This was a bad idea for Microsoft to ditch the Nokia name, Nokia has loads of fans worldwide this is not a good move

blackprince says:

All those former Nokia engineers are still working on making Lumia great. Your rationale is irrational.

NokianWP says:

Yep, I am proud to have a Nokia or MMo (MSFT Mobil oy)emblazoned on my next WP.

errole says:

Doesn't dl on Icon

cyborg4 says:

Not available, UK with US region Lumia 520

SteggyDad says:

Not available on my 1020 running 8.1 (ATT)

gamo62 says:

Not available in the US.

blackprince says:

Nice to see the Lumia name sticking around.

fdruid says:

Cant dowbload it in my region

When is 8.1 released? Should have been today

Updates, very awesome, lets ruin more Wphones shall we. Its amazing how easy people release updates without checking it, if it actually works properly for people to download.


It shows that it's unavailable

Any know the guid of the preinstalled version on the icon? Seeing as it hasnt popped up with an update it like to see if its been replaced

Marco Gomes1 says:

Useful, if you're new to Nokia and/or windows phone but useless after a while.

Not present for 920 runnig on 8.1

Richard_Indy says:

I just forced my L1520 8.1 phone to check for updates and the new help&tips is downloading along with xbox one smartglass beta update.

I clicked the link
And it says that the app is not available for your device

NokianWP says:

Its not available in the US/ Alaska...

Lumio says:

People still use this app? oO

henocksandy says:

I didn't get the update