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Nokia celebrates Lumia 925 release in Germany with other markets to follow

Lumia 925

Nokia has celebrated the release of the Lumia 925 Windows Phone in Germany, while other markets will follow suit in the coming weeks and beyond. If you're interested in picking one up, be sure to follow our feeds where we highlight the latest deals and offers from retailers and mobile operators. If you've been hiding in a cave, what's the Lumia 925 all about?

It's Nokia's latest flagship, which will join the Lumia 920 and Lumia 928 (Verizon Wireless US exclusive). Sporting a 4.5-inch display, same super optics and 32GB / 16GB storage, it's quite the beast. Should you already have the Lumia 920, it's worth noting that this is not an upgrade, but a different experience of the same high-end quality of Lumia. The Lumia 925 is both lighter and thinner, but this is due to lack of built-in wireless charging (requires optional shell) and other design choices. Your Lumia 920 has not been made obsolete (unless you desperately need a lighter handset).

The Nokia blog post also highlights a beta version of the lockscreen clock, which will come part of the Nokia Glance Screen - this is available exclusively on the Lumia 925 for now. The Nokia Glance Screen will also notify the owner when the battery falls low and a night mode can be enabled for reduced glare in the dark. Double-tap will unlock the Windows Phone, much like what we looked at previously.

Should you not enjoy such functionality, it can be disabled in the settings (under "display & touch"). Here's a quick video we did on the screen clock and unlock feature (this is recorded using a Lumia 920):

Expect to see the above arrive on other Lumia Windows Phone 8 hardware in conjunction with the Amber update. So will you be picking one up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Nokia Conversations; thanks everyone who tipped us!



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Plz amber darling come before july, thank uu

kokola95 says:

Yesss please!

danielgray says:

Still waiting for firmware 1314.. Nokia Australia sucks!

Vb2012 says:

Lol what about south Africa tht sucks !! xD

danielgray says:

Thanks for the link, downloaded but didnt realise you have to delete user data. It's picking up new firmware, will wait for OTA. Maye will use for Amber upgrade..

Vb2012 says:

+ 1 and end of poes

SherryHitch5 says:

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Graven Pshya says:

I like that it's lighter than the 920, but I'm content. :)

sarim_xyz says:

same here. and mine has Wireless-Charging built in. ;)

wizzackr says:

I just wish they had left the clock in the same position where it is on the lock screen, so only the background fades in when double tapped. Would've been much nicer both with regard to where it sits on screen as well as how it would transition to the home screen. MS has the better designers, I guess :)

paulheu says:

The position of the clock changes every XX seconds..

Trappiste says:

This is so as to not burn it in the AMOLED screen. It has to wander around.

Harkkum says:

The position changes because otherwise the pixel might "burn in" resulting in a ghost image of clock. Hence not a design dictated by aesthetics but by function.

If am not mistaking, Daniel mentioned in a comment 925 will launch with gdr2.
Was he talking of the US launch?

guilcorm says:

Canada? Telus?

blackprince says:

Yes please, they can keep the Ativ.

boxa72 says:

I'll b grabbing it 4 sure :)

HM02 says:

I really don't understand the whole "can't make it thin and keep wireless charging" thing. The Qi built-in wireless charging thing inside the phone is literally only like half a milameter, attached to the inside of the unibody. It's not like it takes a lot of room. It's ridiculous.

guilcorm says:

Probably takes a bit of extra room to disperse heat

Actually it's very simple.They didn't include wireless charging because of the shape on the back.Having that hump it's not possible to place the phone on a flat surface, so by adding the cover, the back turns into a flat surface, enabling it to stand properly.It's all because of the camera module, not the thickness of the wireless plate inside.

HM02 says:

The camera hump isn't that much protruded. In fact, you can hover the 920 over a charging plate and it'll start charge. So having it built-in, even with a camera hump, will still charge.

Clodderes says:

The new GS4 wireless charging plate also makes the phone much thicker. We are talking about 1-2 mm thicker. So I guess it's reasonable that in order to make the 925 slimmer, they had to remove the qi support. Which by the way, I use regularly

adrian1338 says:

Well thats the only way my phone is connected to energy. not using usb at all. not going to buy a new phone that will not have that included. i got expensive charging plates not to show off but to use them. not going to pay 500 pound for a phone and knowing i would need to add another 50 for that damn cover

Vb2012 says:

This means gdr 2 and amber is around the corner :p cant wait :D

Sarang68 says:

Oh no. Nokia Amber Update- arriving in the next couple of months (July, expected) to All Nokia WP8. Yes, the Nokia Lumia 720 is definitely included.
What to expect?
-Smart Camera
-FM radio receiver (currently not yet established)
-Data sense feature on WP8
-more features to come pretty soon

Also, the first 925 unboxing on YouTube (German):
And a few quick test fotos on the guy's flickr:

Oussi says:

the flicker photos - no words awesome
is it because of the GDR2?
what is the version of the software, build version number....?

oskaro111 says:

Why is Nokia holding back on releasing in other countries? Here in Norway it's said to be released during Q4 2013!!! By doing so they put the sale of the Lumia 920 to an end (buying previous "version" of a phone is not an option), and others will perhaps go to competitors for their phone. Come on Nokia - give us the 925 now!!!!!!!!!

adrian1338 says:

i would buy the 920 simply because the 925 is not a replacement for it

Vb2012 says:

Slow news day :'(

It's a Monday. This is usually the case.

Mystictrust says:

And how did you come to that conclusion before the day really even began? This site will be lit up with E3 news and speculation soon enough. Either way, I've already seen several articles and updates and it's not even noon yet :)

WPUser111 says:

Hey can anyone tell me more about this night mode?

Is it a new feature?

If they could only give us a date for the Amber update, I'd be happy.

Blocks9 says:

Will the clock feature become a feature on non AMOLED lumia phones?? I thought that wouldn't come to the Lumia 920, considering it would drain the battery?

sarim_xyz says:

I'm also looking for an answer to the same. However, a kind of clock feature used to run on non-AMOLED phones back during the days of Symbian (like N73, N95 etc.), so I hope we'll get it. I always wanted it for my N97 mini when it came out for Symbian S^3.

damo579 says:

You're right. I had a n95 it had the clock also. Hopefully it will be part of the amber update for the 920.

Weren't WP updates usually names ending in "-o" as for example NoDo, Mango, Tango, Apollo etc?
Nowadays I always just read names like "GDR2" or "GDR3"
And not quite sure if I understand this right, but "Amber" is that a Nokia update or is that the next update for all WP8 devices?

Mystictrust says:

GDR stands for general distribution release, the number indicates a different release. They aren't really full on major updates. Amber is a Nokia-only update focusing on Nokia camera stuff.

sarim_xyz says:

And GDR2/3 are Microsoft updates.

the_zeni says:

So anyone noticed (according to the official screenshot on nokia conversations) that they are using a different font for the clock in 'Glance Screen'? I know this is only a small thing and this bothers me more than it should... but still. On a Platform with so much focus on design, this is just a no-go.

RaRa85 says:

Give us a release date for T-Mobile please. I'm almost at the point of buying the 920 off eBay and using the rest of the money for something else.

procen says:

I think it's coming this week, and I'm also waiting badly.

Mystictrust says:

I highly doubt it is coming this week (to T-Mobile US). It's always been mentioned by people that release in Europe in June and T-Mobile US "later this summer". I really, really want it to be this week but I certainly am not getting my hopes up :(

procen says:

Last year they released the Lumia 810 on June and I got it on the 16th. Hoping it will be the same, but not keeping my hope up.

The idea of the 925 appeals to me as my 920 camera is pants. Only use wireless charging overnight but not to pleased about 16gb option with 32gb being exclusive. Had I not had a 920, I would go for it.

Musicman247 says:

Anybody know if the charging covers are available for purchase online anywhere (besides Ebay).

kimlo91 says:

Well the amber update wont come to the rest of the world till 3 months after AT&T, I'm so sick of waiting 3 extra months for updates.

Rich Edmonds, could you please contact Nokia and ask them why they delay updates by 3 months to the rest of the world (I'm in Australia and only have the portico update so far standard Nokia firmware, not carrier tied) and ask them if they plan to do quicker global rollouts in future?

holzlondon says:

The SIM-free models shown on the German website indicate it is only a 16GB version.  Vodafone Germany doesn't have anything on their website about the 32GB version, or anything about the 925 at all for that matter.  So, I'd never buy this phone with only 16GB.
I'm not even such a data heavy person, and I only have 12GB left on my L920 currently.  And that's mostly all music, not much photos and videos. 
If you like a lot of media on your device, this is not one for you.  At least until Vodafone loses its exclusivity of the 32GB version.

Mystictrust says:

"while other markets will follow in the coming weeks and beyond"

T-mobile US will have the phone in the "beyond" portion of that timeframe ;)

Just noticed the term 'app' after Glance Screen on WMPowerUser. So is it an app or a feature of the OS?

Josh Harman says:

I wonder when Amber & GDR2 will come to Verizon. I'm not impressed with their WP support & promotion.

WPUser111 says:

My phone (lumia 820) badly requires night mode.. As it is so bright when used in dark. I hope it will come soon..